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Lee Da Hae rejects Rain?

NO JOKE guys!

Except that this  happened in Rain‘s currently airing drama “Fugitive ( Runaway: Plan B)“. lol (What a bummer eh?)

I love love love Lee Da Hae, as you all know.  My first EVER blog post was dedicated to her (and Rain! :P). I get all excited whenever she posts something, photos or personal messages. I love it when she goes all crazy about her oppas (especially Jang Hyuk!). I get all fumed up when people bash or criticize her (but understand that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions AND knowing how she’s so prone to negative stuff). I even have this special category created just for her here.  I’m just a GONER. Crazy incurable Lee Da Hae fan.

So when I found out that she was gonna cameo for Fugitive, I went hysterical.  I already had a huge hunch that she’d do so having seen that almost everyone from Chuno had agreed to cameo for the drama, and for PD Kwak (who’s sooooo awesomesauce!). I just didn’t expect her to appear so early…like  in the first 10 mins of the pilot episode? She just shot her scenes like what? 4 days before the premier?

No spoiling.. so here you go!

There’s a bit of a glitch in the beginning, and the last 20 secs were cut off in this video. But anyway, just enjoy and indulge in the Bi-Hae ride!~~


Jang Hyuk, WINNER in my heart

I shouldn’t start my post with expletives. But I can’t help it. I need to.


Okay, calm down. Calm down. I shouldn’t be too hung up on this. It’s just an awards show. And they’re never fair to begin with. Why get so involved?

I know. I know.  But it’s just still very disappointing for me. I literally felt my heart slump right down to my toes when they announced LBH as the winner for Best Actor. The empty feeling kicked in, and it was so overwhelming that tears formed in my eyes when watching Ep 22 of Chuno at the same time the result was announced.  Jang Hyuk was TOTALLY ROBBED OFF that title right in front of all eyes which were very well aware that he was more than deserving for that title. Not bashing LBH and the rest of the nominees as I have seen all of the dramas/roles that they’ve been nominated for and in which they’d performed pretty decently. But if there was a teeny weeny bit of observation and critical judgment employed in the deliberation of the final winner, ANYONE would have chosen JH over the rest. Cos he was just that ONE NOTCH above the rest. For realz!

Ack, I still have this really really bitter taste lingering in my mind mouth (after all that swearing).  I was comforted by the flood of posts saying how IRIS shouldn’t have won for Best Drama (Chuno should have, or even Brilliant Legacy) and how Jang Hyuk was snubbed…etc. It’s a bit hypocritical for me because I felt happy that Go Hyun Jung and Kim Nam Gil won in their respective categories. But heck I just couldn’t care less after LBH won. Jang Hyuk was ripped off. Ripped off BOOOOO~~~ *SOBS*

I will not reiterate on how wonderful Chuno was and has been with this actor (as you can read in a previous post on Jang Hyuk’s  performance), but I can say that Chuno couldn’t have been so well-received and moving despite its script-writing flaws and loopholes without Jang Hyuk. He was the driving force of Chuno. He was the GEM of BRILLIANCE of the drama. No Jang Hyuk = No Chuno!

This 4 minute Chuno MV is more than enough to flood the room. Jang Hyuk’s brilliance.

credits: nemin091

I don’t think I’m able to get over his performance anytime soon. The last time I felt this depressing and down was for Hyun Bin’s performance in Friend, Our Legend. But that faded away pretty fast. Dae Gil I fear will remain in my mind for a very very long time…>.<  Just like how Cha Moo Hyuk in MISA’s etched in my mind right until now, Jang Hyuk’s Dae Gil officially enters that list. And takes over the spot. Sorry Moo Hyuk. After 5 long years. It’s Jang Hyuk’s turn.

Hyukie, you are no doubt the WINNER IN MY HEART.

Blown away by Jang Hyuk

Jang Hyuk oh Jang Hyuk, why must you be THIS AMAZING in Chuno?

This is one post that I have to write no matter what. I mentioned earlier about how I couldn’t put my love for Chuno into words, for the fear that I’d butcher its so well put-together brilliance (tho not flawless). But I just had to break it out today. I don’t care right if I sound crazy. I don’t care if my post comes off as a mess. Heck I don’t even care if I end up not saying anything substantial or constructive about the drama. I just don’t care – because Jang Hyuk’s all I can think of right now.

