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A Missing You and Chunface post

This is just an excuse for me to spam endless Chun!

Oh don’t you love how adorable Chunface is? XDDD

If it weren’t for the shiz about Soo Yeon, this might just be the most adorable and most natural of Micky I’ve seen playing goofy adorable character (a facade of course but still). Young Han Jung Woo was owned brilliantly, heart and soul by the incredible Yeo Jin Gu, but grown up HJW? Well, he ain’t that bad either. Micky isn’t half as good as the younger counterpart, and probably will never reach the threshold set by the boy, but he’s working pretty okay around his limitations right now, and IMO is showing some improvement.

Missing You isn’t exactly what I’d expected it to be, given the writer’s previous brilliance that was of Can You Hear My Heart. Sure CYHMH had the same cliches same tropes, but heck I don’t remember having been this annoyed with all the stupid coincidences and cliches such as shown in this drama. If it weren’t for the earth-shattering performances of YJG and Kim So Hyun in the first 4 eps, this drama would have been binned right away without much thought.

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MyungRi goes for it, YuRi tanks? Maybe not…

EGAD! Major egadddds! *ripgal’s jaw drops right to the floor*

I haven’t seen the episode yet, but what’s that?!!! o____0 LDH’s first all-out bed scene?

Skip if you’re averse to MyungRi, but oh wait, there’s YuRi too!

Miss Ripley – Jang Miri


Oops, mind the expletive. I need to rant.

Lee Da Hae, I bow before you.

You see, I actually doubted my girl way before the Ripley premier. I said she hammed her expressions a bit too much. I said she went overboard. I said I wanted to see her work her talent off and prove her worth. I said I wanted more than what she was capable of.

I cannot believe I said that!

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