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Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. ramblings


This is NOT a full review of the film. I still need to get some things sorted out.

I finished the film last night, in tears and in total utter blankness. Moments and scenes touched and moved me, made me ache in agony over the characters’ experiences and feelings. Scenes stalled me, giving the wondrous and loveliest of feelings. The performances, utterly wonderful, with touches of explosiveness and restrained nuances, added with a mix of boldness and vulnerability. I was emotionally engaged. But ONE THING, it may have been my lack of understanding and afterthought, it may have been the drink I had last night, it could be just me, cos in spite of the combination of such exquisite direction from Yang Ya Tze and the award-deserving performances by the actors (esp by Kwai Lun Mei), the film failed to connect with me at an intellectual level. It felt confusing at times, convoluted and somewhat a bit of an overflow of effort trying too hard to achieve something out of its reach. But I’ve read countless glowing reviews praising the entire film’s intention and aim at presenting what we may call, the complexity and sensitivity of youth and adolescence. In that it manages to tell a story of friendship, not in the usual sugary sweet and naive context, but in ways in which circumstantial factors may come into the picture, making things a lot more complicated. I’m pretty sure I’m on the same track despite my lack of understanding of certain scenes. As much as certain scenes manage to swallow and engulf me emotionally, there is no denying the disconnect is there, I need to overcome it in order for me to fully understand and give this film a fair judgment overall.

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Joseph and Rainie rumored to be dating? [UPDATED w/ JR GBA presentation clip]

KYAAAAAA!~~~~~ True? Not true? True? Not true? 😮

Title does mention “RUMORED”, and we know we’re clever enough to take such news with a grain of salt. But wadaheck, why should I care now? Anything JR excites me anyway, let alone THIS! *I can already hear Queen and Unni squealing high!*

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Joseph and Rainie in VOGUE’s FNO Promo

Nope, they’re not in this promo video together. But I figured it’d pique more interest with their interviews meshed up in one?

After all, it’s Joseph AND Rainie I’m talking about. And JR makes me happy! 😀


They, along with other celebs did a promotional interview for VOGUE Fashion’s Night Out, a global fashion event which is to be held this coming 17th September 2011. The last I read Joseph is scheduled to attend the show. So maybe.. perhaps we’ll be able to get another glimpse of our OTP in the event together? *pray hard DTLY and JR fans!*

Both of them shared thoughts about fashion and shopping in the interview. Joseph thinks shopping is a happy thing to do and he likes to do it alone whilst Rainie thinks shopping’s a MUST. Joseph’s most unforgettable shopping experience was during a spree he had in a second hand furniture shop in Shanghai while Rainie’s best was when she and her bestie went for a bleeding shopping spree in Korea (a country they’d never been to before) and shopped from dusk to dawn.They also chose the color WHITE as their favourite color for the VOGUE FNO water tumbler.

My love for the DTLY OTP has not lessened one bit as you can see. So please bear with me if you see me doing stuff like this, posting DTLY-unrelated stuff but which has the teeny-weeniest connection whatsoever especially in relation to the OTP. 😀

I just miss them that much. Sighs.

Closure – Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你

You didn’t think I’d leave DTLY just like that?

Of course I wouldn’t. For a drama which has accompanied me for 4 long months, I can’t possibly just let go and move on right? And even if I wanted to, I really couldn’t. T_T DTLY closed its curtains on us 2 weeks ago, but I still find myself browsing thru DTLY forums, googling for DTLY stuff and searching for DTLY videos on youtube. Till today. Not an uber extreme case for me (as I’ve suffered worse withdrawals before), but it’s something that I’ve not experienced for quite some time. Not since Capital Scandal which was about 4 years ago?

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Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你 Ep 18 (Finale) Extended Preview

Saying goodbye is always hard. The moment of parting, the feeling of not being able to see that one person again, it sucks. So bad.

Likewise for me, saying goodbye to DTLY is going to be extremely difficult. For the past 4 months, I’ve been living and breathing with Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, going through ups and downs, sharing moments of joy and delight with them. All the endearing cute and fun coupled with the OTP’s amazing chemistry made me a joyous and thankful watcher. It was just pure bliss.

They say that good things always come to an end (everything comes to an end), one has to accept that and move on. But boy is it hard. I cannot imagine not anticipating Sundays to come. I cannot imagine not seeing JX and XR on my screen anymore. I seriously cannot! Ottoke?!!

I do have a lot of LOVES right now, as in terms of dramas that I’m watching. And I’m sure in time I’ll be going GAGA over another drama or OTP. But for a drama which has been a pleasant company for so long,  it will definitely take quite some time for me to get over. I can only hope that my other dramas will be able to help me ease whatever withdrawal symptoms that I may suffer when it ends for real. (Yes, Scent of a Woman, I mean YOU!)

DTLY, I’m going to miss you loads. Thank you so much for the abundance of joy that is of the last 4 months! 😀

Ep 18 Extended Preview – 醉後的幸福

*sniffs sniffs*

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, an-nyeong!

Some more goodies after the jump

Joseph and Rainie in Singapore i-Weekly

Super duber UBER LOVE & HOTNESS!

Because it’s Joseph and Rainie, HUGE in each others’ embrace <33

DTLY is almost reaching its end. With 2 more episodes to go, I can only see nothing but a sweet resolution and ending for OTP in the end. All the zip, fun and cuteness… sighs, I’m so gonna miss them when it ends for good. Although the recent episodes have been all about unnecessary contrivances put together to make our OTP ache for each other and cry (cos they’re great in dramatic and angsty scenes), I’m sure nobody will disagree with me that it’s together-ness of the OTP which pawns over everything, silliness and ridiculousness of the plot and whatnot.

DTLY has been low on promotions ever since it’s started, so it’s like ice-cream under the sun when we fans of the OTP get to see more JX-XR / Joseph-Rainie together.

Come in and SQUEE hard with me!

More “We’re Both Foolish 我们都傻” MV goodies~

Gah, how gorgeous are they? How perfect are they for each other? They have to make babies already! XDDDDD

Okay, mind my senseless and silly rantings. I feel like I’ve been on an overwhelming Joseph and Rainie high recently. From DTLY to their interviews to their recent MV collab, the goodies are spoiling me like mad. Not just because I’m so utterly in love with their on-screen chemistry in DTLY, but because they’re killing it even more for me off-screen. Way more playful, way more goofy and way more sizzling. They’re such crazy oddballs when they come together.

I’m trying to imply something here (I dare say haha)… but hey, I’ll just let fate decide. I have friends whom I can play around with freely like they do. And I still remain buddies with them. So, no matter what happens (if it happens or not haha, I’m delusional), I’ll just be happy and content with the fact that they’d found a good friend in each other. ^__^

Alright, enough with the babbling.

BTS Clip of We’re Both Foolish 我们都傻