My Favorites

1. I Live in Cheong-dam Dong (ILICDD)
2. Queen In Soo
3. MISA  // I’m Sorry I Love You
4. Can You Hear My Heart
5. Alone In Love
6. White Tower
7. Can We Get Married
8. The End of The World
9. A Wife’s Credentials
10. Thank You
11. 9 End 2 Outs
12. Mawang / The Devil
13. Chuno
14. Conspiracy in The Court
15. Shut Up Flower Boy Band
16. Evasive Inquiry Agency
17. The Princess’ Man
18. Friend, Our Legend
19. Capital Scandal
20. Dal Ja’s Spring
21. Queen’s Classroom
22. What’s Up Fox
23. The Chaser
24. Heartless City
25. Damo
26. My Name Is Kim Sam Soon
27. Queen of Housewives
28. Tamra, The Island
29. Sang Doo, Let’s Go To School
30. H.I.T
1. Duelist
2. Old Boy
3. Welcome To Dongmakgol
4. Maundy Thursday // Our Happy Time
5. Joint Security Area (JSA)
6. Last Present
7. Oh! Brothers
8. Memories of Murder
9. Bleak Night
10. Tazza
11. Save The Green Planet
12. Nameless Gangster
13. New World
14. The Good, The Bad and the Weird
15. Antique Bakery
16. Rough Cut
17. Hwang Hae // Yellow Sea
18. Dirty Carnival
19. The Chaser
20. GLove
K-drama Character
1. Lee Dae Gil (Jang Hyuk) of Chuno
2. Cha Moo Hyuk (So Ji Sub) of MISA
3. Cha Dong Joo (Kim Jae Won) of Can You Hear My Heart
4. Byung Tae (Lee Jung Jin) of 9 End 2 Outs
5. Chul Soo (Chun Jung Myung) of What’s Up Fox
1. Eun Oh (Son Ye Jin) of Alone in Love
2. Joo Yu Rin (Lee Da Hae) of My Girl
3. Lee Shin Young (Park Jin Hee) of Woman Who Still Wants To Marry
4. Chae Ok (Ha Ji Won) of Damo
5. Eun Chae (Im Soo Jung) of MISA
K-drama OTP
1. Hyun Woo – Oh Ji Eun (ILICDD)
2. Lee Dong Wook – Lee Da Hae (My Girl)
3. Kim Jae Won – Hwang Jung Eum (Can You Hear My Heart)
4. So Ji Sub – Im Soo Jung (MISA)
5. Jae Hee – Han Chae Young (Delightful Girl Chun Hyang)
6. Kang Ji Hwan – Han Ji Min (Capital Scandal)
7. Lee Jung Jin – Soo Ae (9 End 2 Outs)
8. Lee Min Ki – Chae Rim (Dal Ja’s Spring)
9. Chun Jung Myung – Go Hyun Jung (What’s Up Fox)
10. Lee Seong Gyeon – Gong Hyo Jin (Pasta)
K-Movie OTP / Bromance
1. Kwon Sang Woo – Kim Ha Neul (My Tutor Friend, Youth Comic)
2. Kang Dong Won – Ha Ji Won (Duelist)
3. Gong Yoo – Im Soo Jung (Finding Kim Dong Wook)
4. Song Kang Ho – Kim Sang Kyung (Memories of Murder)
5. Joo Ji Hoon – Kim Jae Wook (Antique Bakery)
1. Chuno
3. The Princess’ Man
4. Winter Sonata
5. Green Rose
6. Conspiracy in the Court
7. Tamra, The Island
8. Mawang
9. Secret Garden
10. Que Sera Sera
Villain / Antagonist (K-Drama)
1. Oh Seung Ha – Mawang/ Devil
2. Kim Min Jung – Rival / Opponent
3. Kim So Yeon – All About Eve
4.  Bae Soo Bin – 49 Days
5.  Jo In Sung – Piano
