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Reviews: The Helpless (2012). Blue Gate Crossing (2002).

2 movies. A decade apart, an ocean far wide apart.

My dramas may have been grating on my nerves lately (AGD, Ghost and Big all of them, I can’t even!), but I’m fortunate to have enough stock of downloaded movies to watch when I’m hit by the dramas.go.away.bug. Watched Helpless and Blue Gate Crossing the past few days, and I can only be grateful and thankful for the wonderful spectrum of art offered to us in the form of the big reel regardless of country or language. I don’t feel that much irritated or annoyed as before, at least I’ve got some good stuff etched on my mind.

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A Review: White Tower and Kim Myung Min


Like many who loved White Tower, if I were to describe the drama in ONE word, absolutely no single viewer or soul would disagree or differ from what I have to say – KIM MYUNG MIN.

Kim Myung Min is truly, a force of nature. A class and a league of his own and above others. I’ve seen him in some other projects before White Tower (Bad Family) and had already known back then that this actor’s different. He isn’t what you would call the typical handsome looking Korean ajusshi, but he ain’t unattractive or ugly either. Point is however, it really doesn’t make a difference. It really doesn’t matter, whether people think he’s hot or handsome or ugly or whatever, he has something else which is measurably lacking in a lot of actors nowadays.

Never-ending dedication to his art and profession.

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The intrigue of Triple – PART 1

Before I start, let me just share with you my recent food cravings…^^










I tried to choose one, but in the end, I decided that it’s pretty stupid. Cos how on earth do you choose when you love them all? The answer is nope – it’s pretty much impossible. So what do I do?

I share it with all of ya of course~~

It’s triple the fun and joy. So why not?

And oh, here’s a piece of waffer to complete the picture! ^^


Wang~~~ Wang~~~

So I was anticipating Triple for quite some time, even before my beloved Lee Jung Jae was cast as Hwal (the main character), who was supposed to be played by Kang Ji Hwan, and who happens (coincidentally?) to be another one of my beloved (mind this crazy girl here, she has tonnes of beloveds..). Not only was KJH an alluring factor, it almost was icing on the cake when it was announced that Lee Seon Mi, of Capital Scandal and Coffee Prince fame, was to pen this PD Lee script! It was pure heaven for me. Everything just seemed so perfect… UNTIL…. they confirmed their female lead choice – Min Hyo Rin. Well she was cast first, along with Jung Il Woo, but then Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Seon Mi penning the script were not confirmed yet at that time. So it didn’t bother me too much, I wasn’t very interested.  But when KJH’s name was mentioned later on, my heart leaped in excitement…and then sunk the minute I thought of MHR (I totally forgot about her!).  Immediately, the degree of my excitement went from 100 to zero… well, maybe not zero (cos KJH was still in, and with the addition of Lee Seon Gyeon and Yoon Kye Sang), maybe 20? I was disappointed. Because firstly, I was hoping they’d change their mind and cast someone more age appropriate to match the guys. Second, I was hoping and hoping for Da Hae to get the role (not that she was even or ever considered, but you know how I love her, just had to mention her), and lastly, Min Hyo Rin looked like a kid, and she was to be paired up with either one of the guys, who looked so much more older than her! It certainly didn’t help when Kang Ji Hwan’s like a favorite of mine… when Lee Seon Gyeon’s got a sexy voice, and when Yoon Kye Sang’s smiles are just capable of melting hearts. Yeap, I was jealous…..T___T

Well, thru some bumps and hurdles, Triple was all ready and set to commence. By that time, Lee Jung Jae was already cast, along with Lee Ha Na and Kim Hee. Even with that, I still wasn’t able to get myself together to appreciate the female casting. Not a great fan of LHN, and was a tad apprehensive of Kim Hee, with her being a total newbie at acting. But I just hung on…for the sake of the ice-cream, cake and the cookie…

And here I am now, loving every single bite of it. Junk food never tasted this good! (and with some waffer to add to its already so yummy flavor~)


The story and direction

The plot is pretty simple and straightforward. It essentially revolves around the  world of young people striving and thriving to realize their dreams and aspirations, therein mixed with a lil bit of romance, friendship..etc (and oopss, don’t forget the sub-plots focusing on the grey-areas/blurry-boundaries – check out the synopsis). With no over-emphasis on glossy or fluffy stuff, the drama boasts of a really comfortable, relaxing and soothing mood/tone- which kind of makes you want to drop everything in your hands, have fun and just feel. The atmosphere is relaxing and cute, and even with the sorta complicated/complex sub-plots, you don’t feel too tensed or strained. It’s still fun all the way.

