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K2Hearts 7&8: Heart ripped

This is something totally unexpected, something which totally took my surprise, swept me off my feet, body, mind, soul and sent me into drama cloud 9. I was truly expecting K2Hearts to disappoint. I was expecting it to be a failure to be honest. I wasn’t entirely intrigued by the concept of 2 individuals of extremely drastic backgrounds (from NK and SK) falling in love, and I certainly didn’t see any working potential in LSG and HJW making it work as a couple. Even the trailers turned me off. Everything was just plain cut out to be a drab in the beginning. Or so I thought.

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K2Hearts First Impressions: WIN WIN WIN!

I love this show. STATTTT!

I don’t care if Seung Gi is playing a recurring character (Hwan in BL and Woong in Gumiho), I don’t care if Ha Ji Won’s doing kickass AGAIN, and I already don’t even give a damn about how I’m slightly bothered by the leads’ sorta OTT slapstickish acting, and how irritating HJW sounds in her North Korean accent (she still sounds annoying). Because all I care about the show now – is that I’m enjoying it SO SO SO MUCH. I love it.

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Reminiscing Damo through Kim Bum Soo

Watched an episode of Win Win featuring legendary ballad singer Kim Bum Soo yesterday. And was instantly reminded of his heart-wrenching ballad “Song of Sorrow” in Damo. Immediately tears started forming in my eyes, with scenes of Chae Ok and her 2 men Naeuri and Jang Sung Baek playing in my head. Ahhh.. the heartbreak and desolation. The tears that I’d shed T__T thruout.

I remember vividly that I was Team Rebel up until the beach scene towards the very end of the drama. When her Naeuri sacrificed himself for her. Gahhhh… my heart instantly switched sides. Poor Chae Ok, poor Naeuri. They had all the opportunity to face their feelings they had for each other in the beginning, but fate had to intervene, she met Rebel Leader.

Their “love” was doomed to fail, right from the beginning. Set apart by blood-relation there was no way they could have ended up together. But my heart pumped  so fast and hardfor them, when they stared at each other, cared for each other and ached for each other. They were wrong, in every sense of the word. People said they were attracted to each other for they had an inborne blood connection, but I thought otherwise. Their attraction was of man and woman, attraction of the opposite. Their connection deeper and more sensual than the norm. They loved each other.

Their relationship and attraction was taboo, disturbing to many and even disgusting to some. But I’d never once felt bothered by their sibling relationship, and rooted for them from beginning to the end (beach scene). In the end, it’s about a man and a woman’s love for each other in spite of all circumstances, right or wrong, ethical or not. It’s unacceptable, but I believe, most of us understood.

As I rewatched their scenes together, my heartstrings again, tugged like no other. Altho I did switch teams in the end, my heart still aches whenever I think about how they yearned and pained for each other. About how they could have been better off in a world of their own, and only theirs alone.

I could never in a million years write about the awesomeness of Damo. And a dear friend ockoala did an amazing review that I think noone could ever touch. The brilliance of the drama articulated with eloquence that I could never reach.

Through Kim Bum Soo’s earth-shattering voice, I give you Damo. The heartbreak and torment of love which had brought tears to everyone’s eyes, and which  I believe would most definitely do so to those who’d never attempted the drama.

A drama that nobody should ever miss.


Ha Ji Won transforms into Korean Angelina Jolie?

Yup, that’s very Angelina Jolie right?

But heck, I  don’t care about the copying stuff…I’m just glad that Ha Ji Won is back to drama for good. And in a KICK-ASS fashion!

SBS has just released new stills of Ha Ji Won’s character in Secret Garden, an upcoming drama helmed under the winning writer-PD combo, Kim Eun Seok and Shin Woo Chul who’d recently just brought to us the very popular City Hall starring Kim Sun Ah and Cha Seung Won.  And look at her, she’s totally bringing that whole dun-mess-with-me-I-dun-give-a-damn-bout-you thing in stride eh?

The drama is supposedly about a queer relationship between a stunt-woman (Ha Ji Won) and a typical rich chaebol/boss of a company (Hyun Bin).  Which may I explain, involves the trascending between fantasy and reality and switching of bodies between the 2 people!! o_0 What the heck is that?  Sounds odd right?

I’m not entirely sure that they’d stick to that premise… or if they do, I doubt viewers would be able to buy into those bizarre elements? Modern dramas rarely venture into that region, well, save for ancient dramas (whereby flying, superstition..etc) are exceptions. But again, it’s Kim Eun Seok and Shin Woo Chul we’re talking about…  With them on-board,  we’re assured to have a good feast of heartfelt and witty lines. Let’s hope they’re able to make this whole fantasy thing believable…

Ha Ji Won’s probably one of the main reasons apart from the writer-PD combo why I’m gonna check this drama out. I prayed hard that she would take up this drama when rumors  floated around that she was considering the script a while ago..(but again back then, it was because Jang Hyuk was slated to play the lead and I wanted so much for them to work together T___T).  She’s one of very few actresses out there capable of pulling off action, romance and comedy and not just that, but always with style and charisma. And no doubt, she’s gonna do it again here. Expect her to kick all our asses and yet at the same time, make us fall hard for her. She’s just that kind of actress.

And as for the main guy Hyun Bin. I have no single  doubt he’s gonna pull this role off, and with ease.  He’s done it before in My Name is Kim Sam Soon, and he’s had a tougher and more complex role in Friend, Our Legend that this one just seems like ABC in comparison. Though I confess I would have loved it more if Jang Hyuk was on board, can’t cry over spilled milk forever right? Hyun Bin’s been picking pretty solid projects ever since MNIKSS, and I believe this would be no exception if he does it right (which I believe he will).

What’s left for us to ponder – how will the Hyun Bin-Ha Ji Won tandem fare?

They look good together for sure.