Villain / Antagonist (K-Movie)
1. Park Hae Il (Memories of Murder)
2. Ha Jung Woo (The Chaser)
3. Kang Dong Won (Duelist)
4. Lee Byung Hun (Addicted)
5. Kang Dong Won (Voice of a Murderer)
1. Nodame Cantabile
2. Iryu 1 / Iryu 2
3. Hero
4. 1 Liter of Tears
5. Love Generation
J-Dorama OTP
1. Hiroshi Tamaki – Ueno Juri (Nodame Cantabile)
2. Takuya Kimura – Takako Matsu (Hero, Love Generation)
3. Yutaka Takenouchi – Nanako Matsushima (Ice World)
4. Masaharu Fukuyama – Kimura Yoshino (Perfect Love)
5. Yōsuke Kubozuka – Rina Uchiyama (Strawberry on the Shortcake)
1. Ueno Juri
2. Nagase Tomoya
3. Kenichi Matsuyama
1. Bu Bu Jing Xin
2. PrinceTurn Into A Frog
2. The Switch (Tou Long Zhuan Feng)
3. Pearl Princess 1 and 2
1. Ming Dao – Qiao En (Prince Turn Into A Frog)
2. Joseph Chang – Rainie Yang (Drunken To Love You)
3. Alec Su – Vicki Zhao (Pearl Princess)
TVB- Series
1. Secret of the Heart
2. War and Beauty
3. Happy Ever After
4. Return of the Cuckoo
5. Detective Investigation Files IV
6. Witness to a Prosecution
7. War of In Laws I
8. Reaching Out
9. The King of Yesterday and Tomorrow
10. Twin of Brothers
11. Revolving Doors of Vengeance
12. The Charm Beneath
13. Dance of Passion
14. Justice Sung I and II
15. Old Time Buddy
16. Taste of Love
17. Matter of Customs
18. A Herbalist Affair
19. Family Man
20. Vigilante Force
1. Gallen Lo – Amy Kwok (Secret of the Heart)
2. Lawrence Ng – Flora Chan (Taste of Love)
3. Bosco Wong – Myolie Wu (War of In Laws)
4. Bobby Au Yeung – Chan Miu Ying (Happy Ever After, Witness to a Prosecution)
5. Louis Koo – Jessica Hester Hsuan (Detective Investigation Files IV)
6. Raymond Lam – Li Qian (Twin of Brothers)
7. Kong Wah – Maggie Cheung (King of Yesterday and Tomorrow)
8. Lam Kar Tung – Kenix Kwok (Reaching Out)
9. Wong Hei  – Jessica Hester Hsuan (Matter of Customs)
10. Ron Ng- Ella Koon (Revolving Doors of Vengeance)
Movies (General)
1. Shawshank Redemption
2. Remember the Titans
3. 10 Things I Hate About You
4. A Walk To Remember
5. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai (Bollywood)
6. The King’s Speech
7. Dark Knight
8. Lord of The Rings Trilogy
9. Hangover
10. Ever After
11. Infernal Affairs 1 (HK)
12. Infernal Affairs 2 (HK)
13. Inception
14. The Rock
15. Bourne Ultimatum
16. Constantine
17. Red Cliff I (China / HK)
18. Momento
19. Passion of Christ
20. Moneyball
1. Fallen Leaves – Adeline Yen Mah
2. My Sister’s Keeper – Jodi Picoult
3. Timeline – Michael Crichton
4. The Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger
5. Lord of the Rings
6. The Prisoner of Birth – Jefferey Archer

