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Pictorial time: Lee Da Hae, Sung Joon and Kang Dong Won

Fashion pictorial time!

Lee Da Hae gracing INSTYLE for the first time in ages as I can remember. Doesn’t look very much like her in the pictures (due to make up and some photoshopping), but I LOVE em all the same. She looks sassy and chic without the glitzy overtone and the costumes are classy gorgeous. Plus she’s doing something different this time around (admittedly and TBH she isn’t a very good model on spreads), I can only smile in glee 😀


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Dreams come true, oh please do!


It’s way too early to get all squealy and excited, way too early. But holy heck, I want this to happen so so so bad!!!!Like so very bad?!! You have no idea how fidgety and jumpy I got, I could not even concentrate at work for goodness sakes.  My head kept flashing rainbow puppies and sweet romance, it was giddiness in its purest form, head to toe. My dream come true. My beloved ajusshi crush Shin Ha Kyun and long time girl crush Im Soo Jung (ever since MISA) are considering to star in new and upcoming drama All About My Love Life (to be produced and written by the Protect The Boss team) – dreams coming true in an all-in package, SHK and ISJ’s comeback, and what more, they get to play the OTP in this romance-politics focused drama. This is even heck better news than when Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won were announced to play OTP in Nice Guy back then (I was over the moon when it was announced and now drama is doing really good I have no major complaints). I’m in heaven delirious mode now, elated to the extent that I fear that if it doesn’t happen for reals, signed sealed and done, I might cry and wail to the world ends.

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Joo Won for “STYLE H” Aug ’10

You may wonder… who is Joo Won?

And why is Kang Dong Won up there instead? o_O

Still confused?

Maybe this will enlighten you a bit more…

Nope, it’s not Kang Dong Won up there… but r00kie actor Joo Won, who  plays Ma Jun, the rival of Yoon Shi Yoon’s character Tak Goo in the recent hit drama, Baker King Kim Tak Gu.

He looks a whole lot like Kang Dong Won, doesn’t he? =O I was like WOAH when he first came out in the drama! First I thought Yoon Shi Yoon looked a lot like Lee Jun Ki, then now we have a Kang Dong Won look alike to pitch’em against each other? To think that I once thought that Lee Jun Ki and Kang Dong Won looked alike back in the days (more so because of their feminine features)…hehe..:P

Joo Won is seen featured in the August 2010 issue of STYLE H magazine here. Contrary to his sort-of evil/antagonist character Ma Jun in Baker King, Kim Tak Gu, here he displays more of his boyish and youthful charms. He is also voted by “HOMME*HANDSOME” of STYLE H as the most anticipated new actor of the year.

When interviewed during the shoot of the photo spread, Joo Won said, “The actors I’m working with recently (Baker King Kim Tak Gu) have been displaying really solid and passionate acting in their roles. I learned a lot from them.” ” I also want to be like them…to emulate them in being able to find joy and a sense of fulfillment in acting.”  “I have been researching and thinking a lot lately on how to portray and bring out the complexity of my character… I’m working very hard on it.”

Joo Won plays the evil but pitiful Ma Jun in Baker King Kim Tak Gu, who struggles and goes all out to gain his father’s recognition as well as the love of  the woman he loves Yoo Kyung (Eugene). Pitted against the protagonist, Kim Tak Gu, he is always seen in a more unfavourable and negative light. However, viewers have been impressed with the actor’s portrayal of his character and are looking forward to see how far he will go with his driven desire to topple and surpass his rival Tak Gu.

Albeit this being Joo Won’s debut on screen project, he hasn’t shown any signs of being a rookie and has been able to portray the complexity and intensity of Ma Jun excellently. Viewers have been mounting praises and compliments for his eye-acting abilities… for they can express both intensity and calmness without much words said.  Having come from a musical theatrical background (with plays such as Alta Boys, Grease, Spring Awakening..etc), this 185-cm tall actor is waiting for his big break in a more visible popular play, and is on his way to melt the hearts of us ladies out there.

News source: TV daily Kr

Chinese Translations: lovekoreastar


I personally don’t see the “IT” factor in Joo Won yet… but I do admit that he has potential. Not only does he look like Kang Dong Won, the way he emotes thru his eyes kind of resembles the way Kang Don Won acts with his eyes too. The intensity in the gazes, it’s definitely there.  I hope with a few more projects, he’ll be able to find his niche and acting style.. and then we’ll go, that’s Joo Won. Not the Kang Dong Won look-alike anymore.. ^^

Sworn Brothers Official Stills [Plus Teaser Trailer]

Kang Dong Won + Song Kang Ho + Jang Hoon (Director of Rough Cut fame) = WIN!

Don’t you just love the intensity in Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won’s eyes? Two of Korea’s most talented actors coming together in a movie… I really don’t know if there’s anything else I can be happy about…

I can only SQUEEEEE and GLEEEEEE and just be HAPPY~~~~~ 😛

Sworn Brothers (aka Secret Reunion) tells of an unusual friendship (or rivalry) forged between an ex-NIS agent played by Song Kang Ho and a disowned North Korean spy played by Kang Dong Won. They encounter each other one day, be-friend each other without revealing to each other their true identities…and slowly discover that they share similarities so strong which would eventually (I presume) rift them apart in the end?

Sounds cliche? Yes, right.  Rough Cut or Typhoon much?

But just remind yourself you have Song Kang Ho and Kang Dong Won here, and if that doesn’t convince you. Don’t think anything else will.

So, less all the explanation… check out the meaty stills!!!

Just look at that stare of Kang Dong Won…*ripgal meltzzzz right away!*

And since I can’t find any YT links yet, check out the teaser trailer @ Twitch


Doesn’t it just spell = EXCITING????

(Totally love Song Kang Ho in the trailer… gosh, he’s just sooo good in everything. Can he like ever FAIL? Meanwhile, KDW’s just hot as hell.. his pretty boy-ness will always be there…in a good way of course..)

February 2010 just can’t come sooner!

Kang Dong Won in “W” Korea

YAY! Pretty boy Kang Dong Won is back!

credits:  W Korea/ lovekoreastar


Isn’t Kang Dong Won just so doll-like pretty?If only I could have half his prettiness, my life would be so much more easier (true, the world is that judgmental and superficial I tell you!).  T__T

KDW looks great as ever, and his eyes really draw me in like nothing. But I wish he could gain some pounds because he’s  like getting skinnier and skinnier the more I see of him. ><  Sometimes when I see him, I think of a skeleton (no offence to KDW fans). And that’s certainly not a good thing. Chew down more food, and get back to your healthier self Oppa!

Before I scoot, here’s Jeon Woo Chi’s latest trailer…

credits: okchicago


It looks like we’re gonna be in for a FUN RIDE… with KDW, Im Soo Jung and Kim Yeon Seok all looking so freaking bad-ass in the trailer.  Definitely a movie SO NOT to be MISSED!

December 2009 can’t come soon enough!