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First Impressions: Jang Ok Jeong

JOJ poster

This, I did not expect to like or love. But it turns out the writing does have its certain merits, at least substance and plot-wise. It’s not all about cheesy glossy visuals, not just about romance, but has a lot more to tell.  There’s a deepening sense of plot behind the veil, politics come into play, and the characters are actually well thought out.

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History of The Salaryman: Half-way mark musings

Oh how much do I love thee, Bang-Yeo Chi-Hang Woo-Woo Hee?! How can all of you be so awesome daebak wonderful in so many many many ways?

Not like this needs reminding or anything, but History of The Salaryman totally rawkz! It rawks so hard like nobody’s business, so hard that I have a hard time containing my inexplicable love for this drama. It’s been ages since I’ve been so in love with a drama because of it’s all around quality (story, characters, dynamics, acting, chemistry, direction..etc…EVERYTHING!). It’s just so full of epic that I can’t help myself from bombarding twitter-ville with my incessant squees and ravings  (I may have been on a bout of spoilers, miahne). It’s pure genius.

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YOWZA!! What a great way to start 2012~

I think 2012 is out to ruin me. It is going to ruin me so bad that I probably won’t have time for LIFE anymore (and not that I’d have enuff since ppl are predicting that we’re headed for doom this year aiks). Not only am I in a terribly sticky Shin Ha Kyun addiction, which ya know, is costing me half my personal life (searching for stuff about him online, videos, interviews and whatsoever relating to him), and isn’t waning anytime soon; I am also suffering from a severe overload of dramas. TOO MANY DRAMAS! >___<

Just to update, I have one episode to the end of Me Too Flower (meh drama, I really have no idea why I watched this in the first place, my vote for worst Kim Do Woo rom-com), 4 more episodes of Brain (oh how much I love you so Shin Ha Kyun ssi, but I can’t wait for you to end already; you’re getting overly repetitive and senseless *my BRAINY gals please don’t throw stones at me* 😛 ), am half-way thru Fermentation Family (love the writer and PD team, but FF isn’t quite what I’d expected from them; it’s visually attractive and mind-soothing alright, but it lacks the genius and intelligence that I’d seen in Mawang?) and just got started with Special Investigation Team TEN (very slickly executed first 2 episodes; the first case was just downright mind-blowingly twisted and unpredictable; whoever wrote it deserves a standing ovation o_0).

I am also looking forward to a slew of upcoming dramas, just to name a few: Wild Romance (no way I’m going to miss this, for the Wookie and Park Yeon Seon love, and for the crazy ahjumma-permish Lee Shi Young), MoonSun (which just premiered yesterday night, tell me how should I live with this?!!! OTTOKE?! Just by having to choose between Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo racks my brain, I am in serious shizz arrhhh…), Hanbando (not many know about this, but it’s a North-South Korea spy thriller starring Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun just in case you need to know), Fashion King (this just for Lee Je Hoon who surprised me with his fine acting in Bleak Night and Front Line; I know more will be tuning in for Yoo Ah In whom I adore as well, but if anything, it’s Lee Je Hoon FTW for me) and this new drama called Mask or something by Joo Won (ahhhh, my lovely puppy!) and the adorable Jung Yu Mi (from Thousand Days’ Promise).

And before I forget to mention, History of Salaryman!

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Let’s Have Some Fun with Hong Soo Hyun in SURE

This year has been a great one for Hong Soo Hyun. If I were to choose a favourite performance from an actress in a drama this year, no doubt she would be one of the contenders for the spot. If anyone has seen The Princess’ Man in full, nobody…absolutely nobody will deny that Hong Soo Hyun’s portrayal as the steadfast and bold Princess Kyung Hye was a wonderfully gripping one. A performance filled with utmost intensity smeared with touches of fragility and vulnerability. A performance which opened eyes and surprised many. A performance downright worthy and deserving of the numerous appraisals given.

Riding on the success of TPM, she appeared in Kim Hyung Joong‘s MV Lucky right after, whereby she kicked mighty ass as the undercover cop plotting to capture the fugitive  played by KHJ. If you’d seen that as well, you’d know playin’ sexy and tough isn’t an easy job? So, just when you might probably be thinking that she could only pull off cool tough mean characters, you might want to check out her fun and quirky side in her latest photo spread for SURE.

Let’s have some fun!

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One of my fav 2nd lead OTPs ever!

Oh, my flustered and flustering heart, how can a husband be THIS PERFECT?!!!

Yup, I’m still a bit behind The Princess’ Man, and only got up to this episode showing such a tender and beautiful moment between our 2nd lead OTP – Jong and Princess Kyung Hye. People rave about the beauty and greatness of TPM, and I wholeheartedly agree with them in that it’s one of the best dramas this year. With a solid cast, neatly told and woven story with a wonderful wonderful soundtrack. I adore the OTP Seung Yu and Sae Ryung, their tragic romance, their yearning for each other in spite of their allegiance/emotional attachment to their fathers who are sworn enemies, their dilemma and heck even their torment and pain. There were some things which didn’t sit well with me (eg. how convenient of Seung Yu to have evolved from a scholar to a skilled swordsman in one day without intense training), but overall, this drama is totally DA BOMB this year.

And to top it all up, this drama also gave us one of the best 2nd lead OTPs EVER!

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