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Joseph Chang and Amber Kuo “On The Loose”

Being all free and loose, don’t we all want that? How I wish I could just drop everything work shit stuff and let loose, go anywhere and everywhere, free my mind and just not “think” for once. :/

I wish.

Check out  Joseph Chang and Amber Kuo‘s specially filmed CF “On The Loose” for the Taipei Film Festival 2013.


Pretty cool stuff despite some staggering similarities to Kristen Stewart’s indie flic On The Road.  Joseph and Amber look great together and rawk with plenty of chemistry. Can we have like a 30 minute mini film instead?

Not having Joseph Chang for 20 eps in a series or something killlssss me. ;(

credits: TFF @ Youtube


Joseph Chang & Janine Chang DARE TO LOVE

Dare To Love

I love the idea of mini films or 微電影 in Chinese as you call it. It has the atmospheric mood and vibe of a music video, and doesn’t lack in execution of a story (usually a love story) that resonates.  It doesn’t drag on as long as a film, and yet execution is usually done aptly and tastefully to appear like one. The Korean MV makers are the most expert in this field, almost all their MVs tell a story,  either one that makes you bawl like a baby (just because you can’t have a Korean MV with noone crying) or a story that doesn’t make sense LOL. But either way, we know well enough. TW has been following the trend for quite some time now. The most prominent or let’s say, the one I remember most, Rainie Yang who’d done a few mini films/MVs for her songs, Show Luo, I remember seeing a few of his. And recently, JJ Lin who’d announced that he’d filmed a total of 10 MVs in mini film format for all of his songs in his new album! Get that baby, it’s the trend now!

And now we have Joseph Chang and Janine Chang <333 collaborating together (for the first time if I’m correct?) in a mini film for Marie Claire’s TW 20th Anniversary celebration. This is a combo that I’d never seen coming though not really unexpected given their A-list status in TW.  And they’re absolutely adorable, and not to mention swoony hilarious together. Certainly don’t mind a drama pair up in future! 😛 The title of this mini film is called “Dare To Love 勇敢去愛” and is part of a tri-project titled <<Dare Generation勇敢世代>> undertaken by Marie Claire TW to commemorate the magazine’s 20th year entry into Taiwan.

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Joseph Chang’s SOUL


I realise the above may be to sickening a picture to start the new snake year. But after a long week of MIA hiatus from writing and blogging (CNY has drained me empty), I sorta have lost my zeal to write and ramble the way I normally do. I am supposed to do a write up about the recent dramas I’ve watched and dropped, but I just can’t THINK of anything coherent, everything that comes out spell JISLOVEJISISSOHOT )pu$_*#_)(+#)(#+( (blame the man why is he so captivating?!) Arrrhhhh. Decided just to go with this.

Joseph Chang‘s new and upcoming film “Soul”. A gory eerie film about murder conspiracies and freakish eerie souls occupying bodies and stuff, yaiks! After Joseph’s successful stint in GF.BF. he has again! chosen something different to challenge and to add to his acting credentials. This time he plays a mentally challenged and inept man who returns to live with his reclusive father (played by the renowned Jimmy Wang Yu) and sister in the woods. Demise occurs and soon all eyes and suspicion fall on him… but little does everyone know, something dark and creepy lies beneath and within..

Check out the spooky but fantastically edited trailer:

Joseph is made for films, but can I have a drama soon? Pretty please! I miss him so.

credits: ifilmFilmware @ youtube / poster as tagged

Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. ramblings


This is NOT a full review of the film. I still need to get some things sorted out.

I finished the film last night, in tears and in total utter blankness. Moments and scenes touched and moved me, made me ache in agony over the characters’ experiences and feelings. Scenes stalled me, giving the wondrous and loveliest of feelings. The performances, utterly wonderful, with touches of explosiveness and restrained nuances, added with a mix of boldness and vulnerability. I was emotionally engaged. But ONE THING, it may have been my lack of understanding and afterthought, it may have been the drink I had last night, it could be just me, cos in spite of the combination of such exquisite direction from Yang Ya Tze and the award-deserving performances by the actors (esp by Kwai Lun Mei), the film failed to connect with me at an intellectual level. It felt confusing at times, convoluted and somewhat a bit of an overflow of effort trying too hard to achieve something out of its reach. But I’ve read countless glowing reviews praising the entire film’s intention and aim at presenting what we may call, the complexity and sensitivity of youth and adolescence. In that it manages to tell a story of friendship, not in the usual sugary sweet and naive context, but in ways in which circumstantial factors may come into the picture, making things a lot more complicated. I’m pretty sure I’m on the same track despite my lack of understanding of certain scenes. As much as certain scenes manage to swallow and engulf me emotionally, there is no denying the disconnect is there, I need to overcome it in order for me to fully understand and give this film a fair judgment overall.

