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It’s raining MEN!


Oh yes, it’s pouring men all over.  I want all of em! <333

None of the fluff dramas I’m watching atm are of any good class quality, none of them. I love my Shin Ha Kyun to death but All About My Romance just doesn’t cut it as much as I’d expected it to or wanted it to, its brand of OTT and silliness grates me and writer just craps writing politics. Gu Family Book bore me to tears the 1st 2 eps I nearly wanted to drop but persisted for my yearning to see Seung Gi puppy again. Jang Ok Jeong’s better than the rest but still has glaring flaws sticking out like sore thumbs of all. Nine is probably the most intriguing one for me right now but I’m kinda iffy on how the time traveling thing works. TBVH, I would have concluded this drama season a slump…

…if not for my eternal weakness, my weak softy spot for the men in K-dramas. I know, pathetic me, my heart’s that weak.

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All About My Love goodies


Shin Ha Kyun, back!

I have no time to write about stuff, brain’s drained from all the workass stress I can’t even think or write coherently.

Gonna drop some All About My Love goodies and scoot. ~

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Another Dr. Lee Kang Hoon in the making?


Yep FINALLY! Official stills from Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung‘s drama “All About My Love“. Now drama world is in order (have you any idea how long I’ve waited for this?!!).

Looks very much like our beloved neurosurgeon Dr. Lee from Brain, hand gesture and expression wise esp. The eyes WAAHHHHHH. Chinese fans have been worried stiff that he’d be sporting a fugly wavy ajusshi hair in the drama (as seen from his Running Man press con pics), they’re still pretty much stuck in his Brain days I’m not surprised LOL. But it looks like it ain’t gonna matter anymore, just look up again.

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BIG, Yoo just owned my heart (Ep 1-6)

Love oh love, it can be cherry cute rainbow puppies happy. One flies to the heavens above, dances in the cotton fluff clouds, sees nothing but the best and ideal of the other..etc. Pure bliss. But one does not forget, in hindsight, that love can also be painful, bittersweet and heart-rending, esp when things are thrown in the unknown end. It can crush your fragile heart, tear you apart, as the giver, the receiver and the one-sided cherish-er.

The Hong Sis have done it again, albeit a bit differently this time. BIG maintains the sisters’ trademark cute and funny, the formulaic OTP set-up, the dramatics..etc. But some elements are noticeably different and so obviously un-HongSis. The vibe and their touches on story and character – they’re more focused and refined. They’re not as superficial and shouty as before. None of the characters are realistic, by any means (Hong Sis never do realism). The plot caricatures in term story and characters, they’re still there. Strokes of histrionics created for the sake of drama, there. They’re glaring obvious, but I’m not annoyed or turned off so much as to be bothered the whole day, BIG is somehow connecting with me really good. Quality or not.

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Lee Min Jung’s Besti Belli 2011 Spring Collection


Isn’t Lee Min Jung just gorgeous?!

She’s practically got it all now. Beauty. Talent. Charm.

Her latest photos for Besti Belli’s 2011 Spring Collection prove very well that she’s on her way to pawning the modeling world as well.  Chic rawkz every single outfit like no other!




credits: besti belli website/ baidu

I want all those clothes!!!!!! *(y^)($&)(#&_#*_))*_)#*

She has everything to pull the outfits off whilst I don’t have the money to even get the belt.  Sighs.

But just looking at her makes me happy. Nothing short of a brilliant way to start off the Lunar New Year 2011! See pretty stuff! 😀

Happy Lunar New Year peepz!



MIDAS New Stills and Teaser


Please don’t mind the squees, glees and screams, cos I’m just SO excited that Hyuk is coming back to drama THIS SOON. 28th February 2011 is the BIG DAY!

Love the man, love his dedication, love his workaholic attitude. But most of all, I love that he always manages to make time for MORE.  I won’t get tired seeing him act, seriously. He just got done filming Client with Ha Jung Woo and Park Ha Seon, then immediately dove into Midas. Was rumored to be confirmed for an upcoming sageuk titled Tree With Deep Roots. And today I just read that he’s confirmed to star in another movie titled “Evil Seed?”!! He’s totally going ALL OUT nowadays.. I know you’re hardworking and you wanna earn more $$$ for your wife/children, but man, you’ve gotta get some rest!

Back to Midas,  I have earlier on groused on Hyuk’s decision to take on this drama.  Not because I’m not happy that hes not having enough rest (he really needs IT!), it’s the scriptwriter whom I’m having qualms with. I don’t exactly dislike  Choi Wan Gyu, granted that I’ve professed my fondness towards some of his previous dramas in the past eg. All In, Gourmet.  I think he has ways of telling stories capable of engaging a viewer’s interest and tho he’s not great and all, there’s just something about his works which magically makes people want to follow thru till the very end.  Negative stuff? I’ve heard enough and will not elaborate more. I just hope that he’ll be able to bring out the best in Hyuk as well as the other cast. The PD, Kang Shin Hyo who directed Hyuk’s  gambling hit Tazza, is relatively unfamiliar to me as I’ve not seen any of his other works. I did not finish Tazza, but I liked what I saw in the first few episodes. Again, me hopes he’ll be able to capture the best in Hyuk, just like how and what PD Kwak did with him in Chuno.

Kim Hee Ae, I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything so I cannot comment. But Lee Min Jung, I’m definitely checking her out. I admit I haven’t finished a full project of hers, even the generally well-received Smile, You which elevated her to her hallyu fame today. But I found her acting to be very natural and charismatic in what I’ve seen so far.  And she has this very natural aura devoid of gloss and glam, something which is rarely seen nowadays in the entertainment industry.

I’m not sure about the premise of the drama which revolves around corporate conspiracies, stocks, markets and whatnot.  Nothing about the genre interests me save for the fact that Hyuk’s in it, and playing a hot chaebol. He’s a winner for sure, and I’m looking forward to him tackling the 2 women! Haha, you saw it, I’m more into the triangular romance. 😛

Ooops, did I forget to mention about those flawless Midas stills? Yeap, Kim Hee Ae looks confident, Hyuk cool but sad, and Min Jung, gorgeous. If there’s anything about Midas that I like for now, it’s the cast. Hands down.

Teaser anyone?

credits: yamapatz @ youtube