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Seung Gi’s tears in K2H16

That should have been Jae Ha. Jae Ha’s tears. T_T But darn, I cannot possibly do this without mentioning what a shocking jaw-dropping revelation Seung Gi was in the most recent episode of K2H. I don’t care what the detractors or naysayers have to say about him anymore.I don’t freaking care anymore. Because you feel what you see, and you believe what you feel. All I care about, and all I can think about right now at this very moment, is how he had blown me off waters with his gripping performance in the very last scene of Ep 16. A show and outpour of emotions so explosive and heartbreaking that the last similar performance I could think of was Jang Hyuk’s tour de force in Chuno (and that’s gotta mean something). So raw, so heartfelt and so real it would have gotten you to ponder on the amount of effort/skill he had to summon just to bring out those emotions.  It was truly amazing because I was totally expecting to be wowed, after having read countless and heaps of praises for him. But when it happened, I succumbed all the same. It rendered me a hopeless drained wreck. Tears kept streaming down my cheeks I couldn’t stop. What kind of magic pill had Seung Gi consumed? For him to have displayed such earth-shattering crying skills?

If you think you’ve seen the best of Seung Gi in Ep 7/8, wait until you’ve seen Ep 16. You will be mindfucked. A 100% revelation of a Seung Gi you have never EVER seen before.

Some thoughts on Ep 15/16


Upcoming kissies galore!

We love our K-dramas, love it when our OTPs bicker and fight, love it when our OTPs are all cute and playful, blissful and happy. But we all know that, deep in the bottomest fanshippy and romantic hearts of ours, there is nothing lovelier than having our OTP fan-fuel their chemistry with sizzling and heart-burning smoooooooches. We’re no more than hungry pervies hunting for that perfectly executed KISS! K-dramas have had their fair share of WOWing and MEHBLEH kisses (it all started from peck on the lips and STILL movement kiss, wth’s that?!!). In all true honesty, they’re still miles behind compared to their Chungmuro counterparts and even TW dramas..  but in recent years, tides have turned, things have taken for the better… we have LEGIT kisses now!

God bless me I think I’ve been a good girl the past week. Cos in return and as a reward for my obedience, the drama gods have decided to shower me with goodies so sweet that may well just catapult me to the highest of clouds and heavens above.  And as a die-hard romantic at heart, you can assure I’ll be walking on air with melting goo all over when the scenes play before me.

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Current dramas UPDATE

1. A Wife’s Credentials

Finished this drama about 2 weeks ago, so technically it shouldn’t be lumped along with the dramas I’m watching right now (they’re nowhere near), but felt the need to give it an honorary mention in here. I’d originally intended to do up a review for this drama, as it more than deserves one for its exquisite and fine quality. But God bless me writing, for I fear I may not be able to bring out the beauty and brilliance of this wonderfully written, directed and acted drama. I’m so unworthy.

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K2Hearts 7&8: Heart ripped

This is something totally unexpected, something which totally took my surprise, swept me off my feet, body, mind, soul and sent me into drama cloud 9. I was truly expecting K2Hearts to disappoint. I was expecting it to be a failure to be honest. I wasn’t entirely intrigued by the concept of 2 individuals of extremely drastic backgrounds (from NK and SK) falling in love, and I certainly didn’t see any working potential in LSG and HJW making it work as a couple. Even the trailers turned me off. Everything was just plain cut out to be a drab in the beginning. Or so I thought.

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K2Hearts First Impressions: WIN WIN WIN!

I love this show. STATTTT!

I don’t care if Seung Gi is playing a recurring character (Hwan in BL and Woong in Gumiho), I don’t care if Ha Ji Won’s doing kickass AGAIN, and I already don’t even give a damn about how I’m slightly bothered by the leads’ sorta OTT slapstickish acting, and how irritating HJW sounds in her North Korean accent (she still sounds annoying). Because all I care about the show now – is that I’m enjoying it SO SO SO MUCH. I love it.

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