That’s what I appreciate of PD Lee’s direction. She has a knack of projecting very normal and un-dramatic (or rather, less dramatic) pictures of life in her dramas. She doesn’t overdo, nor does she downplay the essence of what she wants to project on screen. I quote dramabean’s comment on how she always gives her characters space to grow and develop. I fully and heartily concur with that comment. Knowing how sometimes Kdrama characters can be so over-bearing, over-done and over-exaggerated, the characters  in Triple are like a breath of fresh air.  For instance, the beauty (and cool-ness!) of  Hwal/Hae Yoon/Hyun Tae/ Sang Hee’s friendship lies in their interactions they have with each other. There is suitable moderation of everything, from wittiness, humor and to their occasionally unabashed attitude towards each other. It makes you feel as if you’re living in their world, and they’re livin in ours. You want to have friends like them, you want to live like them. The feeling is just nice and comfortable.

What impresses me the most in PD Lee’s execution of the storyline is that, despite her allowance of her characters/actors to do their thing, she doesn’t forget to add some intricate touches to the most minute details possible. For example, the morning messy hair, the daily morning routine of the characters (waking up, washing up, pee-ing…etc), the less than needed make-up..etc.  The characters come off more realistic and real than you can expect. Nothing too fanciful or far-fetched, it’s all done moderately with subtlety to add to perfection.

The Characters

The characters in Triple, all have their own unique charms and quirks. They may project a certain image, but dig deeper, and you will discover a different side to their apparent personality. In each character lies a story to be discovered.

The Guys


Hwal– A happy go luck guy. Serious, capable and dedicated in his work, but is not an all dull Jack. Knows how to have fun, and is smoulderingly smexy when he flashes that smile of his. Essentially, a guy who you’d want to have as a boyfriend and husband. But here comes the interesting bit, inside he’s waiting for someone. A someone who has wronged him in the most unforgivable manner, a someone whom, you as a viewer might never come to understand (the reasons for her actions – because Hwal’s like perfect?), a someone that he loves. The beauty lies in the contrast of the cheerful and outgoing Hwal, and the deeply hurt Hwal. And of course with Lee Jung Jae’s acting, nothing can go wrong? Right? Everyone? (okay, I’m just trying to emphasise LJJ’s amazing acting skills here… what to do, I’m a fan! :P)

Hae Yoon – He is a serious guy, and when I say serious here, I mean serious stuff. The crux of his character, the sense of responsibility and his inability to let loose. In contrast to Hwal and Hyun Tae, Hae Yoon appears to be more of a cautious and level-headed guy. He has his own set of principles and holds on to them with more perserverance than others.  But, of course, he can’t just be that right? Or else, it would be cookie without cream in between. He would be a pure bore. That’s when his heavenly VOICE comes in.  His “voice” needs to be heard hehehe, and more often than not, it’s that which makes his character more attractive. His words sound more bearable as advice to the ears compared to the rest. More rational, and more acceptable (however nagg-y it may sound HAH). On the inside however, lies a guy insecure and unsure of his feelings toward a good friend Sang Hee. He tries hard to rein in his worries about their vague relationship, and tries to look cool and act as if nothing’s going on between them. But it’s obvious to all, the more he tries to look “normal” in front of the girl, the more his insecurities spill out one by one. The more “uncool” he’d look.

