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All About My Love goodies


Shin Ha Kyun, back!

I have no time to write about stuff, brain’s drained from all the workass stress I can’t even think or write coherently.

Gonna drop some All About My Love goodies and scoot. ~

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MBC Can’t Lose Official Posters

Yesterday was such a crazy mad huha day, what with all the Spy Myung Wol stuff going on. I’ve said before that this year has been a great year of dramas for me. But I guess it’s not always a bed of roses. From secret marriage to public divorce, to continuous celebrity accidents one after another. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any worse, BAM! “Actress flees country due to harsh working conditions, leaving whole crew hanging in the cold.

WTF?!! I have no idea what happened and all behind the scenes, she may have been treated badly, she may be suffering under the tolling working conditions. Not gonna judge and all and jump to conclusions, but sighs, at least some courtesy girl? Oh whatever, I just hope everything works out fine for the crew and the drama. To have the drama cut off after 10 episodes is seriously going to be major damage. Yaiks. *poor Eric and Lee Jin Wook*

OK, back to the fun and cute alright?

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