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Current dramas: Slump


Dramas that should be, could be, should have been, and could have been. I’m watching 3 current dramas right now, and none of them, I mean literally NONE OF THEM, hooks. At all.  Even with the hotties, eye-candies, pretties, the solid performances, you name em, even with LDH and Hyukie! The only saving grace that is and has been preventing me from cursing at the insufferable thankfully, is Queen In Soo and ILICDD (which I have just finished last night in tears of happiness). Which aren’t even  current dramas, and which I don’t even want to mention in the same sentence as the pile of  inferior quality I’m subjected to.

Year 2012 was a wonderful year for dramas, packed with gems and break-outs, filled with surprises and shocking revelations. I guess you can’t have it all. Luck doesn’t strike every time.

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Addicted to Black Paradise

I’m unhealthily obsessed with a newly released song by BEAST. IRIS2’s new OST. It’s been on repetitive mode since an hour ago. I’d probably played it more than 30 times. Continuously. And I cannot.stop!

Drama still sux balls, but the OST, HEAVEN!

Has BEAST ever sung like a bad song? Ever?

credits: youtube


LDH kick ass

KYAAAAAA, this made me adrenaline pumpppp! Not that drama has become better, but because it’s LDH going all kickass badassery! Right on your face PUNCHWHACKKICK type of  badassery. And you all know how doubtful and critical I was of her initially taking up action. Thought she isn’t as convincing as let’s say Kim So Yeon or Ha Ji Won, and scene isn’t as all out WHOA as the famed KSY and Kim Tae Hee catfight in IRIS, you can say I am impressed and happy with how her first fight turned out. PRETTY AWESOME IN MY EYES! But too short I want MOARRRR! I know it’s all choreographed and edited to look cool and all, but I can’t help but love the gritty conviction in every single body gesture and expression she displayed thruout the entire course of the fight. I was like, am I really watching LEE DA HAE here?!

Nope, I still don’t like or love drama. It still sucks script and directing wise, with a lot of things that don’t make sense, coupled with ridiculous flow of plot and an abundance of cheesy/HUHHH lines to make things worse. I still remember the horribly put together pilot episode, vividly etched in a corner of my mind, and continue to feel terrible for the entire cast for having to be subject to such atrocity. No, there aren’t any particular bad acts amongst the cast, they’re not near good or great but are very much into their roles, giving their best I’m sure. Especially LDH whom I didn’t expect to be this natural since her Green Rose days. Not particularly great but more fluid and less showy/acty compared to her previous feats. A definite restraint in OTT which has plagued her for quite some time since MG. Her character Soo Yeon reminds me a lot of her RL personality, lovely and bubbly coupled with grounded sensibility. And it doesn’t hurt that she has good chemistry with Hyuk (of course!) and almost everyone on her team in here, even her former MV co-star Baek Seung Hyun whom she’d only shared a minute or less together!

Too bad writer and director do not blend well, they have no single idea of what they really want. Drama cannot be more shallow and on-the-surface blingy than it already is, characters and motivations are as subtle as a dump truck, things do not make sense the way they’re supposed to. There is no way this can cut it, we are smarter than that.

But you know, if I end up dumping this (I foresee that I will), you know I’ll be coming back for this ONLY (or if there are more fights like these involving LDH!): –

credits: 지 약 @ youtube / picture as tagged

Excited for no other reason than…


… that Shin Ha Kyun‘s coming back to the big and small screens soon!

You already know that he’s been confirmed to come back in All About My Love alongside Han Hye Jin and many others (no Im Soo Jung is a major BOOOO T__T but I can still do with HHJ). But I don’t know if many know that he’s actually filmed a movie titled The Running Man last year, the only prominent project that he’d participated in after his big hit Brain.

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The leading characters of IRIS2

Hahaha, I like this nonsense. Can’t stress how hilarious Taewon are going all out in their marketing of the drama and its “leading characters”.

Gotta see for yourself!

The cars are damn FINE, and the explosions look uh-mazing, but HWAT I’m gonna see those cars blow up one by one and die? Just like that?!! There better be more spare ones in NSS.

I do like the brief Hyuk-Hae interaction in the ad tho (reminds me of their Robber days). And  Lee Bum Soo is SO HOT and already rawks badass like no other! I doubt we’re gonna have a good story or anything, the action and bling might just swallow everything, the romance might even fall flat with so many characters and sub-plots in play. But somehow, I am – EXCITED.

If the cast were this lovely and fun during the press con/media showcase:

credits: Soompi IRIS 2 thread / apqaria /youtube

LDH and Jang Hyuk aim to strike 3rd time charm?

I am seriously boggled by this news. Like seriously boggled.

Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk again, their 3rd collaboration in 5 years. Their 3rd! o_____0 I mean it’s fine by me that both of them are coming back to drama land (since I adore them both and absolutely loved them in Robbers and Chuno). But this is so freaking insane and unbelievable in the most ridiculous sense, WTH is this?!!! I mean, how often do you get recurring OTPs in your K-dramas? It’s been historically proven to be impossible (at least in my 15 yrs of K-drama watching)! Now really? A 3rd?

When the rumors spread on last week, I tossed it aside, taking it with a grain a salt, thinking that it would never materialise. I actually secretly wished that it wouldn’t come true because I didn’t like the idea of IRIS2, thought IRIS was a bling-mess of boredom and nothing else even with Lee Byung Hun and honestly hoped that LDH could work with another male co-star this time around. I love JH with all my heart and he has good chemistry with LDH, no doubt about that, but this is just… boring?

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