Hyun Tae – He’s a cute guy, with a very weird sense of humor. Who smiles and laughs almost every single minute. Who laments when he’s out of ideas, but still has that lovable smile across his face.  A person who doesn’t dwell too long on a problem. Or at least, does not look “troubled” or frustrated for too long a period of time . He’s a solution-finder, a problem-fixer… UNTIL, he meets this old flame/ex-flame of a best friend. He tries to impress, impress and impress, but is almost always returned with a mopey, glum and irritated response. He tries to fix the girl, but to no avail, not knowing that the girl doesn’t want to be fixed, and that he’s not the solution she’s looking for.

The Girls


Haru – A high-schooler who aspires to become a successful figure skater,  Haru comes off as a cute, bubbly and clumsy character.  Coming from a complicated family background (her mother died in a car-crash with her step-father, Hwal’s father), she doesn’t appear very much bothered by it. Instead, she lives life to the fullest, and tries hard not to be let down by anything or everything that comes in her way. She chances upon an opportunity to leave her hometown, resumes her skating adventure which she’d left quite some time ago due to an injury and moves into her step-brother’s home. From thereon, she begins to experience life with her brother (and his 2 buddies Hae Yoon and Hyun Tae) and at the same time encounters different ppl who will help her grow and achieve her skating dreams. A character which you will not hate for her endearing-ness and down-to-earth-ness, a character that you will find yourself rooting because of her boldness and as-a-matter-of-fact attitude, and lastly, one you will totally…totally love because of her lovely relationship with Wal/Wang, her absolutely adorable puppy.

As the main female lead of the drama, of course she can’t be cute and bubbly all the time right? (tho I hope she’d continue being like that until the very end). Soon we will see her embroiled in a complex relationship with her brother, and with that, it will be something worth watching definitely (tho it may not appeal to many).

Sang Hee – Not the average or ordinary female lead that you will come across in your drama-watching experience. First of all, she’s really tall and huge – for a lady. Second, she’s crazy, klutzy, quirky and bold. She says what she wants, does things her ways, and most of the time, gets what she wants (from Hae Yoon, and only he can tolerate her craziness). Her hobby is drinking, and and most of the time, with guys. I noticed that she’s never spoken to a girl or lady (well save for the lady boss who sacked her) in the drama. So I guess it’s safe to say, she’s a guy-girl. A girl that every guy would want to call “dude”  or “brother”, a girl that would miss signs of courtship because she thinks all of them are buddies…and lastly, a girl who would most likely not be in a long-term relationship because of her craziness. She knows it (and so does Hae Yoon). So far she hasn’t displayed any inner struggles whatsoever…so we’ll see… what else does she have in store for us..

Soo In – Since we cannot have too many happy & cute characters, we need a serious and solemn character to balance it out. In comes Soo In, a character who everybody calls “mopey”. Why? Because her character lacks color, and has no life besides crying and moping over a wrong she’d committed in the past. But I can’t blame her for looking like that 24/7, because the person she has wronged is not just someone, it’s our own Hwal. Why of everyone, Hwal? (How can she sleep with another guy when she has Lee Jung Jae!!! *mind the rant*) Whilst I agree that her character lacks vibrancy, I think it’s a given. The premise of her character is not as positive and likeable compared to others because she’s a cheater vying for forgiveness. And a cheater is by any means “detestable”, even in a drama. A person once said that the one thing that we humans really need and yearn for, is forgiveness. And yet, forgiveness isn’t easy to come by. Look at Hwal, how bad he wanted to go back to Soo In (thanx to LJJ’s amazing-ness again!), but he resisted, because he can’t. It’s not easy to forgive and to forget, especially when it involves betrayal to such an extent. One good thing about Soo In’s character tho, is that thru her, we’ll be able to see a change from the worst to something better. We already expect the other characters to suffer later on (because it’s Kdrama formula)…but Soo In may serve as a good contrast to that, with her gradual opening-up – into a brighter and more cheerful person from her oldself (with the help of Hyun Tae perhaps?)…  let’s see….


Okay, I think I rambled a bit too much.

Will continue with PART 2 in my next post…