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Drama plate update

First off, a goodbye to cutiepie Lee Je Hoon! I didn’t even realise until I read the news of him departing for MS T____T I didn’t even get enough of him this year (Fashion King was a disaster he should have chosen a better project >.<) but good thing my other luv Kang Dong Won’s coming out soon, he’ll keep me busy (that is if he doesn’t go all JIS on us) until you come back 2 years later. We’ll be waiting patiently! An-nyeong!

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Ryu Deok Hwan, how you slay me.

The last time I was overwhelmed and consumed emotionally by a king, I gave my heart and gut out. I cried and bawled like a baby. The heartbreak tore me to pieces, ripped me innards body and soul apart, and messed me mental upside down. It was just a mere few months back, when Lee Seung Gi blew me away with his emotionally raw and heartfelt acting as the SK King in K2H, the young king in dilemma trying to balance between love and his nation’s trust, the young king who had to challenge himself and his country to defend his beloved ones. It was one of the best acting performances I have ever seen from Seung Gi, so riveting his display of gamut of emotions was, so strong and effervescent, I have never felt this proud, as a fan. King Jae Ha nearly sealed it for me, as the King of the year 2012…

….until Ryu Deok Hwan‘s King Gong Min came along.

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Just because they’re cute!

Awwww… my lovely Faith OTP! <333

Yeap, they’re basically (still) the major reason why I’m watching Faith, regardless of the scarcity of screen time they have in drama. I don’t care less about Choi Young and Eun Soo getting together or anythin’ (I know I should be stoned for this, how can I not love that ship?!), I’m bored out by the political furor and dethronation stuff, I resent the sight of the flutist and the fire maker (they’re such stupid useless characters and they take up to much space uhhh) and I still abhor the editing and directing of this drama. Still very shoddy and clumsily put together I give up hoping for good. I’m basically just coasting because I can’t bear missing scenes of my beloved King Gong Min and his Queen No Guk.

But there are things that did like out of the crapload of bad, for example all of GM and NG’s scenes together, and most of GM and NG’s scenes with CY and ES. Maybe it’s Song Ji Na’s fondness of the King and Queen, perhaps it’s Ryu Duk Hwan and Park Se Young’s acting and chemistry (while they’re not mind-blowingly WOW, they do understand their characters well), I don’t know for some reason their scenes always come across very heartfelt and emotionally charged, very present and heart-rendering. Ep 14 had some very memorable moments which (surprisingly) nearly triggered my tear glands i.e. when GM confronted CY in front of his ministers, the restrained tears and concern in GM’s eyes, the flow of mutuality between the 2 men, I was consumed totally, by RDH’s ability to convey the intense feelings with such gravitas and restraint. And during ES and NG’s conversation about how GM will come to love her so much that nothing else could even compare, it was no less heartbreaking. Just because we know. Just because we know what it’s like a few thousand years later. :/

Although I’m not thoroughly invested in CY and ES’s quest or love story, I’m still very much intrigued by how her presence has affected and will affect the history of Goryeo. It’s obvious drama’s trying to refer to history as accurately as possible with a fictional character in the picture, and that’s one thing I do appreciate about drama so far. What would have happened if she didn’t time travel and land in Goryeo? Would Goryeo have been the same as told in history textbooks now? Drama’s halfway through and I still have no single idea how and what would happen to everyone, I just know we’re heading for much more gloom and doom.

But oh wellz, at least we have so much cuteness off set, I LIKE!

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Watching Faith for all the wrong reasons?

I’m obviously on the wrong bandwagon here,  I should be rooting for and shipping Choi Young X Eun Soo like a mad fangirl (they’re so pretty together, who won’t?), but I’m indifferent. They’re just OK to me, and I can live without their romance build-up honestly. I’m still watching Faith religiously (I watch right after download finishes), but with weird and mixed feelings. The direction and editing still suck horrible, the writing…some parts I abhorr with a passion, some parts I love like mad, the overall production, utterly MEH to me. The music? Don’t even get me started on the random and ridiculous cue ups in certain scenes.

I don’t think many are on my ship, but wadaheck, I’m fine sailing on this alone. 😀

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Current drama plate

Reply 1997 may be owning my heart in terms of quality and heart at the moment, but it’s certainly not the only drama I’m watching. The rest on my plate are not nearly as good or heartfilled with lovely squee-worthy moments , they’re not like really good or even half-good (save for Arang), but they’re not loathsome to an extent that I’d consider them trashbin-worthy yet. I think after AGD I’ve developed a weird drama watching formula. That drama sucked in the female characterisation department, totally degraded the self value of women to zero, the guys weren’t great, but at least they had own personal beliefs worth fighting for and were amusing – they were the only reason why I continued watching till the end. And hence, the formula – find the hook or something worth watching for, quality or not, crap or not, I give it a try. Drama doesn’t necessarily have to be wow or good in all aspects, gimme something or one thing to love, no, just mere like or interest will do, I’ll watch you.

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