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I am back.

Because because becauseeeeeee….


My Girl


I haven’t watched a single K-drama in 2 months, but for this, for them, for Dong-Hae, my shipper heart <3333, I don’t care if it suxballs, WILL WATCH NO MATTER WHAT!

Never gets old ~

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Saeng Il Chuka Hae, Wookie!

It’s been a while eh? The thing about having so many and too many ILUS, forgetting is inevitable. But of course, having been a fan of Wookie for so many years (7 years!), I cannot possibly not remember his big day, the day he was born! ^^

I’ve been quite outdated and slow on his news recently, apart from checking his baidu bar weibo for updates and stuff (and not doing anything about it like before, perhaps I’ve grown older to know better fandom is overrated), I’ve pretty much been the neglectful fan. But it’s good to know that he’s doing great MC-ing for Strong Heart, read comments here and there about people appreciating the heart and life he brings to the show, and am so happy and proud for him. He can be a bit cold and deadpan, sometimes a bit taciturn, sometimes a tad tacky, but I like that he’s giving it all, he’s trying his best in something new and challenging to him. The show might not be able to reach heights achieved by the Hodong-Seung Gi tandem, but I believe he will be able to find a niche of his in this field.

Here’s wishing him a happy wonderful 31st Birthday (32nd in Korean) and a soaring career ahead! Saranghae Oppa! ❤ ❤

A reminiscence of one of Wookie’s more emotionally heartfelt dramas, Scent of a Woman with the awesome Kim Sun Ah. Drama may not have ended up a fav of mine (some sappy and over-wrought writing towards the end threw me off), but there’s no denying it had one of the more endearing OTP relationships ever. And not to mention, one of the more sexiness-charged dances ever shown on TV *I nearly drowned*.


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Wild Romance: Cutest confession EVER!

Park Yeon Seon, ahhhhh, you blow my MIND! That cliffhanger at the end of WR14, just made me o______0.

Yes, it’s totally sinking in. T__T Wild Romance is ending in 2 days, and I’m sulking bad now because I know that I won’t have Mu Yeol and Eun Jae to laugh along with anymore, no more Robot Manager and quirky Dong Ah to make me roll on the floor, and no more Dong Soo/Soo Young/Reporter Go/and cutie Chuno prince Woo Young. 😦 The only good thing about parting ways with WR is that I don’t have to see Granny Jong Hee anymore.

Ep 13 and Ep 14 kicked major arse, with the various romance plots moving on full gear and with the stalker issue heightened to a climax that I’d totally expected, but was never fully prepared for it to still hit me so hard. But of all, I loved this scene the most:

Major CUTENESS overload!!! <333

Can I have my own Mu Yeol pleaseeeee? Pretty please?

I’d trade anything to be in Eun Jae’s place darn.


Wild Romance, you be the death of me…

…if your coming episode are going to be as wacky hilarious as your first!

And you did not just make me gag myself in laughter for a whole one hour last night. Oh no you didn’t.

I haven’t seen MoonSun yet, so I’ll reserve judgment. But Wild Romance, it is SO MY CUP OF TEA HUMOR! I love it. It’s so deliriously madly stupid and comical I really can’t take it seriously lol. You know, it will probably be not as loved as MoonSun (sagueks usually draw big crowd watchers, and we all know how BIG Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il Woo are), it may never be taken seriously, or may not beat History of Salaryman in terms of solidness of plot, but I love it. I LOVE IT SO MUCH ALREADY.

Yes, I’m one biased viewer. I love Wookie to death, and I love the writer even more for having penned few of my favorites in the past (the awesome awesome Alone In Love being on of them). But aside from those facts and the fact that I love comedy and quirk silly done good, it’s actually the surprisingly spot on Lee Shi Young whom I’m loving so much in here. She is so utterly WANJEON DAEBAK!~~

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Random prattling…

Goodness gracious, how time flies. Blink blink, it’s already December. And blink again, Christmas is here?!! Just a year ago I was planning and thinking and pondering on how I’d make year 2011 a fruitful and productive year, on how I’d strive to be more motivated at work. And on how I’d kick some ass and find the man of my dreams. A year later now, guess what?

NOTHING has changed, I’m still me.  Demotivated, dull and still single as ever.

A week without blogging has obviously taken a toll on my writing skills, I couldn’t even write a word arhhhhh!!! o_0 Or perhaps I’ve just been too blown away by the awesomeness of White Tower and Kim Myung Min (yeap, been watching and marathoning), nothing else mattered. Even when my  fav OTP Joseph and Rainie dream shattered into pieces a few days back (R was rumored heavily to be dating that smarmy tatoo lad Sunny Wang), I just thought,”Oh well, there goes my dream OTP. As long as they’re happy as friends.” And I moved on with life as if nothing had happened.

Some random stuff

Lee Dong Wook in Kim Dong Ryul’s Replay MV [UPDATE: Confirmed for Wild Romance]

Another Wookie goodie! *ripgal squeeeeees hard*

He’s definitely really on a roll right now huh? In just a span of 2 weeks, I’ve already seen 4 pictorials featuring the man! Workaholic Wookie, you just got back from MS like about 4 months ago? Where is the break you deserve? 😮

But of course, who am I to complain when he’s not. And why should I? More Wookie = more <33333333.


I’ve always thought Wookie could use a bit of improvement in his melo/crying skills. Cos frankly IMHO, he doesn’t look very convincing and natural at times. But in the MV, he totally and successfully sold to me the desperation and desolation of a heartbroken (or should I say angered?) man. Loved his outburst of emotions at the every end. It felt so real tears nearly formed in my eyes.

And Kim Dong Ryul? The man’s got some voice.

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