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Secret Secret Secret

Best Eppie 11, best scene, best acting by Hwang Jung Eum in drama so far (in fact in ages!).

Min Hyuk’s heading towards unknown territory with YJ invading his mind 24/7, and I JUST LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

That is ALL.  I want to say more but I can’t find words.


credits: DramaKBS @ Youtube


Secret of Makjangness


Seoul must have done something to me, to my head, I think I miss it too much to keep talking raving spazzing about the memories there. A week has passed and me my friends and I cannot get our experiences out of our head. We cannot stop T_____T It’s not much different a city from let’s say HK or Singapore, except it’s bigger more massive more crowded and condense, but there’s just a lil bit of me in there, not wanting to leave, somewhat rooted in the place. Perhaps it’s the K-dramas, the familiarity of what has followed me for almost 15 years, I felt at home. I felt I’d never left.

And when I said Seoul must have done something to my head, it did. I am now, actually very much out of my mind crackstatically addicted to a MAKJANG drama! Yes, I spelled it right, MAKJANG! The very combi of everything dramatic histrionic cliche and stereotype that you can ever find in a K-drama (you can name it this drama prob has it all) – SECRET.

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YES it’s coming, this 2nd Feb!


Kang Ji Hwan‘s drama comeback, Incarnation of Money‘s first official teaser!


It looks pretty intriguing albeit a tad conventional, but more than anything, it’s KANG.JI.HWAN! Now if PD-writer team could just do their magic once more, surprise me (again). Be awesome. Be crackstatic. I have nothing more to ask.

credits: rmfladmf1 @ youtube

Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?



No better news than having a fav of mine on board a drama that I’m looking forward to so much. Think of Giant, think of History of the Salaryman, think of the freaking genius writer and PD team who gave us those dramas. I’m good with Eun Jung, even better and OK with Hwang Jung Eum (I freaking adore her!). But more than anything, KANG JI HWAN! Finally you’re in for something solid, a drama in which you may get to shine and showcase your talents. If you do this right, I’m so going to forgive you for the earlier crap that you’d done (Lie To Me and Runway Cop alike). Continue reading Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?



Another drama plate session in play!

But not before I get all my hyper swooniness out of my veins and blood, why oh why, how oh how, lord of dramas – KIM MYUNG MIN can you look so utterly sexxxxxxy yummy delicious, even without having to try?!! Your fine body tucked in those fine tailored suites (I don’t need Choi Si Won to gimme that!), your greasily gelled hair, your amazingly animated (sometimes over) but adorable expressions. And your voice! Darn, I think I can hear you babble and skin people alive non-stop with your thorny sarcasm until forever, it’s like fine tuned music to me. Why are you so PERFECCCCCT?!

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