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I am back.

Because because becauseeeeeee….


My Girl


I haven’t watched a single K-drama in 2 months, but for this, for them, for Dong-Hae, my shipper heart <3333, I don’t care if it suxballs, WILL WATCH NO MATTER WHAT!

Never gets old ~

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Current dramas: Slump


Dramas that should be, could be, should have been, and could have been. I’m watching 3 current dramas right now, and none of them, I mean literally NONE OF THEM, hooks. At all.  Even with the hotties, eye-candies, pretties, the solid performances, you name em, even with LDH and Hyukie! The only saving grace that is and has been preventing me from cursing at the insufferable thankfully, is Queen In Soo and ILICDD (which I have just finished last night in tears of happiness). Which aren’t even  current dramas, and which I don’t even want to mention in the same sentence as the pile of  inferior quality I’m subjected to.

Year 2012 was a wonderful year for dramas, packed with gems and break-outs, filled with surprises and shocking revelations. I guess you can’t have it all. Luck doesn’t strike every time.

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Pictorial time: The Ladies of MARIE CLAIRE


This has to be my favourite LDH photo mag spread EVER, as in EVER.  She dons a pixie cut, is clad in weird black and white, and looks the most bold and bodacious out-of-comfort zone I’ve ever seen from her. One of them in particular, is so uncomfortable and somewhat sickening to look at you almost want to turn away at first glance. But to me, it only reinforces one thing – that she is definitely trying new things. With IRIS 2 and her recent INSTYLE spreads, it’s become more and more apparent that she wants to break out of her safe zone, and is trying to step out further away from her prim pretty image she’s been stuck with for years.

I can hope that this venture or thought of hers will extend further, into her career choices and considerations in particular. If you want to try something new girl, I hope you will pick a credible writer director or even a role that doesn’t just tap on the surface.  We all know what I’m talking about. I can take anything you know, even if role requires you do something like what you’re doing below.

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The leading characters of IRIS2

Hahaha, I like this nonsense. Can’t stress how hilarious Taewon are going all out in their marketing of the drama and its “leading characters”.

Gotta see for yourself!

The cars are damn FINE, and the explosions look uh-mazing, but HWAT I’m gonna see those cars blow up one by one and die? Just like that?!! There better be more spare ones in NSS.

I do like the brief Hyuk-Hae interaction in the ad tho (reminds me of their Robber days). And  Lee Bum Soo is SO HOT and already rawks badass like no other! I doubt we’re gonna have a good story or anything, the action and bling might just swallow everything, the romance might even fall flat with so many characters and sub-plots in play. But somehow, I am – EXCITED.

If the cast were this lovely and fun during the press con/media showcase:

credits: Soompi IRIS 2 thread / apqaria /youtube

Random on LDH and ILICDD

Oh yes, some random stuff on LDH after having not updated on our girl for some time. There isn’t much, girl is enjoying her holiday spree in the States right now, giving us updates from time to time thru weibo and twitter. She’s having the time of the world vacationing and relaxing obviously, her pics show that plainly and blatantly. They’re a bit posey and purposely shot (she’s quite the camera attentive lover we know) but hey, as long as she’s happy and having fun.

Now there’s this something that I’m curious and haven’t been able to get my hands on, even having been her fan of the longest of time. Her family migrated to Sydney when she was young, she studied there for a bit (hence her mildly decent grasp on the English language), came back to Korea to pursue an acting career. I think her family moved back with her, because she never really mentioned about her going back to Sydney or anything since, and her brother’s currently living in Seoul. But the thing that’s been elusive and has never been explained (prolly nobody cared), she’s also always flying to the States for holidays and stuff, and in her recent tweet, she even mentioned that she’s been paying electric bills and water bills for her mom while doing her day job as mommy’s driver there. I dunno, either mom’s living there or they have a family holiday home there. :/ I know she hails from a well off well-to-do family, but in fact, as a fan, I just realized that I knew so little.

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Happy Birthday MY GIRL!~

Yeap, it’s MY GIRL’s big day today!!! ^___^

I’ve been a fan of Da Hae for the longest of time, if not, the longest I have ever been a fan of any Korean actor or actress ever. I remember watching her on screen for the very first time in My Girl, and was immediately won over, by her vim and vigor, spunk and cheerfulness. Whilst people lamented and cringed over her OTT-ness in the drama, I adored her character Yoo Rin and portrayal to bits. I rooted for her, cheered for her and vowed to be someone as positive as she was. Yes, there were lots of crying histrionics and drama, but ultimately, whatever YR did for GC, the funny, laughs and everything, she made me happy. So happy and filled with fun that I still remember them so vividly in my mind. I was that in love.

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