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My “Sad Letter” to Shin Ha Kyun

You didn’t think I was going to miss posting about this HUH?!

Shin Ha Kyun, can you please SING TO ME?! I keep humming this song with the image of you singing etched FIRMLY in my mind! Cannot get it out of my head no matter how I try. :/ What more godly things can you do? Try me please?

Apart from the fact that I thought it was so out of character and uncharacteristically romantic of Dr. Lee to sing (and to sing it to YJH, can you believe it?!!! After all the yelling and screaming and belittling?), I actually NEARLY cried. T___T Not just because I was moved by Dr. Lee sudden display of sincerity, but also because I was touched by Shin Ha Kyun’s voice. The tenderness and softness within, the lingering tears in his eyes…. omg, how is this even possible? I’m a crybaby alright, but I never cry just listening to a song (usually my tears fall when I listen to the song along with the MV or certain scenes in sight). But WTH, this version of “Sad Letter” (OST from his buddy Song Kang Ho’s hit film “Memories of Murder”) by SHK totally got to me! >_< It’s been on repeat ever since last night, and every time he starts singing (when I replay it over and over), I want to CRY! No serious JOKE!

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I know I know, I am so f*cking deliriously MAD head over heels for this man. He consumes me. He eats me up. He drowns me. I don’t think I am capable of being saved.

But you know what, I don’t friggggggin care. Cos he defies every single word equivalent to AWESOME out there. And anything AWESOME is meant to be MINED. So before anybody claims him, Mr. Shin Ha Kyun is from now onwards MINED MINED MINED. Seriously. I am willing to give my other ILUs away (tho I still love them) just for this man.

So, anyone of you who wants to have a piece of him, no worries, sharing is my thing. But reminder: HE. IS. MINE.

Watched Ep 13 of Brain last night. Plot is starting to get all messed up (I really have no idea where the drama is headed) BUT Shin Ha Kyun gets to flesh out more of his power acting, which is always always a welcome for me.  And just in case you’ve not been blown away by this man yet…

It’s not an extreme outburst, nor is it an all out sobbing scene. But when an actor is able to bring tears to your eyes with smiles and tears at the same time, you know this actor isn’t just an ACTOR. He IS the character.

Shin Ha Kyun just redefined show-stopping for me.

Forever indebted to whoever picked him for this role.

Kang Hoon & Ji Hye goodies~

(Had to post this pic because cutie Joong Ki is just so SANTA here~~)

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day ALL!~~

I bet all of you’re boozing, partaying and exchanging gifts like no other this season. The usual which happens every time this year. 🙂 This year’s Christmas was an unusually quiet and uneventful one for me. Not because I’m doing the anti-Christmas thingy. Nor do I have no special person to celebrate the day with.

You’re right. The unwelcome virus of ALL time chose to attack me a week into the season. Of all times. All round the year,  Christmas time.

Nevertheless, at least I got to spend some good precious time with family at home. Attended  mass which I’ve been neglecting for a whole year now. Watched some Shin Ha Kyun films (and loved them all). Finished Thousand Day Promise and Vampire Prosecutor. Caught up with some new dramas. And HOLA, holiday ends.

I’m getting all lethargic and listless thinking about work tomorrow. So many unfinished work and stuff to prep for the upcoming year. Arhhhhhh…. BUT for some reason, everything and anything Shin Ha Kyun makes me better. He has literally (and virtually) become a relief pill for me nowadays. I can just watch an interview of him on youtube, or rewatch parts of his films (LOL ones of course), and I’ll be as hip and energetic as before. I can just imagine him smiling and I’ll be a happy girl the whole day.

Love oh love, it really is an incurable disease.

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More Shin Ha Kyun ^_^ (Edited)

Yeap. I’m obviously so going to be in this craze for a long long time.  But I’m so very happy that a lot of people are in this with me as well. The replies and comments ALL make me giddy and happy. The excitement in sharing the SHK love, it makes me look forward to every day i.e. a new day with SHK news with utmost glee.  Knowing how so many people have been charmed by Dr. Lee and SHK, it makes me even more passionate in this endeavour to know more about and to understand this actor a lil bit more.

Today I’m going to share a goodie that will make all SHK fans smile so very wide. It’s a recent On Air interview done on the set of Brain with our most beloved doctor. And in contrast to the oh-s0-serious and intense Dr. Lee, here SHK shows a more genuine and smiley side of himself that will make you heart melt into a puddle.

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BRAIN’s Dr. Lee Kang Hoon

You know I should be blogging about Dr. Jang Joon Hyuk or Kim Myung Min from White Tower. I should be raving about how amazing the actor is in channeling the ambition hungry doctor craving for power and success, the tightly woven script, the all-around brilliant acting by the overall cast, the quietly heart-tugging music… etc.

But instead, my brain drifted somewhere else, somehow transfixed on another Jang Joon Hyuk-like character in a recently aired drama BRAIN – Dr. Lee Kang Hoon played by Shin Ha Kyun. Don’t get me wrong, White Tower is still miles and miles better in quality and overall acting compared to Brain, and I love it so very much it will definitely go into my Top 10, most probably my Top 3 if it continues to be this awesome (I’m on Ep 14). Somehow however, for some reason, my brain just came to a screeching halt the moment Shin Ha Kyun appeared in Ep 1 of Brain, casting every single thing (including my love for WT) within aside. It was as if lightning had struck, my brain malfunctioned, my neurons were messed up or so, Dr. Lee Kang Hoon made me stop in my tracks. And had my sight fixed on him and him only.

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