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It’s raining MEN!


Oh yes, it’s pouring men all over.  I want all of em! <333

None of the fluff dramas I’m watching atm are of any good class quality, none of them. I love my Shin Ha Kyun to death but All About My Romance just doesn’t cut it as much as I’d expected it to or wanted it to, its brand of OTT and silliness grates me and writer just craps writing politics. Gu Family Book bore me to tears the 1st 2 eps I nearly wanted to drop but persisted for my yearning to see Seung Gi puppy again. Jang Ok Jeong’s better than the rest but still has glaring flaws sticking out like sore thumbs of all. Nine is probably the most intriguing one for me right now but I’m kinda iffy on how the time traveling thing works. TBVH, I would have concluded this drama season a slump…

…if not for my eternal weakness, my weak softy spot for the men in K-dramas. I know, pathetic me, my heart’s that weak.

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Pictorial time: Lee Da Hae, Sung Joon and Kang Dong Won

Fashion pictorial time!

Lee Da Hae gracing INSTYLE for the first time in ages as I can remember. Doesn’t look very much like her in the pictures (due to make up and some photoshopping), but I LOVE em all the same. She looks sassy and chic without the glitzy overtone and the costumes are classy gorgeous. Plus she’s doing something different this time around (admittedly and TBH she isn’t a very good model on spreads), I can only smile in glee 😀


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Drama Musings: Can We Get Married OTPs

This drama is such a delectable delight, I love it, love it love it! It’s got its fair share of conflicts and drama, in particular relating to the main OTP, who go on and on quarreling and fussing over their wedding, with nosy parents poking into each and every detail of their lives, with characters giving differing opinions, making life harder and more miserable for the to be newly-weds. It’s just a simple union between 2 people, but don’t be fooled, when it comes down to the real thing, the minutest of details, things can go so awfully awry that you’d wish things like wedding dinners, photoshoots, traditional ceremonies can be done away once and for all, for good.  You’d almost wish that you could just sign off that fcking paper and hola, happy wedding!

It can be done of course, if your hubby’s nice enough, your wife generous enough (to do away with the wedding photoshoot), your parents liberal enough, your relatives and friends non-judgmental enough, and if “face” isn’t like the most important thing in the world. Sure it can be done. It can be done.

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Another drama plate session in play!

But not before I get all my hyper swooniness out of my veins and blood, why oh why, how oh how, lord of dramas – KIM MYUNG MIN can you look so utterly sexxxxxxy yummy delicious, even without having to try?!! Your fine body tucked in those fine tailored suites (I don’t need Choi Si Won to gimme that!), your greasily gelled hair, your amazingly animated (sometimes over) but adorable expressions. And your voice! Darn, I think I can hear you babble and skin people alive non-stop with your thorny sarcasm until forever, it’s like fine tuned music to me. Why are you so PERFECCCCCT?!

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On SUFBB and Friendship

SUFBB 13 and 14, waddaheck did you DO TO ME?!?!? T____T

The above is just an understatement, I’m sure a lot more people suffered worse. If you didn’t cry or bawl your guts out watching the break-up of Ji Hyuk’s band, you must have a heart of stone. You’re not from this world. T____T

Pure Eye Candy, can you guys be together forever?! Can you guys, PLEASE? I can’t take it any more, it breaks my heart to see you guys rift apart, from each other and from your love for music. The agony seeing you misunderstand each other, over things which could have been sorted out if you guys had proper communication and mutual understanding. The torment seeing each of you hide your real feelings knowing how much all of you want to be together. The pang in the heart – it’s unbearable. >__<

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Gimme a Kwon Ji Hyuk please!

Ahhhh… just when I thought Byung Hee’s absence would kill me…

Apparently NOT, when Sung Joon‘s Kwon Ji Hyuk is doing such a great job filling his void. His genuine love for his members makes me smile so wide, his thoughtfulness towards Su Ah renders me a crazy swoony loony, and his caring nature behind his rough exterior? Be still my heart. I fear by the next episode, I would have totally forgotten about Byung Hee aiks (miahne Min Ki ssi) and my heart ===> solely on Ji Hyuk ♥. Of course we  also have Sung Hoon, who’s equally an intriguing character with so much more layers than just being the saggaji and arrogant leader of Strawberry Fields. But oh, when heart’s already chosen, it stays. heeee~~~

It’s kinda ironic because I was one of those went all out bashing Sung Joon in his previous drama Lie To Me. Not that the drama had any good material to offer, but apart from the leads’  chemistry (which many loved but I’d failed miserably to detect), I guess you could say that the drama was an utter downright crappy failure. I even considered him a miscast in it. o_0

But hola, in just one turn, I’m actually loving his performance in this flowery boy band drama?! It’s not a mind-blowing performance by any means, and he certainly isn’t what I would call a good actor (yet). But I guess charisma-wise, he definitely has it. And spunk, gimmmeeee more baby Ji Hyuk! ❤

PLUS, you don’t mess with men…err…boys (I just realized he’s younger than me by half a decade o_0) who can sing! ^^

(Jaywalker by Sung Joon – Shut Up Flower Boy Band)

credits:  AsianDreamOST

Shut Up Flower Boy Band: First Impressions

Darn Lee Min Ki, why just a friggin CAMEO??!!!!!

I suppose everyone who has seen the first 2 eps of Shut Up: Flower Boy Band would have reacted the same way as I did. Who would have thought a cameo character would be able to garner so much love and attention in just 2 episodes?! It’s so UNFAIR it’s killing me! And it makes me wanna cry T_T because not only have I been missing this guy on my TV for ages, he has to come back in a cameo role, make me fall head over heels for his character Byung Hee, and leave in a zippy (cos he’s a cameo DUH). He just has to do that to us fans huh?!


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