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Vampire Prosecutor Season 2

VP2 is back. With more gore, blood and mystery.

But something about the show different here, it’s less vampy, less glossy and less blingy then before? We have less focus on CGI and style, but more emphasis on plot and story. Though I have to admit, I kinda miss that element from Season 1 (in that I thought it enhanced the drama visually). The core in VPS2 is essentially the same, with Prosecutor Min and his team cracking heads and working together to resolve cases, with him trying to blend out his vampy abilities. The humor is there, the understated feelings between Prosecutor Min and Jung In (tho not very obvious thus far) present, the cases…etc. But something about the vibe and the atmosphere, it feels a tad different. Maybe we’re past the familiarisation stage, we’re already used to their ways of working, or maybe because they’re a family now and not as distant and or uncomfy with each other than before.

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VP2: Who is the other vampire?

I’m obviously out of my blogging touch nowadays, but nothing’s gonna stop me from lapping this up!

OCN has released a 2nd poster and teaser of Vampire Prosecutor S2. Was hoping for some shed of light on the other characters (especially Yoo Jung In), but what got me pumped up and excited was none other than the appearance of Prosecutor Min’s new vampire nemesis at the end! Who the hell is the guy?!!!!!!

Whoever he is, he seems like a HOTTIE himself. And will probably give our Prosecutor Min a run of his money in terms of looks, charisma and powers. But knowing our gomsanim, he’s not gonna let him steal his limelight. His arrogance and confidence still very much there!

Their duel begins 9th September 2012 (finally, an air date!).

credits: OCN / krdrama.com/ @ Youtube

Vampire Prosecutor Season 2: Character Stills + Official Teaser

Anyone remember our suave, arrogant and clairvoyant Vampire Prosecutor  Min Tae Yeon? Who kicked asses and sucked blood out of our guts and vessels about 8 months back? Who melted hearts in spite of his icy cool personality?

You’re no doubt absolutely on the right track, our Vampire Prosecutor is coming back!

Man-liner, check. Trademark stare, check. His favourite lighter, check. Oh but waitttttt, where is his precious neck scarf? The one that he couldn’t live without in the earlier season? I hope he continues to wear it in this season, tho it’s kinda fugly and out of trend ya know, it kinda makes him more human looking.

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Vampire Prosecutor Season 2 IS A MUST!

Yes, it really must MUST HAPPEN.

I pray to the drama gods up there, pretty please, PLEASE!

Vampire Prosecutor had ended its run with 12 episodes a week ago. And I already miss it! SO MUCH 😦 Whilst I did rant about some of my qualms and gripes I had with the execution of Prosecutor Min’s background story and some of its lazy-written cases earlier on, the drama itself no doubt was a class-made investigation drama. Slick, glossy and intriguing.  With brilliant visuals and all-around decent acting, especially from the hot and charismatic Yeon Jung Hoon.

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I like Vampire Prosecutor, but….

Yay for K-dramas! I’m back on track with some of the recent ones after some slight improvement with my internet speed. I pray to God that it really has improved for good and that it doesn’t go down once more. My faint heart cannot cope with having to scream and yell out of frustration no more.

The only 2 K-dramas that I’m watching right now are Vampire Prosecutor and Man of Honor, which really isn’t much as there are a bunch which I’ve omitted due to lack of watching hours and RL commitments. With cable churning stuff one after another, catching up is no longer an option. And can no longer be. LITS, I even have some pending unwatched/unfinished dramas from before (eg. The Musical, Can’t Lose) which I’m considering to drop for good. Feel bad that I’m not able to continue for the love I have for the actors/actresses (my ILU Choi Daniel for instance), but consider it done when I’ve paid my dues for staying on unmoved episode after episode.

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