I just got done with EP 16 of Chuno, easily one of my favouritest episode of the whole drama (discounting Ep 10 of course). And guess what? When I should be ranting about how I loved Un-Nyun’s character development and LDH’s fantastic portrayal of her anguish in this episode (considering my self-professed fangirlism over LDH :P), all I could think of was Jang Hyuk/Dae Gil. Why?

Well, simply because Jang Hyuk just overshadowed everyone else.  He was that GOOD.

I’ve always thought of Jang Hyuk as a fine actor, not the best, but definitely one with massive acting appeal. That said, he’s not exactly flawless, and sometimes tends to over-act when it comes to conveying intense and explosive emotions. However, it is that kind of acting which overwhelmed me in his portrayal of Dae Gil in Chuno. It is that kind of raw acting which made me root for him despite his unruly and menacing ways in the drama. It is that kind of acting which will just make you ache, cry, burst and in the end, feel empty after watching. It is that kind of acting that Jang Hyuk has been delivering so wonderfully thus far (into 16 episodes of Chuno) and is continue to do better and better by every episode.  Chuno, IS definitely Jang Hyuk’s game.

Chuno isn’t exactly an actor’s drama I must say. Ranging from the main characters to the most insignificant characters, most of them if not all pretty much share a somewhat equal amount of screentime in the drama. Even Jang Hyuk/Dae Gil, who supposedly holds the center arc in Chuno along with Un-Nyun/Hye Won (LDH’s character), does not dominate even one third of the drama’s screen time.  It is a small gripe that I have with Chun Sung Il, but still acceptable at the moment.  However, given the short screen time, it is Jang Hyuk who shines the most and Jang Hyuk, who leaves the deepest and most memorable impression.

As mentioned by many of my fellow Soompi Chunoholics, Dae Gil is a complex and layered character marred with flaws and imperfection.  He is our main guy in Chuno, but rarely shows signs of what we call “goodness”. In all sense, he’s a character driven by somewhat improper motivations and always works on spur of the moment impulses.  A character who shows no distinctive signs of being human on the front. And yet within that wretched soul, lies a vulnerability that nobody will ever know or see.  A character drowned by cruelity and brutality of life, you cannot imagine how much more he’s capable of enduring. How much more worst can it get for Dea Gil? From losing his status, family, loved one, to his only companionship, his fellow slave hunters, Wang Son and General Choi, how much more does he have to suffer?

Having said that, I have to say that Jang Hyuk nailed every single trait of Dae Gil on the spot brilliantly. Dae Gil’s irrational and impulsive actions, Dae Gil’s menacing and malicious ways, and even his emotional and heartwrenching scenes.  Every single emotion, delivered with a rawness so gripping and heart-twinging that you CANNOT possibly not feel for his character. Some commented on his overly-exaggerated emotions when shouting and screaming. But I say, with a character surrounded by so much torment physically and emotionally, it’s that kind of over-explosive  acting required. To vent, to unleash and to break it all out. The outward intensities as delivered wholeheartedly by Jang Hyuk, totally called for and warranted.

Another thing about Jang Hyuk’s performance in Chuno is that you can really see the dedication and conviction he puts into perfecting the duality of Dae Gil. When DG stares in anger, or prepares to fight, those gazes alone are already capable of piercing thru one’s soul. When he drops down in despair, he cries like the world’s gonna end, like he will never live again. When he settles down and starts to think about Un-Nyun, you can feel him shiver and tremble. And heck, even when he talks, those gestures, expressions, mannerisms – they just give me goosebumps!  With the finesse and intricacy in every one of those, especially his facial expressions, one cannot possibly not be moved. Impossible!

Take some of his classic scenes in Chuno – the heartbreaking and earth-shattering scene of Dae Gil confronting Un-Nyun’s brother, his crazy mad and tormented scene at the end of Ep 10,  the scene of his outburst of tears and screaming when he saw Un-Nyun and Tae Ha smile so happily, his conflicted expression when he met Un-Nyun for the very first time in Ep 16, and heck even his pained expressions when fighting, all which had been brilliantly acted out by the actor, brought about heart-ache and pain to everyone, including those who don’t/didn’ support his actions or cause. A performance so gripping and haunting (to some I know) that deserved all the accolades and compliments viewers have been showering upon him.

