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Let’s Have Some Fun with Hong Soo Hyun in SURE

This year has been a great one for Hong Soo Hyun. If I were to choose a favourite performance from an actress in a drama this year, no doubt she would be one of the contenders for the spot. If anyone has seen The Princess’ Man in full, nobody…absolutely nobody will deny that Hong Soo Hyun’s portrayal as the steadfast and bold Princess Kyung Hye was a wonderfully gripping one. A performance filled with utmost intensity smeared with touches of fragility and vulnerability. A performance which opened eyes and surprised many. A performance downright worthy and deserving of the numerous appraisals given.

Riding on the success of TPM, she appeared in Kim Hyung Joong‘s MV Lucky right after, whereby she kicked mighty ass as the undercover cop plotting to capture the fugitive  played by KHJ. If you’d seen that as well, you’d know playin’ sexy and tough isn’t an easy job? So, just when you might probably be thinking that she could only pull off cool tough mean characters, you might want to check out her fun and quirky side in her latest photo spread for SURE.

Let’s have some fun!

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One of my fav 2nd lead OTPs ever!

Oh, my flustered and flustering heart, how can a husband be THIS PERFECT?!!!

Yup, I’m still a bit behind The Princess’ Man, and only got up to this episode showing such a tender and beautiful moment between our 2nd lead OTP – Jong and Princess Kyung Hye. People rave about the beauty and greatness of TPM, and I wholeheartedly agree with them in that it’s one of the best dramas this year. With a solid cast, neatly told and woven story with a wonderful wonderful soundtrack. I adore the OTP Seung Yu and Sae Ryung, their tragic romance, their yearning for each other in spite of their allegiance/emotional attachment to their fathers who are sworn enemies, their dilemma and heck even their torment and pain. There were some things which didn’t sit well with me (eg. how convenient of Seung Yu to have evolved from a scholar to a skilled swordsman in one day without intense training), but overall, this drama is totally DA BOMB this year.

And to top it all up, this drama also gave us one of the best 2nd lead OTPs EVER!

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Snailing internet line…GRRRR.. lucky I have The Princess’ Man.

Grrrrrr… I’m damn frustrated and annoyed now. DARNIT!

I have 3 more episodes of BBJX to go, and so wanted to finish it off 4 days ago. The ending of Ep 37 (I follow the TV version) left me hanging like crazy and just when I thought I could watch the next epi, I realized I hadn’t downloaded anything after that! I was too frigging engrossed with watching that I totally forgot about everything else. So as usual, I did the normal. I clicked on DOWNLOAD, hoping to get all 3 eps downloaded within the same day/night with my weak heart readily prepared to break and to soak in a river of tears. Aaaaaaaaaaand, it showed speed @ 10KB per sec!!!! *)&$*(_)#*_$&_)#*_)#(_($)#*_)*# to my horror! T________T

Well it’s not really THATTTT slow (I’ve suffered worse) but I can never have the patience to wait through 4 hours to watch an episode knowing that I could do it in 1. So I waited another day, no improvement. And another day, and another. No darn friggin’ improvement from 10 kb/secs! Oh dear goodness, what happened? Did I just finish all my broadband quota by having gone on full gear downloading of BBJX in the past week? And now they’re LIMITING my usage?!!@!@!#@!#@!#

Thanks to Princess’ Man for making me sane phew..

The Princess’ Man First Teaser Trailer

2011 has surely been a fun year for me. Altho I can’t vouch for the quality, I can say that I’ve pretty much been happy and impressed with most of the stuff I’ve seen so far this year. I still think they’re a far cry from year 2007, but overall, this year was solid. It made me squee hard, laugh hard, and cry hard. What more could I have wanted? What more do I need? ^^

The drama gods have indeed been too kind to me. They granted my wish, gave me a Wookie comeback drama just RIGHT AFTER his discharge i.e. Scent of a Woman. And It brought sexiness and hotness back to drama ala Spy Myung Wol.

Now they’re giving me something more to feast on!

The Princess’ Man.

Yeap, and it’s Romeo and Juliet in delish sageuk style.

Romeo and Juliet after the jump