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Current dramas: Slump


Dramas that should be, could be, should have been, and could have been. I’m watching 3 current dramas right now, and none of them, I mean literally NONE OF THEM, hooks. At all.  Even with the hotties, eye-candies, pretties, the solid performances, you name em, even with LDH and Hyukie! The only saving grace that is and has been preventing me from cursing at the insufferable thankfully, is Queen In Soo and ILICDD (which I have just finished last night in tears of happiness). Which aren’t even  current dramas, and which I don’t even want to mention in the same sentence as the pile of  inferior quality I’m subjected to.

Year 2012 was a wonderful year for dramas, packed with gems and break-outs, filled with surprises and shocking revelations. I guess you can’t have it all. Luck doesn’t strike every time.

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Lunar New Year glee?


First day of the water snake year, Happy Lunar Year all!

This year’s comparatively quiet compared to the previous, my place. Last year we had fireworks and crackers blasting thru the night for hours and hours until the dragon arrived. This year? Drastically less, uneventful and un-happening. Last year we stayed at our grandma’s house until the night burned out, this year, everyone left for home 2 hours earlier, stating reasons of all sorts. I’m not sure why, but overall, the mood is pretty lull and vapid compared to the previous years. Lions and dragons (performances) don’t roam around neighborhoods anymore unless invited for special performances (eg. open houses), we get A LOT of Chinese new year songs on the radio and all, but for some reason they don’t excite or seem to be that inviting or invoking of the festive spirit. The night markets and bazaars are on but sources tell me business aren’t good, at all, probably because of the ridiculous price hikes and all hmmmm. I visited a friend’s house today, and reception didn’t seem as good or vibrant as before. Something’s obviously different, amiss this time around. Maybe I’m older, such things do not excite me anymore, or maybe, I’ve just grown out of the tradition? I really hope it’s just a passing feeling, and not me being all passive all of a sudden. It is the new year after all, I should be looking forward to more good things, blessings and abundances. 😉
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Music Focus: Jung Eun Ji, blown T_T

Jung Eun Ji, how much more awesome can you be?!!!!

So I was browsing Youtube for 1997 stuff, BTS clips and interviews (this drama has taken over my life and I am dreading the day it ends T__T) and came across this clip of JEJ singing Kim Bum Soo‘s Bogoshipda (Stairway to Heaven OST).

And I’m instantly BLOWN. Jaw-dropped dumbstruck.

By how much she put into the song, and by how emotionally evocative she was while doing it. It was as if she was in her lil own world, feeling every moment of it, indulging in every second of the story conveyed through the lyrics.

I cried like a baby. >_____<

Love her even more now.


Behind the drama…

Reply 1997 Ep 13/14 continue to be awesome, I cannot even put it in words now. Simple wordless scenes make me teary, conversations make me choke, mere action and gestures make me laugh rolling on the floor like a mad woman. This drama is dear in the heart, it &(_$*_)#*_$&_)*##+*# moves you with things that you know and care about in life. It makes you care.

But nothing impresses me more than the shocking acting revelation of a bunch of singers in the drama. More than half of the cast in here are freaking singers, none of which have acted for reals, at least in something decent or worthe mentioning. It’s amazing, shocking even, I really did not see this coming, and really, you can’t. These rookies are inserting so much of “them” and heart into their characters you feel for every single one of them, none is left out. The subtleties in the writing, matched with the perfectly natural acting, I shouldn’t be asking for more?

So behind the awesomeness of Shi Won and Yun Je, we have Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk, 2 solid singers on their own accord. It makes me happy that they’re already so good in what they’re expert at (JEJ may be from a girl group, but you’ve got to see her sing explosive you will be blown away), but are still able to root themselves firmly in an entirely new environment (acting) and do so freaking well at it. You don’t get to see cross-over talents like these very often, and when you do, you know what to look out for in future.

Check out their live duet of Still Our Love Continue, a special 1997 collab <33

And this, you won’t want 1997 to ever END!

Busan saturi has never sounded this sexay!

credits: checkz209ftw @ youtube

Want More, awesome 1997!

This drama really knows how to tug and pull at your heartstrings at the smallest and plainest of moments. Passing moments of mundane life, moments that you don’t pay attention to and are oblivious to, moments that you take for granted. I’m such a crybaby I know it, came after watching Ep 11/12 and my shirt’s wet from wiping off tears and snot. Everything that happened, so real and reminiscent to what most of us must have had been thru in younger years. The dread and sadness of parting, the pain of relationships. Nothing terribly dramatic or intense, but they just reach deep down inside of you, and make you feel a gamut of emotions. Just because we’ve been through the exact same experiences in life, not just because it’s drama dramatized to make you cry or laugh.

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Back to 1997.

Watching Reply 1997 and having a frenzy flood of flashbacks! Everything about the short is just so telling and heartfelt. So true to life, that everyone must have had once before. I don’t think it’s particularly WOWOW engaging or interesting, I find some of the time-sequences a bit too confusing and repetitive, and the camera-work  all over the place at times. But it definitely has a tinge of breezy sentiment and nostalgia, a very earthy grounded tone capable of making one reflect on good old years left behind. It’s not going to hit huge waves, but I’m content with few here and there ripples brought about.

Oh how time flies.

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