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“Fasten Your Seatbelt” for Ha Jung Woo and Jung Kyung Ho

There are no more words to describe Ha Jung Woo.

He is just so friggin $_(*U#@+@(#@+_(#+@(@#+_ awesome (just watched The Terror Live and dayumhe was effffffin’ wonderful fantastic brilliant in it I basically run out of words)!

Add Jung Kyung Ho into the mix, my manrem is COMPLETE!


Originally titled “Rollercoaster – Fasten Your Seatbelt” is Ha Jung Woo’s directorial debut (is there anything that this MAN doesn’t or can’t do?!!!). There’s no saying that he’ll succeed right off the mark and start, and from the trailer itself, it doesn’t seem people will take it seriously. But hello this is HA.JUNG.WOO, and has a hilarious Paksa in it, what more can I ask for?!

credits: 병석 민 @ Youtube


End of Heartless. Rest for JKH!


The journey of the heartless and cruel has finally come to an end! Lots were lost  along the way (tears in particular), but none of them were unexpected, out of the blue or random. I see some people voicing their displeasure and disappointment, not that I agree, but I can see why and where they are coming from.  Where’s my OTP moment? Where is the punishment the baddies deserve? What happened to Reporter Cha’s dad who’s the ultimate ULTIMATE baddie in here? Min died, just like that?!! All these questions, they are legit and reasonable, and if given a chance, of course I’d love them to be dealt with or closed.  But I digress because all these do not really matter after much thought. I realised in hindsight, that all I wanted, was for Shi-hyun to finally get the rest he deserves. To be free and to finally let go. It’s not wrong to want more or to hope for something more conclusive (to OTP or to story) in the finale, but this is noir at its best (when I’m talking about K-drama), nothing could have been more fit that we what was given (at least to me).

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How can you be so cruel?

*Ep 8 spoilers*

Heartless and cruel, this drama is really out to rip and shred me to pieces.

I love Heartless City/Cruel City. I love the characters, their motivations, their shades of black white and grey. There is no definitive protagonist or antagonist in here, we are all human the way we are, molded from situations and environments.  It is the perfect wakening piece of reality, that things in the world is not as simple and rosy as we may think, and that the good and bad are not always good and bad.

Light and darkness, drama does this very well. The contrast and conflict is there, and yet both are to co-exist. None of the characters are anywhere near the end of each spectrum, each of them show sides of their extremes in different situations. It’s scary and yet so true, I believe we do not even know the extent or how far we can go. Writer is doing a pretty darn good job meshing all these details together, direction/execution is so my cup of tea (noir) (did you notice all those quiet stylish shots, o__0 with no music or dialogue?) and music, exquisite! But nothing impresses me more than the acting of Jung Kyung Ho and Choi Mu Seong, who are hitting everything out of the park with their gritty and emotionally rendering performances. I am still reeling in teary sobs thinking about the scene above, all perfection of bitter, but soooooo gratifying!

I have my little nitpicky points on drama, but nothing too significant to warrant a ranty post.

I just want to scream my heart out again, why Safari and Shi-hyun, my OTP!!! T____T

How can you be so cruel to me, drama?

credits: jtbcdrama @ youtube

Jung Kyung Ho’s Heartless City



I betcha everyone’s just as crazy mad in love with uri resident Doctor aka Pak Sa just as I am at the moment. Hotness, you’ve got it. Sexayness, plenty. Post army fan service, granted! What a fantastic and incredible comeback for Jung Kyung Ho, who plays the ever so fearless and unruffled ganster in jTBC’s new gangster noir Heartless City aka Cruel City. Remember him as the cutiepie in Smile You? No traces of him at all. What we have is an icy cold character brimmed with burning fire waiting to break out from the inside – the kind of character we all love to hate and love the same <33. Drama’s slick fast paced stylish and gritty, and though not entirely original (somewhat a replicate of gangster/mafia plots we all know of), you get a whole lot of thrill and satisfaction from watching. I enjoy it so much, so much so that I actually took on a review challenge on the drama  with one of my favouritest drama buddies  unnichan from with.subtitles.please. I have never EVER done this before, and before I realised oops, that this may become a HUGGGGGEEE commitment which I might not be able to keep for long, I found it hecka fun. Thanks to unni of course for the suggestion, and hell yes thanks to Pak Sa! heee~~ So if you’re interested to ramble rant rave about drama, wanna swoon perv over our resident Doctor, please do join us in the fun! Here’s a link to our take on Ep 1 of the City: Heartless City Ep 1 .

And since we’re all in the City together, some AWESOME Jung Kyung Ho goodies to share!

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Nom nom nom May


Yess yummy yum!

I need me delicious stuff, bring me back Mawang glory days and I be OK with the Bad Guy-stache Kim Nam Gil‘s sporting. I dig the man hot and sexy but he reminds me too much of his character image in Bad Guy, and reminding me of Bad Guy ain’t a good thing (considering the migraine it’d given me, the effin ending!). He’s lucky I find him so utterly attractive I can overlook. He’s also lucky because this is the cream of crop team of revenge thrillers.

And forever angelic goddess Son Ye Jin, can anything go wrong from here? I sincerely pray and hope not. Everything is just perfect on the front!

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Jung Kyung Ho goes GREEN for “Rollercoaster”


Haha, I love it! Jung Kyung Ho is back from MS, and is looking better than ever! And in Green!!! Bright Green! Can anyone other than G-dragon do bright colored HAIR so effectively with suave and swagger? Not that I can think of, but JKH certainly is looking the part (he probably got that idea from G-dragon LOL).

If you don’t already know, JKH was discharged from MS last Septemeber, and had immediately dived into Ha Jung Woo‘s directing debut film called “Rollercoaster” right after. Film talks about the funny hijinks and occurrences in a plane caught in a typhoon turbulence and JKH plays one of the passengers, a Hallyu top star called Ma Jun Kyu (LOL that name is already hilarious on the face, a green haired Ma Jun Kyu, so apt!).

I cannot help but laugh at green haired JKH, soooo adorably FUNNY – look at the man’s expressions, loving em! If this ain’t Ha Jung Woo’s film (a reason to watch it), I’m gonna watch just for JKH. Missed him so!

Check out some of Ma Jun Kyu’s photos in Rollercoaster which were uploaded by JKH’s agency.

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