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That Man in Cheongdam Dong Manhwa Bang…

6 months.

Yes, it has occurred to me that I’ve been living with a bunch of crazies and loons for 6 months.  I laughed with them, at them. I teared, cried and streamed a few rivers. I swooned, squealed, squeed, I even had pervy thoughts (oh such a shameless me XD). These were people whom I thought would only exist in dramas, on TV (initially), but turned out to be mirrors and alter personalities of myself and so many of us out there. These were people who did crazy stupid things but still managed to reach out to me, with their actions, thoughts, gestures that came genuinely from the deepest of their hearts. These people were like family, friends, lovers, confidants over the course of my living and experience with them. These people, they are us, in so many different ways.

I didn’t think the number 170 would come so damn soon. When I started, I didn’t think I could take it on, it’s my longest drama ever, even if you combine 2 eps into 1 (which would make it a 85 ep drama). I didn’t think I would be able to endure. But now, I’m starting to feel a lump of sadness and dread mounting, building within me.  I’m starting to imagine days without the craziness and madness of these characters and people.  I know life goes on, but can I?

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Drama and movie stars


I realised I haven’t been blogging about mah dramas for ages, since forever! I’ve been trying to piece something up for ages, but it never came thru.

Been catching up with ILICDD, which continues to warm my fuzzy heart with its genuine take on everything about life that matters. All the characters continue to invoke the zaniest and stupidest reactions from me, my parents thought I was in some trance when I was just there in front of the PC laughing like a loon watching the characters embarrass themselves, 2nd hand embarrassment is part of the fun.  And I’ve also managed to persuade my normally no-K-drama sista to watch it, which is so very awesome because I finally have someone to ramble and rave abt drama over with, you know in RL noone cares and when someone does, it’s a huge deal for me. Doesn’t matter that she’s on Ep 20 and I’m on Ep 140, we KNOW what the deal’s about.

Can one not laugh at how Hye Ja continues to lie masterfully to her Gloria friends? Can one not glee triumphantly when she achieves something in life, no matter how small? Can one not love how genuinely lovable and realistic Hyun Woo and Ji Eun’s relationship is, with Sang Yeob’s adorable jealousy to add? What would life be without the 3 stooges, I cannot imagine! And Manager Jo, I wait for the day you’re able to finally move on from your craving for food and confess to Bo Hee once and for all (though I’m not sure his craving would ever cease LOL).

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ILICDD, Queen In Soo

ILICDD [120/170]


ILICDD oh ILICDD, I didn’t think you could get better, funnier, lovelier or more awesome-er than you already are. I’ve been watching for about 3 months now, still taking things slowly, an ep or 2 (at most 3) a day, savoring the goodness and loveliness of each episode, laughing over stupidity and silliness that count (as in RL they do happen but I so dun wanna admit to myself that I’m just as silly as others), crying and sobbing over small scenes that may not matter or seem to matter to others.

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ILICDD: Kim Hye Ja & Jung Woo Sung

Kim Hye Ja

Yay, I’m half-way done with ILICDD, the loveliness and perfection continues ❤ ❤ Drama is still rawking my world, giving me endless laughs and gags, making choke tear up at the littlest and trivial but loveliest of moments, at times giving me both at the same time, making me look like a freak mad woman.

A dear friend of mine made a ILICDD post just yesterday, and said I’m not even there yet, nowhere close towards PERFECTION! I’m getting all excited EXCITED EXCITED, expectations heaped over a mountain now, if they fail to top the perfection that it is already where I am, I am going to eat you (you know who you are lol).

This is such a lame excuse to spam ILICDD along with you chinggu, but to commemorate the day I finally reach the halfway mark of this awesomesauce drama, I want to share one of my fav fav fav moments in this drama.

This is absolutely one of my fav because I could truly relate, when Hallyu crushes took over my world, and the amazing wonders they did to me LOL

*padam padam* oh how my heart fails me

credits: grace021978

Drama plate update

First off, a goodbye to cutiepie Lee Je Hoon! I didn’t even realise until I read the news of him departing for MS T____T I didn’t even get enough of him this year (Fashion King was a disaster he should have chosen a better project >.<) but good thing my other luv Kang Dong Won’s coming out soon, he’ll keep me busy (that is if he doesn’t go all JIS on us) until you come back 2 years later. We’ll be waiting patiently! An-nyeong!

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Random shout out to the Cheongdam Dong family ♥


That is all, I really have no other better words to describe the awesomesauciness of this drama. One of the most original, creative and heartwarming dramas I have ever EVER seen. Hilarious without being OTT and slapstick, witty without being stupid, endearing without being cheesy, sarcastic without being offensive. Approaches real life issues with so much heart and hilarity. Mocks at human traits and foibles in the most creative of ways. And more than anything, never pretentious and never aims/try to be something it isn’t.

This drama has practically everything. Everything! EVERYTHING!

A diamond at its shinest, gold at its purest.


Note: Am at Ep33, when the real bromance between Hyun Woo and Sang Yeob begins! <3333

Stress reliever of all…

this. This. THIS!

JGL ain’t enuff to get me all energetic or pumped up for the next day, he services me well alright, with his smiles and genuine charm and everything (I melt into goo whenever he smiles like a crazy bum). But he is no where and no way any near to the bunch of peeps above who make me gag in undying laughter every night before I pop onto bed. Normal peeps in fact, who live lives like we do in RL, who encounter fun sad awkward stupid and bizarre unbelievable things like we do all day, who day dream day and night dreaming and hoping for things to turn out they want. Just like us, our lives, our daily encounters.

Thanks to the wonders and magic of the internet, thanks to the awesome redpinkboxes, I have finally found a way to get my ILICDD fix. I have found the way to drama heaven! I admit I was in a secret streak of jealousy back then, when all my drama buddies crazed and raved mad cray cray over this gem of a drama while I could just sit and stare. While they swooned mad over the guys, ajusshis, Kim Hye Ja and the bromance, I just stared green and envy at my twitter-feed, and cursed like mad that I couldn’t be part of the frenzy.

But better late than never! Good things can wait, and will always be there to endure the test of time. Although I’m only a mere 12 episodes in, I already have a feeling I will be hop on a re-watch of random episodes when the drama ends (who knows when I’ll get to finish this, it’s 170 eps!). It doesn’t require me a full-time commitment, it gives me the best of smiles and laughter, the jokes are always original and creative (never a dull moment, not yet at least), and the characters are all so preciously endearing and adorable! What more can I want as a stress relief?

Nothing substantial has happened yet so far, but I’m so ready for what is to come. Bring on the lies, the jokes, the romance, bromance… and just everything capable of making me laugh and cry. I’m just that easy to please. 🙂

credits: picture from redpinkboxes