So in any case, given Jang Hyuk’s mindblowing performance in Chuno, it’s totally noteworthy  and deserving that he’s been given a Baek Sang Best Actor nomination. I glanced thru the list of contenders, and with all due respect to the other nominated actors (esp So Ji Sub and Lee Byung Hun, who’re also my favorite actors),  Jang Hyuk totally PAWNS all of them. I came across predictions online, that LBH’s likely to win for his performance in IRIS. But anyone who has watched both IRIS and Chuno will know who’s the better. And who deserves it the most. If Jang Hyuk does not win for Chuno, no other winner, no matter how much I respect and admire them, will make me satisfied. Jang Hyuk ftw! =D

Jang Hyuk ups HOTNESS! in HIGH CUT Vol 23

Another Chuno-related post!

Well, not exactly…hehe… it’s just an excuse for me to rant about Dae Gil’s hotness…ooppsss, Jang Hyuk’s hotness I mean. <333

I’m glad the drama has rendered him great reviews and compliments despite it being clouded by some trivial and petty controversy.  But rest assured, we know Jang Hyuk can deliver and HAS delivered wonderfully so far… So whilst we reminisce of his brilliant acting in Chuno, why don’t we have a look at Choco (abs! haha..) at the same time? hehehee….  =P

Looks kinda greasy to me, BUT BUT BUT, those choco abs save the day!

Da Hae’s a lucky girl.

Mrs. Jang too!



A drama that has overtaken my life for some many weeks now.

I’ve been meaning to write about it ever since it had started, and now that we’re up till Ep 13, I still do not have any idea on how and where to start! T.T  Well…I guess I’m just wary that when I start clicking away, I will never stop.

So rather than just bore you away with a long-winded review, you might as well have a glimpse of it yourself.

The long-awaited reunion of Dae Gil and his beloved Un-Nyeon.

Heartbreakingggggg >.<

Chuno’s 2nd Teaser Trailer

Man, why can’t 6th Jan 2009 come sooner? I know we have like a month and 2 days to go, but Chuno’s newly released teaser trailer doesn’t make it any better for me. Damn.

All I can say about the trailer – full of Kwak Jung Hwan awesome-ness!

Check out for yourself :-

The narration kinda spoiled the whole thing for me, but other than that, everything’s just pretty much EPIC!


A peek into a day of Lee Da Hae’s life…

Doesn’t Da Hae just look adorable in that traditional wedding dress? She’s supposed to play the sad and desolated bride who runs away during her wedding night in Chuno (upcoming sageuk starring Jang Hyuk, Oh Ji Ho, Lee Jong Hyuk..etc and scheduled to air in Jan 2010)… but look again, she doesn’t seem too glum, does she? hehehe..

Anyway, she’s updated her Cyworld recently… and you can’t imagine how her Chinese fans are going wild and crazy over this right now.

She has posted in her Cyworld, her first ever hand-written message – in CHINESE!

Fans of hers are well aware that she has been taking Chinese (Mandarin) lessons all this while, but we never knew she’d put THAT MUCH effort into learning the language.  From speaking the language , to writing in Han Yu Pin Yin,  now she’s able to write in Chinese characters! 😀  *CLAPS CLAPS*

Here are 2 photos of her diary note which she’d posted in her Cyworld along with the picture above… For those who can read Chinese, take a closer look at her writing style and her mistakes. Haha.. so CUTEEEEE!!!

credits: Da Hae’s Cyworld


A rough translation on what she’d written: –

23rd November 2009

I don’t have to film anything from this Friday till next Saturday, so I may be able to get some rest.
I think the filming schedule for this drama (Chuno) isn’t that hectic and tight, so I’m still able to take English and Mandarin lessons in between my breaks.
In my previous dramas, the filming schedules were so tight that I had to work almost everyday. Because of that, not only did I miss out on my lessons, I also didn’t even have time to see my mother.
Compared to before, I feel more relaxed and free right now. I’m so lucky!

I woke up at 2am this morning. Because I had to film a scene in Tae An at 6am, I had no other choice but to wake up this early.
I looked outside the window. It wasn’t a fine day because it had rained previously. So I called my manager and asked him whether we were able to film the scenes. My manager told me that the director had told him that not only did it not rain, the weather was fine and shiny in Tae An.”

Sooooo cute!

Now Da Hae has no language barriers with her Chinese and English speaking fans anymore!