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I am back.

Because because becauseeeeeee….


My Girl


I haven’t watched a single K-drama in 2 months, but for this, for them, for Dong-Hae, my shipper heart <3333, I don’t care if it suxballs, WILL WATCH NO MATTER WHAT!

Never gets old ~

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So oppa-fied by Suju’s Oppa, Oppa!

I’m kinda like obsessed with this song right now?! haha XD I’m not a Suju fan or anything, but I just so happened to come across this song on TV last night, and immediately mah attention and eyes went all  transfixed on the song, dance and the crazy ajummma hair pama.

The song has been on replay for I-dunno-how-many-friggin-times. It’s just SO ADDICTIVE! I even had the urge to reveal all my ugly dance moves in front of mah parents.. lol


My friend is getting married this Friday, and there’s this Chinese tradition thingy in our country – whereby so called sista bridesmaids of the bride will have to get the groom and his buddies to brave through 4-5 barriers (in terms of games) to reach the bride’s door.  These barriers can range to anything from the impossible to the most impossible – disgusting acts, eating gross stuff, dancing and singing (in ways that one would NEVER ever attempt in public)..etc.

Few GFs of mine we together have been put in charge of the DANCING segment. XD And we have been racking and cracking our brains up and down to get a song sighs. We were almost set on SNSD’s Gee, knowing how hilarious it’d be seeing them acting all girly and sweet doing the dance. But now, this song is so getting to me that I am tempted. To do away with Gee and get them to dance to Oppa,Oppa instead~~

I’m thinking about crazy ajumma hair props, sunglasses and probably some crazy make-up on them?

What do you think? Am I getting ahead of myself just cos I’m addicted to this song? haha xD