My Headers

Baby-Faced Beauty – by gess @ DC gall

Wookie – by ditditdutdut

Spy Myung Wol – ditditdutdut

Secret Reunion

Park Shi Hoo – PSH baidu bar/ korean fans

Gong Yoo and Im Soo Jung


Wookie and Sunah – Scent of a Woman

Lives of Omission (TVB)

Drunken To Love You (TW)

9 End 2 Outs

Wookie -by migs

Ha Jung Woo

Can You Hear My Heart

Infernal Affairs

Shin Ha Kyun & Go Soo (Front Line)


Brain DC Gallery / KBS Brain

Bad Family

Lee Da Hae Mango Magazine

Gong Hyo Jin

Shin Ha Kyun

Uhm Tae Woong

Vampire Prosecutor

History of The Salaryman

Wild Romance


Dream High 2 – by morphine @ Kang Sora baidu

Jin Woon –

cropped-flower-band-1-15cropped-shut-up-flower-boy-band-12Shut Up Flower Boy Band

cropped-awcA Wife’s Credentials

cropped-sjkmanSong Joong Ki

cropped-ps2Painted Skin 2


cropped-jkwu4pLDH & Joseph Chang – hellochloe

cropped-kim_0703Queen In Hyun’s Man

cropped-i_live_in_cheongdam-dong_korean_sitcom_2011_7107_eventI Live In Cheongdam Dong

cropped-k2hbanKing 2 Hearts

cropped-mdsy6My Daughter Seo Young – as tagged/DC

cropped-ngNameless Gangster


ripgal_PHSUEE & Park Ha Seon – Kasey Moua



Faith Royal Couple – hellochloe


Christmas with Moon Chae Won – hellochloe


Lee Je Hoon & Shin Won Hohellochloe


38 thoughts on “My Headers”

  1. Hi there,
    I see we do share the same interest now, so Im just drooping by to say ” Hey I’m
    a Lee Dong Wook Intoxicated” and leaving you some friendship offering… Hope you like them and hope to see them rolling and rocking ur blog..

    till then, lets spread the toxic…..

    1. *)Y^)$(&@_#Y)$#()($Y)*@(&#_*U#_)(@I(_U@_#_*@)
      omg thank you soooooo much! your headers just killed me!!!!

      Welcome here, Lee Dong Wook Intoxicated. This is the right place to rant about and spread the Wookie <33333

      Once again, thank you soooooo muchieeees! MUAH~

    1. Omigosh omigosh, you didn’t just kill me with that BIAS banner of yours! I’m gonna have it on for a week!

      Thankssss sooooo much 😀

      I think I’ll be stalking you for more stuff like these XDD

      1. I have so many I cannot count. But if you do happen come across any Lee Seung Gi, Lee Je Hoon, Ryu Deuk Hwan, Song Joong Ki, Micky, Choi Daniel – I will be forever indebted to you HAHAHA. 😀

      2. Gotcha! Ooh, some rather new names there – don’t think I’ve seen RDH before BUT I LIKE HIM ALREADY 😀

        Got any ladies? (besides LDH of course)

      3. Ryu Deuk Hwan is adorable, not very popular mainstream but def a talented actor not to be missed. 😉 And Lee Je Hoon too! Tho he has already left for military service ;(

        For ladies – I adore Gong Hyo Jin, Son Ye Jin, Bae Doo Na, Moon Geun Young, Moon Chae Won, Hong Soo Hyun, Im Soo Joong, Hwang Jung Eum, Jung Ryeo Won..etc and so many more..

        Aiks did I just flood you with that MANY names? You don’t have to do em really, I’m obviously getting too ahead of myself here LOL

  2. You did not – besides, it is henceforth a reference to anybody that wants to present you a header! 😀 In fact, if you got non-K ones (HK, TW), bring it on! I am not that skilled yet, so I’d really have to get the right kind of pictures to make headers. And I want to try some new effects on PS, you shall be my guinea pig, mwahahahah.

    (psst don’t worry I won’t give you headers that I myself think is ugly. If you think it is, then that means I have bad taste 😀 )

    1. Oh please do experiment as much and as often as you can (haha I’m obviously pestering for more headers!). And take your own sweet time to churn out your best (your ugly ones too because I’m sure they’ll be 100 times better than what I CAN DO).

      Since I’m already shamelessly on a roll, perhaps you can also do pair-up versions hehe any guy and any girl, more than welcome! HAR HAR HAR.

      So much thanksies in advance 🙂

  3. Hi! 🙂 I came across your site and now following! I enjoy reading your posts! oh, i decided to make you a header! hope you like it! not sure if it’s the correct size. let me know!

    1. Hi hello there! Thanksies soooo much, the header is gorgeous, I LUB IT OF COURSE!

      Header of this week it’s gonna be 🙂

  4. Hi ripgal, OMG I feel SO STUPID. When I said I didn’t know Ryu Deok Hwan, didn’t you tell me that RDH = freaking King Gongmin. Gosh *facepalm* I really fail as a fan. *noface*

    So I repent…

    (uh, remember what I said about experimenting. If you think this is horrible, you should see the earlier versions I’d made. I am proud of this, dammit.)

      1. LOL, no of course not, totally enough if you loved Gong Min and No Guk as much as I did! One of my fav fav OTPs this year.

        Thanx a lot, it’s lovely, and it makes me miss my royal OTP even more t_t

  5. Still on Royal Couple fever! While hunting for stills (since I do not have raws for this show) I came across a few gifs and FEELY FEELS quotes. Is there some way to watch this OTP without watching the actual show? Heh. (if only there was some sort of ROTP appearance guide)

    I wonder if this is too pink… oh well.

      1. EEEEE! What a wonderful pic of RDH in glasses *admires* Though the links are no longer working *sadface* but thanks for the thought, you have my best interest at heart 😀

  6. Next on the list, Lee Je Hoon (and Big’s Shin Won Ho is in there, somewhere):

    He looks like Wilber Pan in some angles *__*

    P.S: btw, do you have any stars you’re absolutely allergic too? I worry that I’d unwittingly make you one, since this PS addiction doesn’t seem to be waning anytime soon (save me!)

    1. Waaaahhh so many thankkkkyouuuuu!
      I dun haf any serious allergies, anyone’s fine really 😀

      You can even experiment with your ILUs too! hehehe…

      1. you’re SO welcome, hun. Eh, I’m so sorry about the Moon Chae Won banner btw. On hindsight, it doesn’t look good?!? (everything looks better in Photoshop i swear). You’re MORE than welcome to delete it (actually please do, for my sanity). I really feel bad for causing an eyesore to the visitors on your blog (gomen!!)

      1. Ehhh really?! So glad you liked it, but if you don’t like any of them, please do let me know so I can improve, ok? (sometimes I look back at my work and cringe. Maker bias SUCKS.)

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