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Yi Kang & Lei Lei’s Pursuit of Happiness



It’s a rare case of obsession and love, as I’ve never really been much of a TW series fan. The last I’ve ever watched fully was In Time With You, and though my love was equally immense for that where I rem I had endless to die for squeesqoonworthy moments, I did suffer bits from dragginess and frustration with the narrative motif of certain characters (especially You Qing, when dealing with her relationship with Li Da Ren and the other guy Sunny Wang played). But I adored the execution and the vibe, as well as the amount of thought and consideration put into the dialogues. It was really a one of a kind piece, you don’t get  a lot of those in mainstream Taiwan industry, which is almost always amassed with chic flics and sugary cheesy stuff which give you major whiplashes right from the beginning.

Then The Pursuit of Happiness came along, and literally SLAYED ME. This IS PURE SOLID STUFF, about almost everything anything that you want to know about falling in love and finding the love that you want and need.

Bear with me. <3333

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The Pursuit of Happiness 愛的生存之道


So much in so little, the simpleness painting so much, why can’t K-drama posters be this gorgeous and understated? Love love love it!

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Current drama plate

Reply 1997 may be owning my heart in terms of quality and heart at the moment, but it’s certainly not the only drama I’m watching. The rest on my plate are not nearly as good or heartfilled with lovely squee-worthy moments , they’re not like really good or even half-good (save for Arang), but they’re not loathsome to an extent that I’d consider them trashbin-worthy yet. I think after AGD I’ve developed a weird drama watching formula. That drama sucked in the female characterisation department, totally degraded the self value of women to zero, the guys weren’t great, but at least they had own personal beliefs worth fighting for and were amusing – they were the only reason why I continued watching till the end. And hence, the formula – find the hook or something worth watching for, quality or not, crap or not, I give it a try. Drama doesn’t necessarily have to be wow or good in all aspects, gimme something or one thing to love, no, just mere like or interest will do, I’ll watch you.

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Random prattling…

Goodness gracious, how time flies. Blink blink, it’s already December. And blink again, Christmas is here?!! Just a year ago I was planning and thinking and pondering on how I’d make year 2011 a fruitful and productive year, on how I’d strive to be more motivated at work. And on how I’d kick some ass and find the man of my dreams. A year later now, guess what?

NOTHING has changed, I’m still me.  Demotivated, dull and still single as ever.

A week without blogging has obviously taken a toll on my writing skills, I couldn’t even write a word arhhhhh!!! o_0 Or perhaps I’ve just been too blown away by the awesomeness of White Tower and Kim Myung Min (yeap, been watching and marathoning), nothing else mattered. Even when my  fav OTP Joseph and Rainie dream shattered into pieces a few days back (R was rumored heavily to be dating that smarmy tatoo lad Sunny Wang), I just thought,”Oh well, there goes my dream OTP. As long as they’re happy as friends.” And I moved on with life as if nothing had happened.

Some random stuff

In Time With You ending theme – 踮起腳尖愛 Tip-toe Love

I love In Time With You. I love it so much very much you have no idea. The reason you don’t see any ITWY posts in my blog?! Just coz I have no coherent words for this amazingly written, directed and acted drama.

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Office Girls 小資女孩向前衝: First Impressions

What a adorably cute and fun drama!

Nope, I wasn’t intending to watch this drama initially. In spite of the positive raves and comments I’ve been hearing, I thought, oh wellz, it most definitely cannot be better than In Time With You right? One of the better TW dramas shown in recent years, with subtle and nuanced story-telling coupled with solid all-around acting by the cast, further enhanced by a brilliant OST. LITS (i.e. Life Is To Short), why should I bother myself with another drama when I’m already watching 2 of the best TV shows atm, ITWY together with The Princess’ Man?

My internet DL speed is to blame, with no significant improvement shown in the past week, and with no signs of recovering for the better :(, rendering me with no other alternatives, but to resort to streaming links for dramas. Streaming used to be NO NO for me, but alas, I cannot live a day without watching drama. And apparently, for I dunno what reason, the streaming links (the source I’m using) only work well for TW dramas and TW dramas alone! So no K-dramas, no updating with the newer ones out (Vampire Prosecutor, Glory of Jane, Thousand Day’s Promise), and no babbling about the hot guys, pretty girls or new OTPS….etc

Only TW dramas left.

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Closure – Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你

You didn’t think I’d leave DTLY just like that?

Of course I wouldn’t. For a drama which has accompanied me for 4 long months, I can’t possibly just let go and move on right? And even if I wanted to, I really couldn’t. T_T DTLY closed its curtains on us 2 weeks ago, but I still find myself browsing thru DTLY forums, googling for DTLY stuff and searching for DTLY videos on youtube. Till today. Not an uber extreme case for me (as I’ve suffered worse withdrawals before), but it’s something that I’ve not experienced for quite some time. Not since Capital Scandal which was about 4 years ago?

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