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The Master’s Sun KISS BTS [Eng Translated]

Just cos I flail happy watching these 2 interact!

Translations [Starting from 00:50]

Screen: TMS Set – JG and TY’s first kiss

Director: *directs SJS and GHJ on how to do the scene* It feels a bit…

Director: You have to hold her like that… and you fall on him..

GHJ: Why are you standing like that? You’re just like a tree.

GHJ: Oppa shouldn’t you be hugging me?

[GHJ is a bit shy, but Gong Shil seems to be very happy about it.]

GHJ: *taps on SJS’s shoulder* Oppa did you see that?

[Kissing scene]

SJS: Why are you laughing?

GHJ: Didn’t you laugh too Oppa?

[Next “fake kissing scene”]

SJS: *curious what’s going on [GHJ was supposed to fall on his shoulder but I think she forgot lol]* What’s going on?


Director: You’re supposed to fall on him.

GHJ: Ahhh, I was supposed to fall on him.

[GHJ made another mistake.]

[Next ” kissing scene”]

[SJS’s lips seemed to have turned red – from GHJ’s lipstick I suppose LOL]


All: Naughty hands!

SJS: Naughty hands?

SJS: Then I should have slipped them into her dress.

*SJS and GHJ break into immense laughter.*

credits: Joo Won Lala’s Youtube / krdrama.com Chinese translations


So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin cuteness in SBS Late Night Interview [Eng Translated]


I lovelovelovelove it when actors and co-stars are perfectly in sync. The story may not live up, direction may suck, but more often than not, it’s the chemistry and rapport between the drama characters and actors themselves which make me feel and connect a lil bit more with with the drama as a whole. This year hasn’t been the best of drama OTPs or bromances (last year and year 2007 were DA BOMBS for me), but you immediately know it when such fluttery aawwwww moments hit you, you know you’re hooked.

I’ve got my share of lovelies this year, the Ugly Alert OTPs (JSXDH and HSXJY) and the Who Are You alterna OTP HJXSO just to name a few. But none comes this close to the adorable pair of TMS. The electrifying combo of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I’d be lying to my face if my shippy heart didn’t flutter, if my brain didn’t over-think and over-analyse their constant teasing, flirtation and certain gestures of them off the camera telling us that something’s going on between them. But lucky I’m not as mad a RL shipper as I used to be when I was a teen, so either way, it’s all good when co-stars actually have so much fun together. Lovelovelove it!

So, just to mark my adoration for the year’s most adorable pair of co-stars, I’m going to do TMS fans a lil favour by translating their most recent BTS interview – which will make you go bonkers with their overflowing cuteness. It’s gonna be a word by word interview just cos summary in gist isn’t my thing, I’ll butcher everything up. But be still hearties, be prepared for the heart flutters to ensue! 🙂

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Pictorial Time: Aging Family Cast Rogues up W and VOGUE


How awesome, how awesome it would be to have siblings like the trio above? I’m not saying just because they’re all fantastic actors in their own accord and can totally hold a show or drama with their charisma and charisma alone, but also because, have you seen the Aging Cast trailer? Yeah, just because they’re awesome.

Yoon Je Moon‘s totally riding on high lately with the fantastic and sublime The End of The World and I’m glad he’s getting a lot more and deserved exposure with it. Park Hae Il and Gong Hyo Jin, would have loved it even more if they’d been cast as lovers because you don’t just put 2 great actors together and not have them ogle swoon at the sight of each other ;P. But I guess you don’t get to have it all, suppose a So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin pairing (in upcoming Hong Sis project) would suffice for now.

The trio came together to grace W Korea magazine a while, and I love Love LOVE it! It’s chic weird all the way, but has a classy avant garde feel to it. Gong Hyo Jin is a regular and a pro but YJM and PHI? They’re totally whack together and oozing with comical but manly charisma. I dunno if I can handle such crazy siblings, but if they come in a package of the trio, it may just be my dream come true <33

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Ravishing Gong Hyo Jin in 60s Glamour for VOGUE

Can Gong Hyo Jin ever fail to look glorious and stylish in anything she wears? Can she EVER? Not only is she one talented actress amongst her generation of peers, up in her very own league, she also rawks my socks and everyone’s socks with so much aplomb it’s impossible not to love her. With such ravishing style and chic-nes that not many have or can ever emulate. She can literally wear drab or even rags and come out looking like she’s dressed to kill.

It’s the attitude and the charisma. Either you have it. Or you don’t.

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Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin’s “Love Fiction” Teaser

Do you know what happens when 2 great actors come together in a film? I mean GREAT as in GREAT literally? I don’t what happens to you, but me?


Wanna have a go at it?


Love Fiction by my greatest love Ha Jung Woo and my other love Gong Hyo Jin. Film looks pretty chic-flick-y and cliche. Guy girl fall in love, encounter problems, make up and solve problems. But just in case you missed the names earlier, you might want to check them out again.


Do you even need a reason to watch this?!

Cha Seung Won and Gong Hyo Jin in BAZAAR Aug 2011

Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung gracing the covers of BAZAAR? So right you are.

After the much raved after sensation that was of Best Love, Cha Seung Won instantly and immediately became the most sought after MAN, doing CFs after CFs, photoshoots after photoshoots, taking over Hyun Bin’s spot after he’d entered MS. And Gong Hyo Jin? She continues to be awesome, by going straight into filming of her new film Love Fiction with HA!JUNG!WOO!.

Both have been extremely busy after Best Love ended, but you know Dokko Jin and Gu Ae Jung cannot resist not being with each other for too long no? He needs to hold her tight in his arms to recharge LOL

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