11 thoughts on “My Favorites”

  1. Okay, I promise, last comment for the day! xP

    I just want to say, we are gonna have to fight over a few men lol (I’ll settle for no.s 4, 5 & 6 to begin with ;)) )

    This is awesome meeting another misa lover. It is hands down my favourite drama series of all time, bar none. Still breaks my heart to this day whenever I think about Moo Hyuk and Eun Chae ❤

    1. Comment away chinggu… comment away! =D
      Fighting is bad, I’m fine with sharing. As long as the guys are still HOT and SINGLE, they’re free to choose hehehe..

      Yeap, MISA’s one drama which no other has managed to touch so far. I’ve seen many which had better writing, acting and production values but none has managed to tug my heartstrings like MISA. But then again, I’ve not seen the greats like White Tower, Resurrection or Ruler of Your Own World yet. hehehe..

  2. I am more than happy to find a blogger that shares the same taste as me!!!
    I first stumbled upon your blog when I felt totally alone in love with “Alone in Love” and your review of AIL was so beautifully written that I told every friend of mine to check out your writing. 🙂 Without doubt, that drama completely changes the career of Son Ye Jin and even her performance in “My Wife Got Married” couldn’t outdo what she did in Alone in Love.
    However, it’s kind of interesting that when I rewatched Alone in Love again last winter, I felt that I was more gravitated towards Kam Woo Sung’s character and his acting. I am not questioning the achievement of Son Ye Jin, who has remained one of my favorites after Alone in Love, but I guess Kam Woo Sung has a low-key and naturalistic approach to a mundane personality as Dong-jin that even I, as a female, am able to connect with. Somehow I feel that he is under appreciated (as always) but I think he really enlightens and balance the drama with an adorable sense of humor and an extraordinary feel of “ordinariness.”
    However, without doubt, MISA is definitely one of the most memorable, if not the best, Kdramas I’ve watched. (It tops number one in my list as well!) Unlike Alone in Love, which is really more like a Japanese drama in essence, MISA has all the melodramatic formulas typical in Korean dramas: orphan, illness and death, endless love triangle, and A LOT OF misunderstandings. Nevertheless, MISA proves that cliches can be acceptable and even worthwhile as long as you are doing the drama with a lot of heart and with a sincere longing to reach the audience. Somehow I feel that in the past few years, Korean dramas become trendier and fancier than ever, but under the glossy facade and commercial packaging, there is no genuine desire to tell a coherent story. We are talking about what constitutes the basis of a TV drama, a story, and I am not even asking for “meaningful” story. But unfortunately, too many Korean drams these days think that they can get away with utilizing beautiful and even talented actors and actresses, even if there is no story involved. (Best example: Lie to me).
    Quite the contrary, MISA might have a fairytale or a Romeo-and-Juliet pathos as the first impression, but I really feel that the writer and the director, most importantly, the actors–particularly So Ji Sub and Im Soo Jung–breathe “life” to the characters and make the story of MISA believable and memorable. I guess it’s also because nobody would have expected that this drama could ever hit the jackpot, since the writer Lee Kyung Hee is not a trendsetter like Kim Eun Sook, So Ji-sub was popular but definitely not big then, and Im Soo Jung was even a newbie. But thankfully, all of the cast and crew members threw themselves into making this drama, which is why years later, MISA continues to have a special place in my heart.
    oops…I am writing too much…I hope you don’t mind. Seriously, I am rewatching MISA again last week and I still found So Ji-sub’s acting superb. I actually doubt that he can radiate again in Korean dramas again like he did then, since there are just too few Korean dramas these days with solid stories and great all-around characters. But at least, he created an indelible Cha Moo Hyuk in the history of Korean dramas and I am grateful for that.

    1. Thank you so much so much for dropping by and reading. It’s always been a pleasure to share my thoughts about the stuff I watch. ^^ I’m glad you loved it and actually told your friends about it too! *shy me*

      I watched MISA 5 years ago, loved it to death. I still remember the bucket of tears I cried for Moo Hyuk. T_T Along the years many dramas came and go, great ones, moving ones, but none has ever come close to replacing MISA in my heart. I feel like it’s etched so deep that no drama will ever come this close anymore. And I also agree with you on So Ji Sub. I fell for the actor after watching MISA. His intensity and explosiveness in Moo Hyuk was amazing, I never felt the same way in any other (older/newer) dramas of his. It was a tour de force performance.

      AIL is indeed an underrated gem. I don’t even think my writing actually did the beauty of the drama justice at all. It is a drama that must be watched and felt. You just cannot feel it just by reading. Like So Ji Sub, felt that SYJ had left her best in this drama. So far I’ve not seen anything from her that came close to what she’d delivered and given to us in AIL. Gam Woo Sung? You’ve said it all. ^^

  3. OH my girl all of it awesome
    i love the ost and the actors and actress
    my fav drama is my girl then the princess man and boys over flowers
    brilliant legacy very niiiiiice

  4. if my favorite actress Lee Da Hae is I’m glad that you too I love their dramas:
    – My girl
    – Green rose
    – Good bye Miss Ripley
    – Hello miss
    – chuno
    – Haru: An Unforgettable Day in Korea
    and now waiting for his new drama and want to see Love Actually

  5. HEhe…Didn’t expected we have similar choice on several category

    fav kdrama OTP:
    MISA OTP, Capital Scandal OTP, CYHMH OTP…

    fav kmovie bromance: Joo Ji Hoon – Kim Jae Wook (LOL…. still no one can beat this bromance for me in a movie category yet… JUST PURE GOLD)

    fav villain:
    Young Mi (All about eve), Oh Seung Ha (Mawang)

    male lead:
    Cha Moo Hyuk (MISA),

    Que Sera Sera, MAwang, MISA

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