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I devour this.


But of course, nothing beats the 5 boys

五月天 . Mayday.  the band that captured the essence of my youth.

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Am currently on a long hiatus, and I have no idea how long it will last. Have even broken away from K-dramas for 3 weeks (take that I can’t even believe myself!). But rest assured no fret (just in case anyone’s curious or asking), all is well all is good, am at a very lovely and contented place right now and cannot be happier. Times like these get me on the roll thinking I should have gone out to live life a lil bit more in the past than use em up on K-dramas. But I have no regrets and have no plans on stopping… just that it’ll take me quite a bit to get back on track. Wait for me.

Been indulging in some earworms as of late and thought of sharing the awesomeness: –





And before I forget, to those who are celebrating the HORSEY YEAR ~~


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Immortal Song 2: LED Apple’s “Invisible Love”

I don’t need to repeat, but I can’t help it!


I didn’t even know who LED Apple were before this show, and I will be honest to say I that I judged them way before they performed. Their visual idol-ish look made me think they were going for something more visual and blingy, and MEH yeah they will just go all dancy and rock-ish to cover up for their not so good singing skills. I knew it. But I was so wrong.

So so so wrong.

Bad bad me for pre-judging. And I thought I’d learned well from Sandeul’s case. Was absolutely completely jawdrop stunned and blown away by LED Apple’s  rendition of ballad legend Shin Seung Hun”s “Invisible Love“, esp vocalist Han Byul‘s rock solid delivery of such a melancholic song. You could feel the surge of emotions in his singing alone, the emptiness and devastation. You look at them and you cannot see or sense how much power these young idols have. They may be young, but the way they sing they sing from experience, as if they have been like this since forever. And although they did not win (beaten by the equally amazing V.O.S), theirs definitely left the biggest and most lasting impression.


I think at this rate I’m going to have an IS2 feature on my blog every single week, DARN!

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Immortal Song 2: Lim Jae Bum Special 2

Never judge an idol.

Before and until you hear him/her sing.

This is B1A4‘s Sandeul ripping hearts out with Lim Jae Bum‘s I’m a Candle Before You (released in 1984, 6 years before Sandeul was even BORN!).

How am I supposed to keep calm and NOT vote WIN for such an emotional and powerful performance?!

This episode was a whole lot of DAEBAK and AWESOMENESS. One must not miss this Lim Jae Bum Special, trust me, you will be amazed by the combination of vocal prowess shown in here. It had one of the best singer lineups and performances I’ve seen in IS2 in ages, AGES. And you know I am an IS2 buff regular watcher. You may get episodes with great vocalists, but you don’t get equal top notch performances all across the board all the time. Everyone in this episode was in top form, gave their very best and sang like deserving champs. And don’t even get me started on the emotional delivery.

Sandeul only managed to edge Wheesung and K. Will by less than 10 points (who’d beaten Moon Myung Jin, ALi earlier, all whom were not surprisingly themselves, AWESOME as usual!), so go figure, imagine the quality of sound and music you’re getting from this.

You know? If I had to plead and beg you, I am willing. GO WATCH IT NOW!

Check here for full performances: Lim Jae Bum IS2 Special – Eng Subs

credits: maltesers eugine / KBS World @ youtube

Immortal Song 2: J2M’s Splash

Imagine how hard and tough it must be for celebs and artists to make it big, to venture into the massive limelight and to stay there long enough to reap its benefits. There are plenty of lucky ones, who get there in a blink, but there are more, even more who struggle and strive hard but never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel, who are shoved under the masses of bling and flashy appearances. I always think art and music, it’s all about passion and love for what you do best. But ultimately, it’s also about the recognition and acknowledgement you get from people who appreciate, and who know how good you are.

Last week’s IS2 Special on veteran singer legend Choi Jin Hee featured one of the most emotional IS2 performances I have EVER EVER seen in IS2 history, by an unknown singing group J2M (formerly known as MTOM). It’s always lovely to see unknown and underrated stars make their way into the scene through IS2, one of the best platforms to launch or re-launch one’s music career, what better than to have an already solid bunch of music fan-lovers to judge you and to give you all the boost of confidence you need? A lot of unknown and underrated singers made significant marks through this show, my favs including ALi and Moon Myung Jin.

And in this episode, J2M.

Watch and be prepared to be WOWED!

It’s not all about their soulful and powerful vocals, their wonderful harmony and their outpour of emotions. This was a performance that came with a story, a story that I believe many upcoming and struggling performers can relate to from the deepest of their hearts. This was a story about struggle and perseverance that led to hope and light at the end. I cried watching them perform, moved by the sincerity and passion, the unleashing of their yearning to be known just for once. I sobbed even more when they took to the stage with their story, holding in tears culminated from years of struggle and determination.

I have no idea if they will break out even further after this IS2 (I hope they continue performing on IS1 of course!), but this is one performance that will linger for long. Definitely.

Thank you so much IS2!

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Immortal Song 2: Bada’s For 500 Years

I’ve been spazzing about IS2 performances for quite some time, but then I realised I’ve never covered performances by female singers before! Utter travesty! It’s not like IS2 doesn’t have its share of earth-shattering female vocalists, some of them are IMO even better than their male counterparts (I will not name)! Some powerhouses have managed to snuggle several wins over the men (most notable ALi, Sonya and Ailee) and had more than deservingly done so, but I’m going to dedicate this post to a singer whom I’d underestimated way before/when she just joined show.

Watched this just now and went all goosebumby!

Her rendition was absolutely deabak, from beginning to the very end. This week was about traditional folk, and the rest of them performed wonderfully just as I’d expected from them (my 2nd fav performance from my utter fav cutie Moon Myung Jin! 😛 ). But Bada’s performance gave me the longest of chills and goosebumps! Quiet but shattering, well deserving of the hoards of applause at the very end.

Bada may not have the broadest vocal range, there are a lot of better singers out there. But what I like about her, her versatility and effort to go diverse. She can go all diva and dancing queen, she can all ballad-y and rock, all with such ease and confidence. Have you seen her Girl’s Generation performance? It was absolutely mesmerizing. And her voice, the clarity and purity, just to die for.

I wish her all the best in her future endeavuors.

And of course, IS2 rawkksss!

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