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Closure – Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你

You didn’t think I’d leave DTLY just like that?

Of course I wouldn’t. For a drama which has accompanied me for 4 long months, I can’t possibly just let go and move on right? And even if I wanted to, I really couldn’t. T_T DTLY closed its curtains on us 2 weeks ago, but I still find myself browsing thru DTLY forums, googling for DTLY stuff and searching for DTLY videos on youtube. Till today. Not an uber extreme case for me (as I’ve suffered worse withdrawals before), but it’s something that I’ve not experienced for quite some time. Not since Capital Scandal which was about 4 years ago?

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Drunken To Love You 醉后决定爱上你 Ep 18 (Finale) Extended Preview

Saying goodbye is always hard. The moment of parting, the feeling of not being able to see that one person again, it sucks. So bad.

Likewise for me, saying goodbye to DTLY is going to be extremely difficult. For the past 4 months, I’ve been living and breathing with Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, going through ups and downs, sharing moments of joy and delight with them. All the endearing cute and fun coupled with the OTP’s amazing chemistry made me a joyous and thankful watcher. It was just pure bliss.

They say that good things always come to an end (everything comes to an end), one has to accept that and move on. But boy is it hard. I cannot imagine not anticipating Sundays to come. I cannot imagine not seeing JX and XR on my screen anymore. I seriously cannot! Ottoke?!!

I do have a lot of LOVES right now, as in terms of dramas that I’m watching. And I’m sure in time I’ll be going GAGA over another drama or OTP. But for a drama which has been a pleasant company for so long,  it will definitely take quite some time for me to get over. I can only hope that my other dramas will be able to help me ease whatever withdrawal symptoms that I may suffer when it ends for real. (Yes, Scent of a Woman, I mean YOU!)

DTLY, I’m going to miss you loads. Thank you so much for the abundance of joy that is of the last 4 months! 😀

Ep 18 Extended Preview – 醉後的幸福

*sniffs sniffs*

Jie Xiu and Xiao Ru, an-nyeong!

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Joseph and Rainie in Singapore i-Weekly

Super duber UBER LOVE & HOTNESS!

Because it’s Joseph and Rainie, HUGE in each others’ embrace <33

DTLY is almost reaching its end. With 2 more episodes to go, I can only see nothing but a sweet resolution and ending for OTP in the end. All the zip, fun and cuteness… sighs, I’m so gonna miss them when it ends for good. Although the recent episodes have been all about unnecessary contrivances put together to make our OTP ache for each other and cry (cos they’re great in dramatic and angsty scenes), I’m sure nobody will disagree with me that it’s together-ness of the OTP which pawns over everything, silliness and ridiculousness of the plot and whatnot.

DTLY has been low on promotions ever since it’s started, so it’s like ice-cream under the sun when we fans of the OTP get to see more JX-XR / Joseph-Rainie together.

Come in and SQUEE hard with me!

Rainie Yang’s “We’re Both Foolish – 我們都傻” MV Previews (feat. Joseph Chang)

LOVE! Absolute LOVE!

 So did not see this coming! Joseph in Rainie’s MV? SHITZ, I totally did not see this coming, and I cannot possibly ask for more.  Thank you thank you, whoever thought of this idea. I must admit I have this gut feeling about Joseph and Rainie having something “real” off-screen, seeing how chummy and cute they are together off-screen, and seeing how introvert Joseph can just play around with Rainie with so much ease (he’s a totally different guy when he’s on camera, you know it!). But it doesn’t mean that I want them to be together in real life or anything. It’s really just the kind of good feeling that you get when you know that they’re such buddies in real life. And that they’ve forged such a close bond thru this wonderful drama.

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醉後決定愛上你 Drunken To Love You Singapore Promo Event + Interview Translations

Awwww… my OTP are back in each others’ hands! Kyaaaa <333

Joseph and Rainie  were in Singapore to promote Drunken To Love You (titled While We Were Drunk on SG TV) last 25th June 2011. For a drama which has been soaring high and garnering stable ratings (hovering around 4-5, which is like considered HIGH nowadays), you’d expect bucket loads of promotions, activities, events and what not. But DTLY hasn’t been and doesn’t seem to be gearing anywhere near that, with the scarcity of appearances and promotions it has had so far. One might wonder why, not strike the iron while it’s hot. hmmm….

I’m sure the mass of DTLY fans do yearn for more of DTLY and our OTP, on-screen or off whatsoever. Everything about them is just so off the charts. No? Can you imagine how friggin excited (and envious) I got when I found out about this? I wish I’d known earlier, I wish I’d booked that flight to Singapore back then and not back out due to stupid reasons. Singaporean fans are so damn LUCKY urrhhhhh… (gah, let’s not mention Eric and Han Ye Seul for Spy Myung Wol okay? sighs)

DTLY in Singapore

Joseph Chang’s impending leap into the water – YOOHOOO~!!

Joseph oh Joseph, it’s about time! ^^

I haven’t seen Ep 9 of DTLY yet, but I had this gut feeling that “something” would happen, something good! And HOLA, you guessed it right! We’re about to see Joseph Chang (and Tom Price, as well as Xiao Gui maybe?) do their anticipated leap into the water!