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YES it’s coming, this 2nd Feb!


Kang Ji Hwan‘s drama comeback, Incarnation of Money‘s first official teaser!


It looks pretty intriguing albeit a tad conventional, but more than anything, it’s KANG.JI.HWAN! Now if PD-writer team could just do their magic once more, surprise me (again). Be awesome. Be crackstatic. I have nothing more to ask.

credits: rmfladmf1 @ youtube


Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?



No better news than having a fav of mine on board a drama that I’m looking forward to so much. Think of Giant, think of History of the Salaryman, think of the freaking genius writer and PD team who gave us those dramas. I’m good with Eun Jung, even better and OK with Hwang Jung Eum (I freaking adore her!). But more than anything, KANG JI HWAN! Finally you’re in for something solid, a drama in which you may get to shine and showcase your talents. If you do this right, I’m so going to forgive you for the earlier crap that you’d done (Lie To Me and Runway Cop alike). Continue reading Reincarnated Kang Ji Hwan?

Kim Hyung Joon’s “ESCAPE” MV 2nd Teaser + Posters: Kang Ji Hwan

That’s what you call a heartbreaking outburst and outpour of emotions. Tears, snot and whatnot, crying is not about looking good or natural. Your face crumpled and squished, you look nothing near pretty. And you can’t deny that Kang Ji Hwan does it best when it comes to giving it his all in the crying department. When he breaks loose, he does it like an unrestrained crybaby. He doesn’t look good at it at all IMO. But that’s how it’s supposed to be.

KJH has been keeping a fairly low profile since forever, I think ever since he joined his new company (all the hooha about his contract dispute remember? I think I’d posted about it abt 2 years back.)? He’s appeared in projects here and there, but overall he’s been pretty low key about making appearances. Kinda miss him in the limelight TBH. But it’s probably better for him and his new (current) management.

Continue reading Kim Hyung Joon’s “ESCAPE” MV 2nd Teaser + Posters: Kang Ji Hwan

Internet is so frigging slow T__T + KJH stuff + CN Blue

This is soooo bad I want to cry! Internet at home has been down for 2 days, and I can’t hide my shameless addiction no more. I cannot live without my K-drama.T_____T The broadband customer service guy must have wondered why I called for assistance, since we do encounter such problems for a day or 2 regularly twice or thrice a year. I used to be able to live with it. You know, I could just go watch TV with mom, go for a movie or 2 with friends and stuff while I wait for them to fix the problem. It’s not that big a deal right?!

Well apparently it wouldn’t be or wouldn’t have been, if SUFBB didn’t just end this week, if Lee Je Hoon isn’t in Fashion King, and if 3 new dramas (with my fav boys/guys – Seung Gi babe, Micky and UhmForce) didn’t just begin airing like yesterday?! I’m messing with thoughts that the internet won’t or might not be able to resume to normal even by the end of the week _u$_)*#)(u_#*#(+#( and I know I will be in a sobfest knowing that I will not be up-to-date spazzing with my chinggus who are all so well ahead of me.

Oh, EIA and Min Ki, I can only rely on you to make me smile and laugh a bit (I have 5 more eps to the ending). 2 -3 days perhaps? Pretty please God please shower upon the internet line or cables or whatever your grace, that whatever problems will be sent away, and it will be miraculously healed before I sink deeper into morbid frustration you don’t want to see or know about. Yes, it can be incredibly ugly if I dun get my K-drama fix.

Some other stuff here

Guess who?

Yeap, my mind has been invaded by ABS lately. Just got off tweeting my chinggus about how cutie Kim Bum has changed…ermm.. manned up lately? 4 years ago he was this sweet big bro in EOE, 2.5 years ago he played the charming playboy in BOF with that much loved (or hated haha) smirk, a year plus this grey-haired rocker in Woman Who Wants To Marry, and NOW? Have you seen Padam Padam?

But hey, that’s not the point. And the above picture isn’t Kim Bum’s bod indeed.  So who is he? And why is he not showing us his FRONT? arrrrhhhhh…

Answer after the jump!

Kang Ji Hwan and Yoon Eun Hye’s COLA Kiss

Deng. Didn’t see this coming no?

Frankly speaking, I didn’t see it coming either. I dropped Lie To Me ages ago, and I have no single urge or inkling to continue whatsoever.

But hey, who says I can’t indulge in KangJiHwansmooching-ness! (&u_)**$_)*_#()+$*#*#*(=-9

Yoon Eun Hye is famous for her on-screen kissing, and how she really gets into them every single time. This one’s very much milder than Goong‘s or Coffee Prince‘s, but still, you know a real kissing scene when you see it.

That was a really hot kiss for sure. And a real one (not just peck on the lips, or mesh of the lips).

But that’s about it.

I still did not feel a thing for Ki Joon or Ah Jung or for/between both of them (after seeing the kiss), where’s the connection?!!! But then, maybe that’s because I haven’t seen nothing with them after Ep 3. And maybe I just didn’t like their individual characters (trust me, I like both actors). This could have been really good, but I guess, you can’t have everything.

At least I enjoyed it whilst it lasted.

Be still my heart…

Oh my, oh my… be still my oh ever thumping heart!

SBS has been doing Lie To Me / YEH and most of all, Kang Ji Hwan fans lots and lots of favours lately. Pictures after pictures, trailers after trailers. There just isn’t enough to cater to our continuous yearnings and cravings for more.

Oh wellz, I’m happy enough. Though I didn’t really LOVE the trailers like many did, being able to see Kang Ji Hwan on-screen again is just HEAVEN. If you need an actor who can do funny stuff serious, you can definitely count on my man. Yeah, my MAN! (sorry DB!)

credits: naver

“If looks could kill, I’d have been dead a million times by now.”