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My OTP of the year! + BFB Ep13 squee thoughts

While half the K-drama viewing universe are busy fawning over the Ki-Jung (or maybe more to Hwan-Hye?) couple in Lie To Me, some over the Jin-Jung OTP in Best Love, and part of them over the Yoon Sung- Nana tandem in City Hunter and YuRi OTP in Ripley, odd-one-out (that’s ME!) am not losing out!

My OTP of the year – Baby-Faced Beauty‘s Jin Wook ❤ So Young!

(Alright, I love Jin-Jung, YoonSung-Nana and YuRi couple too, but nothing beats Jeokbal Prince’s affection for So Young noona!)

The scene that solidified my love for this OTP (*SPOILERS*)


Choi Daniel and Jang Nara so CUTE!

Yup, I’m on BFB high.

To the extent that I’m not even rambling about anything else anymore. DTLY? Ripley? (Okay, I promise those will come really really soon!)

But aren’t they just SO ADORABLE together? Awwww… makes me happy that the cast are having a fun and enjoyable time together. 😀

credits: Jang Nara Twitter / krdrama.com


And to add, BFB Ep 12 broke 15% in its ratings today, and managed to knock Ripley off the top spot! (Tho I’m liking Ripley so far, BFB totally pawns when it comes to the story and the OTP!)

Plus, we might possibly get a 2-ep extension!

LOVE. More Jin Wook and So Young makes me a happy girl.

Happy Together with Baby-Faced Beauty Cast + Ep 11 Preview

Awwww…. how cute are they? Sister power rulez~!! (If So Jin were a lil more mature and understanding in the drama…)

And Jang Nara, I have no idea how she manages to look 18. She’s already 31 years old! 0_O

More BFB goodies after the jump!

Random on Choi Daniel <3

Okay, this is bad. Very bad.

I know I shouldn’t, but in the end, I did it. Again. (You have any idea how may friggin guys I’m loving right now this moment? Check my earlier posts and you’ll see.)

But tell me, how can one NOT fall for that cute boyish and lovely smile? Insanity.

I’ve resisted and resisted. Restrained myself in all ways possible. But nope, didn’t work. Brain just could not stop self from thinking about the cuteness, liveliness, quirkiness, adorableness, adorkableness of Choi Jin Wook in Baby-Faced Beauty. Brain needed to know about the actor.  Checked out Choi Daniel‘s other stuff in Youtube, Google and everywhere. Dayum, brain got even worst. Not helping at all. So decided to just go with it.

After all, there is no cure for me.

More random stuff on the man of adorkable-ness!

Choi Jin Wook (Daniel), why so CUTE ♥ ♥ ♥

Again! I am so doomed. T_T

You see, it’s really hard to juggle so many good dramas at the same time. And it’s even more difficult when the guys in those dramas actually make me heart beat faster, make me swoon, and make me go awwwww.  So Kang (49 days) was initially the only one, he’s just awesome that I didn’t think any character in any drama could ever ever beat him. Caring, gentle and thoughtful. Try beat that.  But then came Song Jie Xiu of DTLY, who posted strong competition, who drove me into candy-land with all his sweet gestures towards the girl in the drama, who made me sink even deeper into fairytale land, hoping that someday I’d meet someone like him. 2 guys apparently weren’t enough to aggravate my condition, drama just had to bring someone like Dokko Jin (Best Love) into the picture, an immature and zany character capable of getting one into fits of laughter and melting hearts of many with his affectionate looks and gazes he gives the lady he likes.  And oh, not to forget, Pil Joo (Best Love), who’s just top 1 ideal boyfriend, ideal husband, ideal man.  That enough?

Apparently NOT, again!

Choi Jin Wook you melt my heart into a goo (whatever that means I’m already mad lol)

Baby-Faced Beauty thoughts

This is just a random post out of random thought. Just had to blog about something.  😀

Who’s watching Baby-Faced Beauty by Jang Nara and Daniel Choi right now? No? Nobody? Everyone focusing on Best Love (which is all sorts of wonderful I concur) and Lie To Me (which is a total MEH for me)? Ahh, too bad, cos I think it’s a pretty enjoyable and cute drama albeit not the most original. Everything about the drama is pretty much a regurgitation of K-drama stereotypes. It has exactly the right buttons to turn me off right of the bat and have me trash it into the bin immediately. But surprisingly, I really enjoyed what I saw and I want more.

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