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Lee Bum Soo for SURE!

2 words.



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Current dramas: Slump


Dramas that should be, could be, should have been, and could have been. I’m watching 3 current dramas right now, and none of them, I mean literally NONE OF THEM, hooks. At all.  Even with the hotties, eye-candies, pretties, the solid performances, you name em, even with LDH and Hyukie! The only saving grace that is and has been preventing me from cursing at the insufferable thankfully, is Queen In Soo and ILICDD (which I have just finished last night in tears of happiness). Which aren’t even  current dramas, and which I don’t even want to mention in the same sentence as the pile of  inferior quality I’m subjected to.

Year 2012 was a wonderful year for dramas, packed with gems and break-outs, filled with surprises and shocking revelations. I guess you can’t have it all. Luck doesn’t strike every time.

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Excited for no other reason than…


… that Shin Ha Kyun‘s coming back to the big and small screens soon!

You already know that he’s been confirmed to come back in All About My Love alongside Han Hye Jin and many others (no Im Soo Jung is a major BOOOO T__T but I can still do with HHJ). But I don’t know if many know that he’s actually filmed a movie titled The Running Man last year, the only prominent project that he’d participated in after his big hit Brain.

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The leading characters of IRIS2

Hahaha, I like this nonsense. Can’t stress how hilarious Taewon are going all out in their marketing of the drama and its “leading characters”.

Gotta see for yourself!

The cars are damn FINE, and the explosions look uh-mazing, but HWAT I’m gonna see those cars blow up one by one and die? Just like that?!! There better be more spare ones in NSS.

I do like the brief Hyuk-Hae interaction in the ad tho (reminds me of their Robber days). And  Lee Bum Soo is SO HOT and already rawks badass like no other! I doubt we’re gonna have a good story or anything, the action and bling might just swallow everything, the romance might even fall flat with so many characters and sub-plots in play. But somehow, I am – EXCITED.

If the cast were this lovely and fun during the press con/media showcase:

credits: Soompi IRIS 2 thread / apqaria /youtube

History of The Salaryman: Half-way mark musings

Oh how much do I love thee, Bang-Yeo Chi-Hang Woo-Woo Hee?! How can all of you be so awesome daebak wonderful in so many many many ways?

Not like this needs reminding or anything, but History of The Salaryman totally rawkz! It rawks so hard like nobody’s business, so hard that I have a hard time containing my inexplicable love for this drama. It’s been ages since I’ve been so in love with a drama because of it’s all around quality (story, characters, dynamics, acting, chemistry, direction..etc…EVERYTHING!). It’s just so full of epic that I can’t help myself from bombarding twitter-ville with my incessant squees and ravings  (I may have been on a bout of spoilers, miahne). It’s pure genius.

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YOWZA!! What a great way to start 2012~

I think 2012 is out to ruin me. It is going to ruin me so bad that I probably won’t have time for LIFE anymore (and not that I’d have enuff since ppl are predicting that we’re headed for doom this year aiks). Not only am I in a terribly sticky Shin Ha Kyun addiction, which ya know, is costing me half my personal life (searching for stuff about him online, videos, interviews and whatsoever relating to him), and isn’t waning anytime soon; I am also suffering from a severe overload of dramas. TOO MANY DRAMAS! >___<

Just to update, I have one episode to the end of Me Too Flower (meh drama, I really have no idea why I watched this in the first place, my vote for worst Kim Do Woo rom-com), 4 more episodes of Brain (oh how much I love you so Shin Ha Kyun ssi, but I can’t wait for you to end already; you’re getting overly repetitive and senseless *my BRAINY gals please don’t throw stones at me* 😛 ), am half-way thru Fermentation Family (love the writer and PD team, but FF isn’t quite what I’d expected from them; it’s visually attractive and mind-soothing alright, but it lacks the genius and intelligence that I’d seen in Mawang?) and just got started with Special Investigation Team TEN (very slickly executed first 2 episodes; the first case was just downright mind-blowingly twisted and unpredictable; whoever wrote it deserves a standing ovation o_0).

I am also looking forward to a slew of upcoming dramas, just to name a few: Wild Romance (no way I’m going to miss this, for the Wookie and Park Yeon Seon love, and for the crazy ahjumma-permish Lee Shi Young), MoonSun (which just premiered yesterday night, tell me how should I live with this?!!! OTTOKE?! Just by having to choose between Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo racks my brain, I am in serious shizz arrhhh…), Hanbando (not many know about this, but it’s a North-South Korea spy thriller starring Hwang Jung Min and Kim Jung Eun just in case you need to know), Fashion King (this just for Lee Je Hoon who surprised me with his fine acting in Bleak Night and Front Line; I know more will be tuning in for Yoo Ah In whom I adore as well, but if anything, it’s Lee Je Hoon FTW for me) and this new drama called Mask or something by Joo Won (ahhhh, my lovely puppy!) and the adorable Jung Yu Mi (from Thousand Days’ Promise).

And before I forget to mention, History of Salaryman!

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