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QIHM Writer appreciation post

I think many have already squealed and swooned enough (or not) watching the last shot of QIHM10. I thought I was prepared for it, but no, it surprised and shocked me all the same. That stalled moment between BD and HJ, the interspersing of their electrified gazes and look at each other, imbued with such sweetness from BD and wondershock from HJ, their yearning and longing for each other, PERFECTION. Drama’s already 10 episode in, more than halfway through, but it only gets better, funnier (in spite of some angst in between) and lovelier. BD’s as ideal a human as ever, and HJ’s as lovely and endearing as ever. The side characters, they’re an awesome pack of fun. What did I do to deserve such a drama haven of awesomeness?!

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Boong Do-Hee Jin: Lovely OTP Heaven <3

If anyone isn’t watching Queen In Hyun’s Man, that anyone, yes YOU, YOU! You better get your arse over here! Watch this drama RIGHT AWAY and RIGHT NOW!

Because if you don’t, you’ll be missing out on one of the loveliest and heavenly K-drama OTPs EVER, in AGES! For once, we have an OTP which is entirely functional and normal. An OTP which defies every single cliche and stereotype we know of in K-drama land. An OTP who is just ideal PERFECTION together. With unbelievably sizzling and heart palpitating chemistry, akin to fiery sparks of fire incapable of being doused off by water. The way they interact makes other K-drama OTPs look stupid and ridiculously immature. The level of comfort and natural ease they have with each other, it’s almost next to none in K-drama. Who says love cannot work without bickering, conflict and angst? Who says drama OTPs can’t be all but cuteness and genuine affection? If there were rules, Boong Do and Hee Jin broke all of them.

I’ve raved about how awesomesauce Ji Hyun Woo is in his role of scholar Kim Boong Do earlier. But it seems like I cannot stop, he’s nailing scholar Boong Do’s idealistic bf/hubby traits so fucking good that I cannot fucking stop thinking about how fucking amazing he is in here *forgive me for the expletives, just trying to make a point you get me*. But in the latest ep, it’s Yoo In Na‘s Hee Jin who made me squeeee like a loony. Her performance isn’t mindblowingly WOW or anything near, but the cuteness and adorableness that she’s injecting into the ingenue character  is totally loads of win. So winning and unassumingly affecting that she gets to you and makes you break into smiles. So lovely that she makes you want to squish and pinch her and keep her in your pocket (usually it’s the main guy I’d want to keep in my pocket, but here I’m totally craving for a Hee Jin in my pocket, she’ll make me squee and die of cuteness). She’s cute without being OTT, spunky without being annoying and totally bringing it on with her daebak straightforwardness. Who says the guy has to say it first? Who says the girl can’t do the head-grabbing kiss first? They’re equals together (not literally but you get me), nobody is above the other, and respect and honesty come first. What more can you want from a couple?

2 daebak main characters, imagine the buckets of awesome?

Have an awesome, a brilliantly made MV (spoilers from Ep 1-8):


And oh, did I mention that I adore Han Dong Min to bits too? XDDDDDD He’s such a self-assured narcissist. But I love him all the same, for being so harmlessly fun and silly <3333

Queen In Hyun’s Man & Ji Hyun Woo

Short and random swooning post.

Saw Ep 1 of Queen In Hyun’s Man, and it’s grabbing me attention pretty damn good so far. Definitely like it A LOT more than Rooftop Prince, it’s slicker, more quick-paced and isn’t too sugary cheesy cliche. Editing is somewhat dizzying and annoying, but plot and acting are palatable enough. I like that the time travel reveal is out in the front right away and we’re going back in time to see how it happened.

Plus, I get to see Ji Hyun Woo alternate between ancient times and the modern world, YUMMMM!~~

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Invincible Lee Pyung Kang – Preview

New drama UPDATE!

KBS drama Invincible Lee Pyung Kang – starring Nam Sang Mi, Ji Hyun Woo, Seo Do Young and Cha Ye Ryun.


The drama is about the love-hate relationship between 2 people whose fates have been reversed from their previous lives to become the opposite of each other in the contemporary world.

Nam Sang Mi plays the spoiled and bratty Princess Lee Pyung Kang in the old days whom in her present life becomes a poor but aspiring golf course designer; whilst Ji Hyun Woo plays the honest and good-natured General On Dal in the old days who in turn in his present life turns into a cold and sharp-tongued chae-bol, son of a rich tycoon. Both of them detest each other at first sight, bicker with each other until no end, but gradually fall in love with each other (you know, all the typical Korean drama cliches). Little do they know that fate had a say in their lives and that they’re actually destined to be with each other….?


So, that’s basically it. A very typical Korean drama – re-using some of the most common cliches ever as a plot device.  Rich guy falls for poor girl? How worst can that get (in Kdrama land of course)? And PLUS, look at the scriptwriter.  The one who wrote Cain and Abel, the disastrous medical/thriller? drama which I’d amazingly followed from the beginning till the end (tho I love SJS and HJM). How is it possible to endure another crapstatic script by the writer? The PD, Lee Jung Sub isn’t any better, altho he actually directed one of my fav fav fusion dramas, Capital Scandal. Hong Gil Dong was just forgettable to that extent for me (tho SO MANY ppl loved it), the direction was blerrhh.

However, here’s the BIG BUT!

I admit I have a soft spot when it comes to attractive cast and hilarious setups in  a drama. I do like Nam Sang Mi a lot as an actress. And Ji Hyun Woo’s cuteness is just like icing on top of the cake.  Moreover, the trailer boasts of something really different as the cast attempt to pull off a modernized dance in an ancient setting. It does look kinda slapstickish…but if I could bear with Capital Scandal, I think I can live with this one. ^_^

This drama premiers 9th November 2009, on a Mon-Tues slot.