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Am currently on a long hiatus, and I have no idea how long it will last. Have even broken away from K-dramas for 3 weeks (take that I can’t even believe myself!). But rest assured no fret (just in case anyone’s curious or asking), all is well all is good, am at a very lovely and contented place right now and cannot be happier. Times like these get me on the roll thinking I should have gone out to live life a lil bit more in the past than use em up on K-dramas. But I have no regrets and have no plans on stopping… just that it’ll take me quite a bit to get back on track. Wait for me.

Been indulging in some earworms as of late and thought of sharing the awesomeness: –





And before I forget, to those who are celebrating the HORSEY YEAR ~~


credits: creator and youtube owners



credits: koreamusicwave.blogspot


Yeap chinggus, you got it right! I’m leaving on a jet-plane to a far far away place later, for about 2 weeks or so. So no worries if you don’t see any updates or blog rants for a short while (like it matters to you all hehehe). Me iz perfectly fine, and looking forward to having this long-deserved break!

I’ll most likely be sleeping away until 10am everyday, lazying around and doing nothing and everything with family until I come back to blogosphere in a fortnight. ^^ But you bet I won’t be missing out on my K-dramas since it’s like part of my life? heh. Have downloaded all remaining unseen episodes of SoAW, PTB, WBDS, Princess Man and Hurray For Love to catch up during the free time (I hope I will have time to do so aiks).

So although you won’t see me posting/ranting/raving (might drop in one or 2 in between days?), you know mah K-drama heart’s always always with ya all.

So that’s it!

An-nyeong guys readers twitter-peers and all!

See ya all in 2 weeks!