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Nice Guy 06: Maru’s screwed up mentality

Nice Guy isn’t a wow great mind-blowing drama, it’s got makjang, it’s got LKH’s pattern melodrama, it’s got caricature like characters, and it’s got some silly warts, and some things that require you stretch your belief by a thousand hundred miles. It’s nowhere near the perfect LKH melodrama I’d been expecting, and it’s not going there.

But its got something that none of her past dramas had – an exquisite director who knows what he’s doing (and is doing an awesome directing job). And a male lead that I’m disgusted with. A confused screwed up male lead who is on the verge and brink of destruction, a male lead who doesn’t even know what he’s up to playing with people’s lives. A male lead whom I’m starting to resent! And I don’t normally resent or hate the male leads in mah K-dramas, no matter what they do, no matter how dark sick twisted or irredeemable they are. There is always something that I can fall back on, to justify their actions, their intentions. I could empathise and I can understand. But in here, I don’t know, I kinda want to see him burn for what he’s doing to Eun Gi. I don’t know what’s gotten in Song Joong Ki, what he’s eaten (to make him so damn good when he’s already so good), because he has freaking managed to make me grow seeds of hatred towards Maru. In one episode alone.

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Nice Guy: First Impressions

Sheer perfection. In the word CUTE.

Almost cannot believe he’s playing emotionally deranged and conflicted playboy in Nice Guy.

After so many months of waiting and anticipating, finally, Nice Guy on my screen for good! Admittedly I had built up quite some expectations for this drama earlier on due to my soft-hearted spot for the writer Lee Kyung Hee and the great cast line-up. I haven’t seen any of the director’s previous works (but have heard good things about him prior) so I only had the former to count on to get me into the story. Tried to keep my overwhelming excitement to the lowest and bottom-est, but all the NG spoilers and promo pics ruined the my perfect plan. How can I do that with Song Joong Ki hovering over me every other day?

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Song Joong Ki, the Werewolf Boy

Song Joong Ki playing a werewolf? A WEREWOLF?!! I thought only Hollywood are into whimsical stuff, who knew. Who needs Edward or Jacob now? Who needs a RobPatz or Taylor? I’d freaking take cutiepie turned beastly SJK anytime, NO.CONTENTION. ❤

Not much of a Twilight fan, nor do I love vampire/werevolve related films in particular, but I do love an interesting story/plot put together by some delicious good looking actors who can act to save their lives. No question about Park Bo Young, she’s proven how much she could do as an actress (check out her fantastic Speedy Scandal). And SJK? Need I say anything more? Boy’s rise to leading man status has been due for too long, but am super glad he’s being given good opportunities now.

Check out the awesome trailer of The Werewolf Boy (with English subs):

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Random Nice Guy fan made stuff

People who make fan arts are unbelievable. UNBELIEVABLE!

If I can do just half as good, by just cutting and pasting a picture of a boy and girl, and make them look so AMAZING together, I’ll eat myself. :/

Drama’s postponed its airing date until September because of the Olympics :(. Not terribly bothered because I foresee myself in a busy streak during that period as well (work work work T__T), and the Olympics usually get me overhyped like a busy bee waiting to suck on honey. Never mind the timezone shifts, the games is something I’m definitely not gonna miss. Maybe it’s a good thing that it’s been postponed, I don’t have to juggle both in any sort of dilemma or anything.

So yeap, a bunch of beautiful Nice Guy fan arts to share!

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Song Joong Ki and Moon Chae Won for new Lee Kyung Hee drama?

Oh momma, this better be true!

A Lee Kyung Hee script + 2 talented and charming actors? I SO WANT! I love love love Lee Kyung Hee. Tho I’ve had some gripes with her writing in recent years (her latest When It Snows For Christmas), it doesn’t change the fact that she’s a writer who writes with passion and heart, and had penned several of my favourite melodramas in the past (MISA, Thank You and Sang Doo). She tends to overdo the melodrama and histrionics, and glosses on the deluge of tears a bit too much. But knowing the crybaby and rabid emotional-freak I am, I’m going to be perfectly fine being the complaisant lil fan of hers. Drama tears and all, bring it ON!

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