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LDH and Jang Hyuk aim to strike 3rd time charm?

I am seriously boggled by this news. Like seriously boggled.

Lee Da Hae and Jang Hyuk again, their 3rd collaboration in 5 years. Their 3rd! o_____0 I mean it’s fine by me that both of them are coming back to drama land (since I adore them both and absolutely loved them in Robbers and Chuno). But this is so freaking insane and unbelievable in the most ridiculous sense, WTH is this?!!! I mean, how often do you get recurring OTPs in your K-dramas? It’s been historically proven to be impossible (at least in my 15 yrs of K-drama watching)! Now really? A 3rd?

When the rumors spread on last week, I tossed it aside, taking it with a grain a salt, thinking that it would never materialise. I actually secretly wished that it wouldn’t come true because I didn’t like the idea of IRIS2, thought IRIS was a bling-mess of boredom and nothing else even with Lee Byung Hun and honestly hoped that LDH could work with another male co-star this time around. I love JH with all my heart and he has good chemistry with LDH, no doubt about that, but this is just… boring?

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MyungRi goes for it, YuRi tanks? Maybe not…

EGAD! Major egadddds! *ripgal’s jaw drops right to the floor*

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but what’s that?!!! o____0 LDH’s first all-out bed scene?

Skip if you’re averse to MyungRi, but oh wait, there’s YuRi too!

Miss Ripley – Jang Miri


Oops, mind the expletive. I need to rant.

Lee Da Hae, I bow before you.

You see, I actually doubted my girl way before the Ripley premier. I said she hammed her expressions a bit too much. I said she went overboard. I said I wanted to see her work her talent off and prove her worth. I said I wanted more than what she was capable of.

I cannot believe I said that!

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Ripley Trailers and Press Con Pics

You know I wouldn’t miss posting this yeah!

Press con for Ripley was held yesterday, with all the cast looking really radiant and happy! 😀 Da Hae looked good as usual (but I wish she would wear something else than black all the time), Kim Seung Woo dashing in blue, Kang Hye Jung adorable and Micky oh Micky, soooooo handsome and cute with that big wide smile of his <333.

More Ripley goodies here

Ripley Official Poster and Stills revealed

One word – WOW!

Looks like Ripley is fully geared up for its release end of this month huh? From its recent stills to the poster above, you know that they’re aiming for something different.  Just look at that! I have no words.

Ripley buzz continues to blow my mind, here are more individual Ripley posters of the leads

Ripley meets Yutaka


We finally get to see some official stills of Ripley for once.  We’ve been showered with so many May goodies lately (eg. countless Best Love and Lie To Me stills and teasers)  that Ripley’s almost getting buried under the stack. With everyone heaping and mounting anticipation over the former 2, I’m kind of glad that Ripley’s playing a bit low-key. Compared to Best Love which has a strong and solid main couple, and Lie To Me which has 2 of the most popular and charming stars on board, Ripley appears to be relatively weak.  Doesn’t help when it stars popular Micky Yoo Chun against the not so likeable Lee Da Hae (general consensus? but so not me tho)

But oh wellz you know me, whatever Lee Da Hae does, she has my full 100% support! And I so hope that this will be the underdog drama which will come up and shock people out of their minds.

More stills from the filming of Miri and Yutaka’s first meeting: