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The Master’s Sun KISS BTS [Eng Translated]

Just cos I flail happy watching these 2 interact!

Translations [Starting from 00:50]

Screen: TMS Set – JG and TY’s first kiss

Director: *directs SJS and GHJ on how to do the scene* It feels a bit…

Director: You have to hold her like that… and you fall on him..

GHJ: Why are you standing like that? You’re just like a tree.

GHJ: Oppa shouldn’t you be hugging me?

[GHJ is a bit shy, but Gong Shil seems to be very happy about it.]

GHJ: *taps on SJS’s shoulder* Oppa did you see that?

[Kissing scene]

SJS: Why are you laughing?

GHJ: Didn’t you laugh too Oppa?

[Next “fake kissing scene”]

SJS: *curious what’s going on [GHJ was supposed to fall on his shoulder but I think she forgot lol]* What’s going on?


Director: You’re supposed to fall on him.

GHJ: Ahhh, I was supposed to fall on him.

[GHJ made another mistake.]

[Next ” kissing scene”]

[SJS’s lips seemed to have turned red – from GHJ’s lipstick I suppose LOL]


All: Naughty hands!

SJS: Naughty hands?

SJS: Then I should have slipped them into her dress.

*SJS and GHJ break into immense laughter.*

credits: Joo Won Lala’s Youtube / krdrama.com Chinese translations


Namgoong Min and Lee Young Ah’s Unemployed Romance


ADORABLE, absolutely A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! <33333

Remember how much we hated, loathed and detested but still lovedddddd to death Maru oppa in CYHMH? Remember the man’s exceptional performance in the drama, that drained our tears ripped our hearts, and made us root for his character to undying end? Remember how we wanted him to get the girl in Cheongdamdong Alice? Yes, Namgoong Min has finally landed himself a long overdue leading role, alongside the ever bubbly Lee Young Ah in upcoming rom-com Unemployed Romance.

And you won’t believe how adorable he is, being all cute and funny!

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Picture of the day!

Oh yes I’m still watching. BAP, despite its somewhat repetitive draggy romance-or-not parts, and its gorgeous but slooooooow-paced direction, is still a luxury eye-feast for me. Cos of CFMS! The man who steals and captures moments, the man who stops the very air I breathe, he who halts people at their tracks – yes, CHOI FCKING MIN SOOOO! CFMS!

And guess what?

You can’t hide the hotness! He just has to be cool and awesome the way he is.

BAP cute

I’m pretty allergic to Noh Min Woo’s errrrr feminine like tendencies lately, but news reports Uhmforce and CFMS are learning music and some guitar stuff from Mr. Rose himself?  And are constantly havin’ their own mini lil concert BTS? 😉

I approve 1000000000%!

credits:  innolife

Kim Nam Gil, why so cute?

Still watching the drama, though not as gripping or intense as I’d hoped for. Narrative structure still isn’t very compelling, execution is all barely scratching the surface And acting, I’m getting only solid vibes from Lee Jung Gil. Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin aren’t doing much, and not to mention, a waste of what could have been of Ha Suk Jin and Honey Lee, even Lee Shi Un and Lee Soo Hyuk. Maybe Kim Ji Woo‘s glory days are of the past now, I must come to accept? I compare this, to Resurrection and Mawang. This is just utter disappointment….severely underwhelming.

But then I come across this:

And all is good again?

NO way drama wise, but I am allowed to swoon spazz over RL cuteness and aegyo! Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin are perfection together off the camera!

Check out all the individual BTS clips of Shark here:


I am still reeling in insane amount of squeeswooness from all the adorableness of this grown up kid!

credits: WindsOfSeptember / Yozohhh YT channel

Jung Kyung Ho’s Heartless City



I betcha everyone’s just as crazy mad in love with uri resident Doctor aka Pak Sa just as I am at the moment. Hotness, you’ve got it. Sexayness, plenty. Post army fan service, granted! What a fantastic and incredible comeback for Jung Kyung Ho, who plays the ever so fearless and unruffled ganster in jTBC’s new gangster noir Heartless City aka Cruel City. Remember him as the cutiepie in Smile You? No traces of him at all. What we have is an icy cold character brimmed with burning fire waiting to break out from the inside – the kind of character we all love to hate and love the same <33. Drama’s slick fast paced stylish and gritty, and though not entirely original (somewhat a replicate of gangster/mafia plots we all know of), you get a whole lot of thrill and satisfaction from watching. I enjoy it so much, so much so that I actually took on a review challenge on the drama  with one of my favouritest drama buddies  unnichan from with.subtitles.please. I have never EVER done this before, and before I realised oops, that this may become a HUGGGGGEEE commitment which I might not be able to keep for long, I found it hecka fun. Thanks to unni of course for the suggestion, and hell yes thanks to Pak Sa! heee~~ So if you’re interested to ramble rant rave about drama, wanna swoon perv over our resident Doctor, please do join us in the fun! Here’s a link to our take on Ep 1 of the City: Heartless City Ep 1 .

And since we’re all in the City together, some AWESOME Jung Kyung Ho goodies to share!

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Just because they’re cute!

Awwww… my lovely Faith OTP! <333

Yeap, they’re basically (still) the major reason why I’m watching Faith, regardless of the scarcity of screen time they have in drama. I don’t care less about Choi Young and Eun Soo getting together or anythin’ (I know I should be stoned for this, how can I not love that ship?!), I’m bored out by the political furor and dethronation stuff, I resent the sight of the flutist and the fire maker (they’re such stupid useless characters and they take up to much space uhhh) and I still abhor the editing and directing of this drama. Still very shoddy and clumsily put together I give up hoping for good. I’m basically just coasting because I can’t bear missing scenes of my beloved King Gong Min and his Queen No Guk.

But there are things that did like out of the crapload of bad, for example all of GM and NG’s scenes together, and most of GM and NG’s scenes with CY and ES. Maybe it’s Song Ji Na’s fondness of the King and Queen, perhaps it’s Ryu Duk Hwan and Park Se Young’s acting and chemistry (while they’re not mind-blowingly WOW, they do understand their characters well), I don’t know for some reason their scenes always come across very heartfelt and emotionally charged, very present and heart-rendering. Ep 14 had some very memorable moments which (surprisingly) nearly triggered my tear glands i.e. when GM confronted CY in front of his ministers, the restrained tears and concern in GM’s eyes, the flow of mutuality between the 2 men, I was consumed totally, by RDH’s ability to convey the intense feelings with such gravitas and restraint. And during ES and NG’s conversation about how GM will come to love her so much that nothing else could even compare, it was no less heartbreaking. Just because we know. Just because we know what it’s like a few thousand years later. :/

Although I’m not thoroughly invested in CY and ES’s quest or love story, I’m still very much intrigued by how her presence has affected and will affect the history of Goryeo. It’s obvious drama’s trying to refer to history as accurately as possible with a fictional character in the picture, and that’s one thing I do appreciate about drama so far. What would have happened if she didn’t time travel and land in Goryeo? Would Goryeo have been the same as told in history textbooks now? Drama’s halfway through and I still have no single idea how and what would happen to everyone, I just know we’re heading for much more gloom and doom.

But oh wellz, at least we have so much cuteness off set, I LIKE!

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