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All About The Smile and Sweetness


All About My Romance should be renamed – All About The Smile or All About Shin Ha Kyun’s smile. Because if not for the man’s increasingly charming lovely deadly gorgeous and sincere smiles in this drama, this drama would have been binned a long time ago. This drama wouldn’t have been NOTHING. The romance wouldn’t have worked at all. At least for me (you know how much I love the man).

My knees and heart are weak before this man, and this especially so when he flashes that shy-ish genuine smile of his. It’s so Shin Ha Kyun, with the most earnest angelic and sincere warmth it almost doesn’t fit into the drama (it’s just too lovely sugary sweet). Reminds me too much of the real man himself. I came in thinking Kim Soo Young would be a dead-ringer repetition of Brain’s Lee Kang Hoon, and while they do share the same confidence and similar screaming habits, they are vastly different when it comes to dealing with their inner feelings and affections for the people they love. Brain had him treating the woman he loved like crap (yes literally like crap). But in AMMR? Gosh, can I have my own Kim Soo Young please? Or rather, can I be Min Young instead?:P

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It’s raining MEN!


Oh yes, it’s pouring men all over.  I want all of em! <333

None of the fluff dramas I’m watching atm are of any good class quality, none of them. I love my Shin Ha Kyun to death but All About My Romance just doesn’t cut it as much as I’d expected it to or wanted it to, its brand of OTT and silliness grates me and writer just craps writing politics. Gu Family Book bore me to tears the 1st 2 eps I nearly wanted to drop but persisted for my yearning to see Seung Gi puppy again. Jang Ok Jeong’s better than the rest but still has glaring flaws sticking out like sore thumbs of all. Nine is probably the most intriguing one for me right now but I’m kinda iffy on how the time traveling thing works. TBVH, I would have concluded this drama season a slump…

…if not for my eternal weakness, my weak softy spot for the men in K-dramas. I know, pathetic me, my heart’s that weak.

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Another Dr. Lee Kang Hoon in the making?


Yep FINALLY! Official stills from Shin Ha Kyun and Lee Min Jung‘s drama “All About My Love“. Now drama world is in order (have you any idea how long I’ve waited for this?!!).

Looks very much like our beloved neurosurgeon Dr. Lee from Brain, hand gesture and expression wise esp. The eyes WAAHHHHHH. Chinese fans have been worried stiff that he’d be sporting a fugly wavy ajusshi hair in the drama (as seen from his Running Man press con pics), they’re still pretty much stuck in his Brain days I’m not surprised LOL. But it looks like it ain’t gonna matter anymore, just look up again.

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A Review: Joint Security Area a.k.a JSA (2000)


This, a film that I should have watched long time ago. The one beautiful thing about Chungmuro that I never fail to appreciate (those done well of course), its endearing and dynamic approach towards the exploration of relationships of many kinds. Romance, friendship, bromance, the forbidden kind, you name it, there is a deepening and entrenching sense of boldness and audacity in its presentation and execution. Fueled and driven by motivations of all sorts, subdued by human weakness and frailty, relationships are put to the test, insecurities are exposed, explored and made for us to scrutinise, analyse and at times, bawl and cry over. Films where genuine heart and not mere flimsy plot drive the whole process, a lovely and endearing touch that is rare to be found elsewhere.

JSA, a film about friendship forged under the unusual or greyest of situations, a genuinely moving film which explores the kind of bittersweet endearment and relationship between friends who are not supposed to be, and that gets to me (all the time!), never fails.

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Lunar New Year glee?


First day of the water snake year, Happy Lunar Year all!

This year’s comparatively quiet compared to the previous, my place. Last year we had fireworks and crackers blasting thru the night for hours and hours until the dragon arrived. This year? Drastically less, uneventful and un-happening. Last year we stayed at our grandma’s house until the night burned out, this year, everyone left for home 2 hours earlier, stating reasons of all sorts. I’m not sure why, but overall, the mood is pretty lull and vapid compared to the previous years. Lions and dragons (performances) don’t roam around neighborhoods anymore unless invited for special performances (eg. open houses), we get A LOT of Chinese new year songs on the radio and all, but for some reason they don’t excite or seem to be that inviting or invoking of the festive spirit. The night markets and bazaars are on but sources tell me business aren’t good, at all, probably because of the ridiculous price hikes and all hmmmm. I visited a friend’s house today, and reception didn’t seem as good or vibrant as before. Something’s obviously different, amiss this time around. Maybe I’m older, such things do not excite me anymore, or maybe, I’ve just grown out of the tradition? I really hope it’s just a passing feeling, and not me being all passive all of a sudden. It is the new year after all, I should be looking forward to more good things, blessings and abundances. 😉
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Excited for no other reason than…


… that Shin Ha Kyun‘s coming back to the big and small screens soon!

You already know that he’s been confirmed to come back in All About My Love alongside Han Hye Jin and many others (no Im Soo Jung is a major BOOOO T__T but I can still do with HHJ). But I don’t know if many know that he’s actually filmed a movie titled The Running Man last year, the only prominent project that he’d participated in after his big hit Brain.

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