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Scent of a Woman 1-5

Can Wookie and Sunah get ever more GORGEOUS and CHUMMY together? Can they?!   I’ve been a fan of Wookie for years, and for years I’ve never seen him update as often and as much now. And not only does he update so ever constantly, he makes me squeeeee so hard over his oh-so-adorable selcas with Sunah and drives me up the insanity wall with  occasional flashes of his post-army BOD. Sunah, I blame you for getting Wookie into this me2day fever. I blame you for getting me into a jealous frenzy whenever I see you and Wookie be so cute around each other. I blame you for all the Wookie cuteness and hotness. But really, you know what I truly wanna say. “THANK YOU! I LOVE YOU!!!”

On Scent of A Woman E1-E5