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More of Red-Headed Miri in Ripley

DAYUM, the Ripley team sure knows how to pique our appetite huh? DAYUMMMM, love that eye-expression there!

Man, I love how dark and twisted Miri is already. I know I wasn’t kind to our dear Da Hae in my last entry, but that doesn’t mean I’m not looking forward to her character Miri and how she’s gonna make this character one of a kind and different from other K-drama heroines.  Her character is known to be the antagonist in this drama, with her deceiving and lying her way up to success and her seducing 2 men to achieve her goals. I am not sure how the general public will receive this image of hers (altho I feel that the reception won’t be good), but I am all for her to take on this devious and manipulative role. The worst thing that an actress (as talented as she is) can do is to just stay stagnant and not do anything to harness or elevate her acting skills. She’s been quite uneven in recent years, sometimes showing mind-blowing performances, at times, just not nailing what she’s perfectly capable of. Which is why I am really really desperate to see her breakthru her safe-zone and step out from the pretty shell of hers. Throw away vanity, throw away your self-consciousness, just try to live and breathe your role. And you’ll take away the breathe of others.

You guys know X or Gansta Kitteh? The wisest of the wisest, the harsh-est of the harsh (hehe, miahn, I mean it but you’re awesome!)? I am always very appreciative of how he thinks of Da Hae. Altho she might not be the best or the most talented, part of me feels relieved that he still has faith that she can do it and top her generation with her talent. That is, if she is willing to take things into her hands and really consider GOOD projects. If your former co-stars Park Shi Yeon and Lee Dong Wook could do it, why can’t you? If a Jung Ha Yeon or Noh Hee Kyung is all you need, I’d pray 10 times a day for you to be cast in one of their dramas. Girl, you can do it. You definitely can.

Kayz, enough of my incessant ramblings and complaints.

Here’s a short clip I found of Micky and Da Hae filming: –


SMILES SO WIDE ^________^

They look so freakin’ CUTE together!


Ripley Trailers and Press Con Pics

You know I wouldn’t miss posting this yeah!

Press con for Ripley was held yesterday, with all the cast looking really radiant and happy! 😀 Da Hae looked good as usual (but I wish she would wear something else than black all the time), Kim Seung Woo dashing in blue, Kang Hye Jung adorable and Micky oh Micky, soooooo handsome and cute with that big wide smile of his <333.

More Ripley goodies here

Ripley Official Poster and Stills revealed

One word – WOW!

Looks like Ripley is fully geared up for its release end of this month huh? From its recent stills to the poster above, you know that they’re aiming for something different.  Just look at that! I have no words.

Ripley buzz continues to blow my mind, here are more individual Ripley posters of the leads

Ripley meets Yutaka


We finally get to see some official stills of Ripley for once.  We’ve been showered with so many May goodies lately (eg. countless Best Love and Lie To Me stills and teasers)  that Ripley’s almost getting buried under the stack. With everyone heaping and mounting anticipation over the former 2, I’m kind of glad that Ripley’s playing a bit low-key. Compared to Best Love which has a strong and solid main couple, and Lie To Me which has 2 of the most popular and charming stars on board, Ripley appears to be relatively weak.  Doesn’t help when it stars popular Micky Yoo Chun against the not so likeable Lee Da Hae (general consensus? but so not me tho)

But oh wellz you know me, whatever Lee Da Hae does, she has my full 100% support! And I so hope that this will be the underdog drama which will come up and shock people out of their minds.

More stills from the filming of Miri and Yutaka’s first meeting: