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Secret Secret Secret

Best Eppie 11, best scene, best acting by Hwang Jung Eum in drama so far (in fact in ages!).

Min Hyuk’s heading towards unknown territory with YJ invading his mind 24/7, and I JUST LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

That is ALL.  I want to say more but I can’t find words.


credits: DramaKBS @ Youtube


You’ve gotta give it to the MAN!

Bae Soo Bin

Secret continues to be crack crack crack! It’s SOOO ADDICTIVE! Yeah I do nitpick a lot, and this drama is not without its problems, but you’ve gotta give three thumbs up to the writer for being able to keep us at the edge of our seats every single episode o_0 it’s a predictable drama, we sorta know who will love who and stuff, but damn the execution, I’ve said it and I will say it again, we’re made to guess, we don’t even know the flow. We’re engaged and we want to know more! Thanks writer nim, though you’re totally spared of your constant use of K-drama cliches and tropes, I can overlook for the love of my addiction.

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Secret of Makjangness


Seoul must have done something to me, to my head, I think I miss it too much to keep talking raving spazzing about the memories there. A week has passed and me my friends and I cannot get our experiences out of our head. We cannot stop T_____T It’s not much different a city from let’s say HK or Singapore, except it’s bigger more massive more crowded and condense, but there’s just a lil bit of me in there, not wanting to leave, somewhat rooted in the place. Perhaps it’s the K-dramas, the familiarity of what has followed me for almost 15 years, I felt at home. I felt I’d never left.

And when I said Seoul must have done something to my head, it did. I am now, actually very much out of my mind crackstatically addicted to a MAKJANG drama! Yes, I spelled it right, MAKJANG! The very combi of everything dramatic histrionic cliche and stereotype that you can ever find in a K-drama (you can name it this drama prob has it all) – SECRET.

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Back to RL. Kdrama and Musings.

Yeap guys, I am back!

Back from my 2 week hiatus for good (tho it didn’t seem like one eh? What with some of my random postings in between hehe..)! I had a tremendously enjoyable break, with my sister, relatives, friends and all. Though I didn’t get to travel to any interesting or must-see places, I had a great pleasure of catching up with my sister who’s just graduated (5 years of archi-torture ate her up and I’m glad she’s made it thru this far), meeting up with old friends whom I haven’t seen for years, and hanging out with newly made chinggus. Now that I’m back home, I already miss the moments spent there, the weather,  the people, the feeling of not having to set my alarm clock to wake up for work the next day and so on.

RL sucks sighs.

So what do I do to ease this BLUE-ness?!

Protect the Boss 1-4

If Scent of a Woman is my obsession right now, Protect the Boss most certainly has to be my other delectable crack of the season. The upper execs at SBS must be having a hard time containing their happiness right now, as dramas after dramas of theirs are garnering attention and ratings like never before this year. I, on the other hand, can only thank the drama gods for their immeasurable abundance and grace of quality this year. Never thought I’d be this addicted again after the brilliance that was of Can You Hear My Heart.

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My new drama character FIX…

… Han Ji Hoon (played by Ji Sung) in Royal Family (MBC).

Maybe it’s the one-eyed tear.

Maybe it’s the glare.

Perhaps it’s his handsome gelled up hair.

I am warned not to stare.

His speech is like a spear.

His charisma renders fear.

Please do not come near.

He is one for you to beware.


2 episodes of Royal Family, and I have finally found my new character FIX! My last was Dae Gil in Chuno. And that was like a year ago? So imagine me hyperventilating and screaming out of high when I’ve finally found another drama character to make me go crazy. Han Ji Hoon, I’ve waited long enough for you. Too longgggg in fact.

It doesn’t take long for me to be invested in a character. As long as he/she has the X-factor capable of pulling me in, I’m basically sold.  Perhaps it’s too early for me to pass a judgment on the drama, the plot or even the acting in Royal Family now. But I can safely say that, if there’s anything interesting or intriguing about the drama right now, it’s Ji Sung‘s character Han Ji Hoon. The confident and fearless fighter for justice. Who gives up his dream to protect his angel K played by Yeom Jung Ah.

Here’s the full check-list: –


The Hot



The Cute



The Sassy



The Pensive



The Solemn



The Furious



The Ambitious



The Cunning



The Real


Not gonna spill anything more about the drama. But trust me, if you love intrigue, conspiracy and intensity all wrapped in one package, you might just wanna try this out.

2 episodes and I am already screaming for MOOOOAAAARRRR!


Photo credits: Ji Sung baidu bar