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One Warm Word before Christmas


Ahhhhh how so sweet of this lil boy son of a chinggu of mine <33333 my first Christmas pressieeeee filled with love and fuzzzzzes. It’s been ages since I’d received flowers RL flowers (right, my life is dried up till the bone!) and this hand-made piece literally melted me heart on my very own knees, I’m all warm fluffy fuzzzzzz now ;))) thank you thank you for reminding me that I still have “market” teeeheeee~~

Christmas season this year has been unusually quiet and un-happening, less and without the usual booze-fest and BBQ parties, nada and zero invites AT ALL I start to wonder if it’s my problem. I see friends and peepz prepp-ing busy for the seaosn, I do feel green in envy but have no urge to join. Prolly due to work cramming up at 11th hour (usually near yuletide I’m all freed of workload) with an out of the blue first in years overseas work trip to start just 2 weeks ago, I literally had the lest of time and mood to actually prepare Christmassy stuff for my family and friends (still have time for Kdrama thou LOL).  I should feel bad, right, I actually do.

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Kang Hoon & Ji Hye goodies~

(Had to post this pic because cutie Joong Ki is just so SANTA here~~)

First off, Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day ALL!~~

I bet all of you’re boozing, partaying and exchanging gifts like no other this season. The usual which happens every time this year. 🙂 This year’s Christmas was an unusually quiet and uneventful one for me. Not because I’m doing the anti-Christmas thingy. Nor do I have no special person to celebrate the day with.

You’re right. The unwelcome virus of ALL time chose to attack me a week into the season. Of all times. All round the year,  Christmas time.

Nevertheless, at least I got to spend some good precious time with family at home. Attended  mass which I’ve been neglecting for a whole year now. Watched some Shin Ha Kyun films (and loved them all). Finished Thousand Day Promise and Vampire Prosecutor. Caught up with some new dramas. And HOLA, holiday ends.

I’m getting all lethargic and listless thinking about work tomorrow. So many unfinished work and stuff to prep for the upcoming year. Arhhhhhh…. BUT for some reason, everything and anything Shin Ha Kyun makes me better. He has literally (and virtually) become a relief pill for me nowadays. I can just watch an interview of him on youtube, or rewatch parts of his films (LOL ones of course), and I’ll be as hip and energetic as before. I can just imagine him smiling and I’ll be a happy girl the whole day.

Love oh love, it really is an incurable disease.

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