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I thought OPPA had my heart firm, I thought I would not and never waver one bit. Even with sweeeeetiepie Chilbong in the picture, my heart remained with OPPA. I didn’t think things could change…


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“Fasten Your Seatbelt” for Ha Jung Woo and Jung Kyung Ho

There are no more words to describe Ha Jung Woo.

He is just so friggin $_(*U#@+@(#@+_(#+@(@#+_ awesome (just watched The Terror Live and dayumhe was effffffin’ wonderful fantastic brilliant in it I basically run out of words)!

Add Jung Kyung Ho into the mix, my manrem is COMPLETE!


Originally titled “Rollercoaster – Fasten Your Seatbelt” is Ha Jung Woo’s directorial debut (is there anything that this MAN doesn’t or can’t do?!!!). There’s no saying that he’ll succeed right off the mark and start, and from the trailer itself, it doesn’t seem people will take it seriously. But hello this is HA.JUNG.WOO, and has a hilarious Paksa in it, what more can I ask for?!

credits: 병석 민 @ Youtube

Jung Kyung Ho goes GREEN for “Rollercoaster”


Haha, I love it! Jung Kyung Ho is back from MS, and is looking better than ever! And in Green!!! Bright Green! Can anyone other than G-dragon do bright colored HAIR so effectively with suave and swagger? Not that I can think of, but JKH certainly is looking the part (he probably got that idea from G-dragon LOL).

If you don’t already know, JKH was discharged from MS last Septemeber, and had immediately dived into Ha Jung Woo‘s directing debut film called “Rollercoaster” right after. Film talks about the funny hijinks and occurrences in a plane caught in a typhoon turbulence and JKH plays one of the passengers, a Hallyu top star called Ma Jun Kyu (LOL that name is already hilarious on the face, a green haired Ma Jun Kyu, so apt!).

I cannot help but laugh at green haired JKH, soooo adorably FUNNY – look at the man’s expressions, loving em! If this ain’t Ha Jung Woo’s film (a reason to watch it), I’m gonna watch just for JKH. Missed him so!

Check out some of Ma Jun Kyu’s photos in Rollercoaster which were uploaded by JKH’s agency.

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Ha Jung Woo’s “Berlin” Official Stills + Teaser

 The_Berlin_File-001Yay for more Ha Jung Woo, I love him so much so any news about him makes me triply happy in my own world of delirium. So much so I dun even bother with the other star power cast in his upcoming film “Berlin“.  This man is definitely on a roll to more films next year and is currently onto his first venture as director (sexay!). Wish he’d come back to drama world some time, but that looks far unlikely a possibility hmmm.

Berlin just released some official stills and a teaser featuring a incredibly YUM and stellar cast of Han Suk Kyu, Ryu Seung Bum and (to a lesser extent but still hugely popular) Jeon Ji Hyun. And guess what, I only have eyes on my man (is that even news?).

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Dreams come true, oh please do!


It’s way too early to get all squealy and excited, way too early. But holy heck, I want this to happen so so so bad!!!!Like so very bad?!! You have no idea how fidgety and jumpy I got, I could not even concentrate at work for goodness sakes.  My head kept flashing rainbow puppies and sweet romance, it was giddiness in its purest form, head to toe. My dream come true. My beloved ajusshi crush Shin Ha Kyun and long time girl crush Im Soo Jung (ever since MISA) are considering to star in new and upcoming drama All About My Love Life (to be produced and written by the Protect The Boss team) – dreams coming true in an all-in package, SHK and ISJ’s comeback, and what more, they get to play the OTP in this romance-politics focused drama. This is even heck better news than when Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were announced to play OTP in Nice Guy back then (I was over the moon when it was announced and now drama is doing really good I have no major complaints). I’m in heaven delirious mode now, elated to the extent that I fear that if it doesn’t happen for reals, signed sealed and done, I might cry and wail to the world ends.

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Nameless Gangster (2012) a.k.a War Against Crime

Violence is not something that I fancy. I can live with it (only on TV and films), but it’s certainly not something that I’d like to see on my screen over and over again repetitively. I’d once pondered to myself (and somewhat lamented) on the over-use of violence and aggression in Korean dramas and films, why do the characters always have to go all out, fight with their mightiest, throw their most brutal of punches, and flaunt such insolence at others?! Even an ajumma hitting on her son’s head gives me shrills, let alone onslaughts of brutality and aggression. The emphasis on such has become a commonplace in Korean TV and films, that it’s gradually become an inevitable stamp of cool-ness and grit. We’re appalled by the ramifications it renders, but we’re somehow intrigued by it, in one way or another. I suppose it’s the attraction to dangerous pleasure and adventure that we’re susceptible to, in wanting to have a taste of the thrill of pushing boundaries and living on the edge. Sometimes we just want to be free, and to be rebellious for reals, for once.And what better way than to experience that sort of thrill through the small box and the big screen?

Nameless Gangster is as good as a film depicting violence and aggression, but with a little bit more of something else. It’s an exploration of deeper values entrenching the triad system – loyalty and betrayal, as well as a study and insight into the volatile 8os in Busan which was troubled by war against crime and brutality. With fabulous performances by both the great Choi Min Sik and wonderful Ha Jung Woo, this film is guaranteed to leave you with a gritty impression of Busan in the 1980s, and is assured to entertain you with an impressive tale of 2 gangster heads battling their wits against the long arms of the law and ultimately, against each other (sad sad sobs sobs).

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Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin’s “Love Fiction” Teaser

Do you know what happens when 2 great actors come together in a film? I mean GREAT as in GREAT literally? I don’t what happens to you, but me?


Wanna have a go at it?


Love Fiction by my greatest love Ha Jung Woo and my other love Gong Hyo Jin. Film looks pretty chic-flick-y and cliche. Guy girl fall in love, encounter problems, make up and solve problems. But just in case you missed the names earlier, you might want to check them out again.


Do you even need a reason to watch this?!