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Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin in BAZAAR Aug 2011

Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung gracing the covers of BAZAAR? So right you are.

After the much raved after sensation that was of Best Love, Cha Seung Won instantly and immediately became the most sought after MAN, doing CFs after CFs, photoshoots after photoshoots, taking over Hyun Bin’s spot after he’d entered MS. And Gong Hyo Jin? She continues to be awesome, by going straight into filming of her new film Love Fiction with HA!JUNG!WOO!.

Both have been extremely busy after Best Love ended, but you know Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung cannot resist not being with each other for too long no? He needs to hold her tight in his arms to recharge LOL

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Pil Joo, you break my heart T_T

Second lead heartache has never been this bad.

I’m still firmly on the Jin-Jung ship. But Pil Joo, your heartbreak makes me bleed. T__T

Got done with Ep 12 of BL last night, one of the best best episodes of this drama (Hong Sis, LOVE YOU!). Ached along with the OTP, laughed and giggled at their silliness, and AWWWW-ed at their short-lived sweetness and adorb-ness (predicted pattern). Jin and Ae Jung are just the perfect match, they complete each other.

But egad EGAD! My heart went out to Pil Joo instead in this episode! The heartbreak, the restrained love. I wish you had a puppy to cling on to, I wish you had a friend, I wish you had someone to vent or confide in. Why did you have to be such an endearing character? WHY?!!!!!! T_____T

Poor Pil Joo.

*sniffs sniffs*

ETA: –

Love love love Heo Gak‘s voice. The song “Don’t Forget Me” has been on constant replay on my head that I fear it’s gonna be stuck there for some time. Aiks. What do Korean ballad singers EAT? Drink? Or think when they project voices like that? o_0

Youtube-ed Heo Gak and found this, another EGAD!

Not only does Huh Gak have a wonderful amazing voice, he apparently has a twin who has similar singing chops! o_0

They should just form a band or something.

Welcome to my heart, Dokko Jin~

Sorry Kang-ah (49 Days). You’re awesome. And I still love you. But please let me catch a breathe for a while, my heart’s been struck hard by cupid’s arrow. I cannot hold it in anymore.

Hong Sisters, I bow before you. I bow before you. I bow before you!!!

How can you always ALWAYS manage to create characters that are so adorable? How can you always make them so damn memorable and lovable ? How can you always make me fall so hard? From Mong Ryong (Delightful Girl Chun Hyang), Yoo Rin (My Girl), Anna (Fantasy Couple), Hong Gil Dong (HGD), Hwang Tae Kyung (You’re Beautiful) to Gu Miho (My GF is a Gumiho). You ladies rawk. You ladies RAWK SO HARD!

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