Lee Da Hae for Arnaldo Bassini F/W 2011

Our Miss Ripley indeed knows how to have fun. Right after Ripley ends, she scoots off to LA for a short break. Lucky girl her, I wonder if her family has moved there since she’s like always flying off to the States to visit her mom whenever she can?

But of course, she doesn’t leave us empty-handed. Girl has been reported to have raked in plenty of cash with loads of CF endorsements and ads this year, one of which includes her catalogue for Arnaldo Bassini’s Fall/Winter Collection 2011. I love it when she does shoots like these. I get to see her wear nice classy and sassy clothes, and she gets to show off her sophistication and elegance.

Next my dream is to see her grace the covers of Vogue or Bazaar for once. You know the kind of eccentric, quirky or gothic pictorials that they always feature? She isn’t known to look good on magazines or in shoots (mostly due to her sense of self-awareness I dare say), but I hope one day she can at least be in the likes of Shin Mina or Son Ye Jin in the CF world? *dreams away*

credits: LDH weibo /LDH baidu bar


3 thoughts on “Lee Da Hae for Arnaldo Bassini F/W 2011”

    1. Yup she irked me to bits when I watched it back then. But I thought she was cute in some ways (maybe my bias?), kind of similar to Lee Shi Young’s char in Birth of The Rich? I remember the bitch fight between her and Han Ji Hye’s char the most, made me roll on the floor.

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