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The Master’s Sun KISS BTS [Eng Translated]

Just cos I flail happy watching these 2 interact!

Translations [Starting from 00:50]

Screen: TMS Set – JG and TY’s first kiss

Director: *directs SJS and GHJ on how to do the scene* It feels a bit…

Director: You have to hold her like that… and you fall on him..

GHJ: Why are you standing like that? You’re just like a tree.

GHJ: Oppa shouldn’t you be hugging me?

[GHJ is a bit shy, but Gong Shil seems to be very happy about it.]

GHJ: *taps on SJS’s shoulder* Oppa did you see that?

[Kissing scene]

SJS: Why are you laughing?

GHJ: Didn’t you laugh too Oppa?

[Next “fake kissing scene”]

SJS: *curious what’s going on [GHJ was supposed to fall on his shoulder but I think she forgot lol]* What’s going on?


Director: You’re supposed to fall on him.

GHJ: Ahhh, I was supposed to fall on him.

[GHJ made another mistake.]

[Next ” kissing scene”]

[SJS’s lips seemed to have turned red – from GHJ’s lipstick I suppose LOL]


All: Naughty hands!

SJS: Naughty hands?

SJS: Then I should have slipped them into her dress.

*SJS and GHJ break into immense laughter.*

credits: Joo Won Lala’s Youtube / krdrama.com Chinese translations


So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin cuteness in SBS Late Night Interview [Eng Translated]


I lovelovelovelove it when actors and co-stars are perfectly in sync. The story may not live up, direction may suck, but more often than not, it’s the chemistry and rapport between the drama characters and actors themselves which make me feel and connect a lil bit more with with the drama as a whole. This year hasn’t been the best of drama OTPs or bromances (last year and year 2007 were DA BOMBS for me), but you immediately know it when such fluttery aawwwww moments hit you, you know you’re hooked.

I’ve got my share of lovelies this year, the Ugly Alert OTPs (JSXDH and HSXJY) and the Who Are You alterna OTP HJXSO just to name a few. But none comes this close to the adorable pair of TMS. The electrifying combo of So Ji Sub and Gong Hyo Jin. I’d be lying to my face if my shippy heart didn’t flutter, if my brain didn’t over-think and over-analyse their constant teasing, flirtation and certain gestures of them off the camera telling us that something’s going on between them. But lucky I’m not as mad a RL shipper as I used to be when I was a teen, so either way, it’s all good when co-stars actually have so much fun together. Lovelovelove it!

So, just to mark my adoration for the year’s most adorable pair of co-stars, I’m going to do TMS fans a lil favour by translating their most recent BTS interview – which will make you go bonkers with their overflowing cuteness. It’s gonna be a word by word interview just cos summary in gist isn’t my thing, I’ll butcher everything up. But be still hearties, be prepared for the heart flutters to ensue! 🙂

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Road No. 1 – Trailer

SO DID NOT realize that June is already around the corner. Which means in no time,  I will get to see my hubby So Ji Sub on the small screen again! *SQUEEEEE* This is TOTAL RELIEF (and of course happiness!) for me because his previous project Cain & Abel, which was supposed to be the great comeback for him, failed so so so miserably. My fellow chinggus would know. What a total mess it was.

But rest assured, he knows very well his fans miss him loads and is  already en route to showing his HOT CHOC abs again in his upcoming drama Road No. 1, which also stars Kim Ha Neul and Yoon Kye Sang. Let’s hope with the help of the Time Between The Dog and Wolf writer+PD team up, SJS will blow me away again like how he did in MISA.

Meanwhile, check out the newly released trailer here!

credits: blueychoa @ youtube

Pretty sad huh? Though I wasn’t particularly impressed with it or anything, I actually liked the melancholic music/melody used to contrast the devastation and wreckage caused by the war inside. I’m not so much of a war-movie/drama person. I remember watching bits and pieces of Sandglass and really couldn’t bring myself to sit thru all the political and war related agendas in the drama (even tho it had my beloved Lee Jung Jae in it).  I get really dizzy when all explosions come into play and all. BUT of course, for So Ji Sub and Kim Ha Neul (whom I love as well), I am definitely not going to miss this.

And hey, if I get to see more scenes of SJS baring his BOD and making out (Woot!), like in the first few secs of the trailer, I so wouldn’t mind sitting thru all those explosion stuff. HAHA!