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Joseph Chang for VOGUE’s Power 10


I doubt anyone remembers him anymore now, it’s been a year plus since DTLY ended? The actors all parted ways, went on to do their own stuff, never read or heard of any news of them getting together for hang-outs or anything, considering the close friendship and bond they’d forged during filming. I guess life goes on, you move on to different phases and you start anew.

Joseph Chang has been and is still quite the low-profile man he is. Besides GF.BF and some CF endorsements following DTLY, he hasn’t done anything particularly attention grabbing. No dramas no nothing (which I’d expected him to do given his sudden soared popularity after his stint as SJX). But I guess that’s him, who he is, the quiet and reserved man who prefers to keep everything in wraps, who prefers to shy away, the one who prefers to be tight-lipped even when limelight is on him. I do still think he’s the goof (as show in DTLY BTS) behind the scenes, but it’s a pity that we don’t get to see that as often now.

He’s being doing rounds of promotions of GF.BF. over TW the past few months, haven’t had the opportunity to watch it, but heard it was really solid, and had earned Joseph Chang and the rest of the cast major thumbs up and accolades. And naturally VOGUE was fast to snap this hot Best Actor contender for their Power 10 series, you can’t miss it when a hottie’s around!

Check out JC @ the shoot:

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Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. Trailer

I’m not so much a TW film frenzy. The only ones I’ve seen have been more so the hyped up and recommended ones, along the lines of 7th Cape Town, Monga and the recent hit, You’re The Apple of My Eye. I believe there are more subliminal ones, more quietly understated and underrated ones which deserve a gander or two, ones with buried gems and brilliance of performances that I will never get to see on TW dramas. I love good films generally, regardless of the language and genre, but it’d take a major gush and push to make me watch a TW film – reason being: notime cos all spent on Korean drama and everything Korean. 😛

But this film I’m definitely going to check out when it comes out. Admittedly out of sheer shamelessness and shallowness for Joseph Chang, I’m just like that.


Trailer’s quite explicitly explanatory of the plot – two guys, a girl and their coming of age friendship/romance. It tackles an entanglement of relationship between 3 friends spanning a period of 30 years, from adolescence to adulthood. Definitely not your most original friendship-lover story out there, but trailer does exude a very nostalgic and comfy feeling with understated tension between the characters brewing beneath the surface. Premise can be prosaic and unimaginative on paper/script, but with the right touches and performances, I believe we’re in for a good score here.

And hey, it’s Joseph Chang! With the ever so talented Kwai Lun Mei and hottie Rhydian Vaughan. That raises the bar of hope a notch higher. At least out of the 3, we have 2 people who’re not mere pretties on screen. They actually have the chops.

Girlfriend. Boyfriend. 女朋友 .男朋友. premiers this 3rd August 2012 in TW. Who knows when it’ll get to my place, but I’m SO willing to wait.


A Joseph Chang i-miss-u post

Oh how much I miss you Jie Xiu! Where have you been and where are you?! Why are you not striking the iron (when it’s all glaring HOT) doing dramas and CFs and films? You were at the peak of your career, riding on soaring success after the big hit that was of Drunken To Love You. But why is it so hard to spot you nowadays? Odinyagu?!!

Gah, I really miss him heaps. I miss his hilarious banters and jokes in DTLY, his goofy interactions with Rainie, and most of all, his adorkable and cute shyness which made me an ardent swooner in the first place. I wonder if he’s still as uncomfortable in front of the camera as he was before. I wonder if he still stutters in front of the media. I wonder if he’s single. I wonder I wonder I wonder…. JC, please come out and show some face please?! Prettttyyyy please? You’re not doing your career any good by being so friggin damn low profile. New drama please!!

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