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Spampost: School2013 OTP & Ep 5


School2013 continues to be… a middling drama. Watchable yes, but ain’t pulling. Nope, don’t get me wrong. I don’t hate or dislike the drama, I don’t resent the characters, I like it but not truly impressed (for some very different reasons than most), it’s just that it isn’t as hooking and engaging as I want it to be i.e. the realistic slice of life kind of school themed drama that I’d expected it to be.  I get what drama is trying to show, the reality of school life, the hidden and unsaid problems, the complexes, depicted from the teachers and students’ perspectives. I know drama wants to deal with school issues realistically, and I totally understand and I appreciate the effort.

Sadly, direction and execution aren’t as smooth and compelling,  some of the sub-plots are resorting to being redundant and overdone, and drama is taking the arcs of those plots a bit too far, much veering towards the the mystery thriller genre.  But there are things which I’m happy with (for completely biased and fangirly reasons), there are moments which moved me, scenes which tugged at my heart and made me cry. As much as I think this drama isn’t up to my expectations, I’m still watching and and hoping for it to get better (or rather, hoping that I’d come to love this drama) *being positive here*.

If you’ve followed me before, you’d have known by now of my fangirly love for the BFB OTP Daniel and Nara. That drama wasn’t a great drama overall, but the OTP made it work beautifully, with blasting and lovely chemistry thruout. When it was announced they’d come back to a new drama, I literally jumped from my seat, shot thru the roof, reached cloud nine. How good oh drama Gods you are for giving me my BFB OTP a second chance! 🙂

So I know School2013 won’t focus much on them being the OTP ( I don’t even know if they will ever happen given the recent news of the love-lines in drama getting the big cut because of viewers’ weird aversion to romance in school dramas as of recent), so this post is to spam everything and anything In Jae and Se Chan/Nara and Daniel the way I like it. I may not get plenty of them in the drama, but the least, I can still expect some very meaningful exchange between them as teachers and mentors with different teaching methods. If drama doesn’t gimme the OTP, I can dream on the way I like whenever I want. <333

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Teasers: School and Guns

Today’s a holiday, a good day, so I’m dropping some School 2013 and IRIS2 goodies~~

School 2013 Poster and Teaser

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BFB OTP Daniel and Nara back to School in 2013


Been flooded with hoards of casting news the past 2 weeks, some of them made me yawn, some made me go WEEEEE~~, some, I just can’t bother to even bother. But this, this pieces of casting news made me jump, jolted me out of my afternoon sleaze, and got me all squealing in joyousssss giddinesss! <333 I may be one of the the few little peepz, probably the only one who’s getting a bit too delirious over this piece of casting news, but oh who cares, I’m a happy girl!

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Choi Daniel going for gruff in “The Traffickers”

Oh how I miss you toy boy Daniel. When are you coming back to drama? WHEN WHEN WHEN?!

Well he did appear in the first 2 episodes of Ghost, of which his character Park Ki Young is the main focus but instead is played by hottie So Ji Sub (due to some magical face-off transformation that can only happen in dramas). I’m sad he didn’t get much screen time and was left off after 2 eps because while his performance wasn’t memorable (just decent and nothing to call home), he’d certainly struck a better acting impression than main lead SJS, who has been coasting with his usual deadpan and lifeless acting thus far. But it’s probably a good thing, as Ghost isn’t really hitting any buttons right for me (even after 16 eps) – procedural usually makes me adrenaline rush but this.. I just think it’s too technical for me, with too many manufactured and “fake” conveniences coupled with very under par acting from the actors (yes even SJS).

Moving on to film might do him great, I once said that he might be able to pull off a darker or meatier role (at least not his usual nicey naughty or annoying childish roles) if he wants to and gives it a shot. Tho he may not be the lead in the coming “The Traffickers” along side Im Chang Jung, it looks like his character may be partly relevant and will show a gruffer and more intense side of his acting?

Check out the main poster and trailer below:

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Choi Daniel’s quirky side in OhBoy! Magazine

Can anyone pull of quirky, wacky and adorable any better than my ILU Daniel? I know I haven’t been the best of fans (I’ve been neglecting…errrr.. in fact dropped his recent drama The Musical for the script just isn’t my cup of tea after 4 eps, even with his ever endearing and charming smiles). I know I’ve broken my promise to watch whatever crack or crap he’s in. But alas, I only have 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

I remember having had a short period of Daniel-craze during his BFB days. Not many people watched or loved the drama for it was nothing more than the usual K-drama formula. But I liked it, and enjoyed it a lot. Not just because I adored the lightheartedness and mechanics it used to address an underdog story. But because, it also introduced me to Daniel as an actor for realz (tho I had seen him in Cyrano Agency just before the drama). Not only does he come with buckets of talent and charm, he also has a very genuine and inbred grounded-ness to him. He’s akin to a low-key and understated kind of actor, who may not generate waves like Jang Geun Seuk or Kim Hyun Joong, but may create ripples capable of stringing your heart for a very very long time.

Daniel mentioned in an interview once that he doesn’t really like to wear glasses (and he’s not short-sighted), but oddly, he looks the best when he wears them. And mee? I love him in any form. Check him out in his recent stint for OhBoy! where he’s seen decked in all sorts of clowny outfits, and in mighty weird poses.

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The Musical Teaser

Teaser looks pretty interesting. Seems like it’s heading towards the typical underdog story? But I have a feeling I’ll like this, with the actors (my ILU and Park Ki Woong) and MUSIC combined.

Hopefully it’ll do better than Heartstrings (a drama which could have done better sighs).

Squee: My ILU looks so adorable in it! <333


Choi Daniel’s Star Report

First off, HURRAY to The Musical! Having been put on hold for almost a year, the drama has finally landed itself a time-slot on SBS i.e. it will air every 9.55pm every Friday from 2nd of September 2011 onwards. Not a typical drama slot and all, but hey, who am I to complain? I get to see my ILU Choi Daniel (for 16 episodes!), what else gives? <33

I honestly don’t care about Gu Hye Sun, though I think girl’s got loads of talent to boot. But since she is main lead and will probable have a love-line with my ILU, will give her a chance (to work off her chemistry with him). If anything, it’s the music and the man I’m looking forward to in this drama.

My ILU did this Star Report interview with KBS about 2 months ago while BFB was almost reaching its end. But I’d only managed to come across the Eng-subbed clip just as of recent. And as usual, his quirky adorableness and earnestness made me squeeee in delight.


Fortunately The Musical  is nearly in sight. I don’t have to wait that long to see my baby on screen again!