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An-nyeong, see you in 2 years, Bi!

Awwww…. another one off to MS. This time none other than super hallyu star Bi. My one time crazy obsession. My one time love. Although I have not followed his news for the longest of times, he still occupies that one small corner in my heart. He who led me into crazy drama fandom (Full House), he who lured me into K-pop, he who made me believe that hard work does pay off if you believe in yourself.

Altho I don’t feel an extreme gush of sadness seeing him enter MS (probably used to it now), I do feel tad empty seeing his fans sending him off in tears. Farewells are always hard to endure. But like they always say, you part for a new beginning. It’s not the end.

Just hope that when he comes back in 2 years, he’ll be better, and better and buffer (haha, maybe not, cos he’s already so buff).

Yup, you’ve gotta go. But rest assured, we’ll be looking forward to your comeback! An-nyeong Bi! Take care and see you in 2 years!

My favouritest oldies by Bi ~


Lee Da Hae rejects Rain?

NO JOKE guys!

Except that this  happened in Rain‘s currently airing drama “Fugitive ( Runaway: Plan B)“. lol (What a bummer eh?)

I love love love Lee Da Hae, as you all know.  My first EVER blog post was dedicated to her (and Rain! :P). I get all excited whenever she posts something, photos or personal messages. I love it when she goes all crazy about her oppas (especially Jang Hyuk!). I get all fumed up when people bash or criticize her (but understand that everyone’s entitled to their own opinions AND knowing how she’s so prone to negative stuff). I even have this special category created just for her here.  I’m just a GONER. Crazy incurable Lee Da Hae fan.

So when I found out that she was gonna cameo for Fugitive, I went hysterical.  I already had a huge hunch that she’d do so having seen that almost everyone from Chuno had agreed to cameo for the drama, and for PD Kwak (who’s sooooo awesomesauce!). I just didn’t expect her to appear so early…like  in the first 10 mins of the pilot episode? She just shot her scenes like what? 4 days before the premier?

No spoiling.. so here you go!

There’s a bit of a glitch in the beginning, and the last 20 secs were cut off in this video. But anyway, just enjoy and indulge in the Bi-Hae ride!~~

Rain and Lee Na Young’s “Runaway” Stills

So it’s finally confirmed that Lee Na Young will be Rain’s heroine in PD Kwak and Chun Sung Il’s second drama collaboration after Chuno. It didn’t come as a much of a surprise to me as rumors had been floating for quite some time that it’d either be Jeon Ji Hyun or Lee Na Young. Apparently Jeon Ji Hyun had dropped the oppurtinity to star in this highly anticipated comeback drama of Rain because of her unresolved management problems?  But one wonders whether the recent revelation of their so called “secret relationship” actually played a part in her decision. Hmmmm…

Anyway, pretty self-explanatory above. The newly released stills for Runaway. Filming has officially commenced as of the 16th whereby both lead actor and lead actress came together in a temple inside of Seoul to film the “pilot scene”. The filming was conducted in total privacy as the filming crew chose to surprise us with a confirmation of Lee Na Young as female lead only on the day the stills were released. I already had a gut feeling that she would take up a role,  and I’m glad that she took it up instead of Jeon Ji Hyun, but what’s with all the secrecy eh?

Storyline’s still pretty vague at this point as all we know is that Lee Na Young will play Jinny who falls in love with a fugitive Jin Woo played by Rain. Other than that, the drama’s still pretty much wrapped up in its own.

Lee Na Young looks absolutely alluring and sensual in that black get-up while Rain looks pretty slick and fine. But WHY THE HECK am I not feeling anything from the stills at all? O_o Maybe because they’re unpolished stills and both actors look zoned out and unfitting for the title the drama bears? Hmm…

I’m not harboring that high of an expectation this time because of the slight disappointment I had with Chun Sung Il in Chuno (altho I still love the drama to bits!), esp with regard to the penning of his female characters in the drama.  I hope he doesn’t downplay Lee Na Young’s role in this drama this time as she’s definitely a talented actress who should be utilized to the fullest for her own and the drama’s own good. And of course, more Rain is always good… but please don’t give me stuff such as this and that taylor made for Rain blah blah blah.  He’s a world star no doubt, but please please no preferential treatment here. I want it equal between the 2 actors. Word.

Runaway will premier in September this year.

Gah, it’s a long wait! =(

Variety Focus: Rain (Bi) @ KBS Win Win

OMONA~~ doesn’t the above picture just spell CUTENESS all over? <33

I haven’t written about Rain for a very very long time…I think ever since I started my blog? (My first post here was about Rain and Lee Da Hae‘s collab in his Rain Fashion Concert about  a year ago.) So he’s currently back in Korea (after having ventured out to Hollywood for a year or 2) to promote his new album “Back to the Basics”, with countless on-stage performances, interviews, variety appearances and what not. Truthfully speaking, I’ve only heard of his first 2 title tracks, “Love Song” and “Hip Song” (which were unfortunately BLERH to me) and seen some of his performances on KBSW. His voice is still good, but unfortunately the songs were incredibly boring and unoriginal. Save for the free strip-feast and battering eye-lashes, and of course his skillful dance routines, I consider his comeback a bit bland in comparison to his previous stints. And a bit too cheesy and greasy too this time around. So much so for the huge buzz before the comeback huh?

But cut to the point, Rain is still as adorable as EVER. I really love watching his interviews and variety shows because he’s always SO SMOOTH and spontaneous with questions. I know very well it may not be his true-self and everything may be an act put on to attract viewers, but man, he’s definitely got some variety jungshin skills to boot.  Man is made for entertainment word. If one day you ever decide not to sing Rain,  or when stardom’s over for you (of course I hope not), you can try out for Variety! hehehehe…

So before I ramble on and on.. check out Rain’s recent appearance in KBS Win Win Show…

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REALLY LOOOOVE it when Rain breaks into his trademark smile. SHO SHO CUTE!