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I am back.

Because because becauseeeeeee….


My Girl


I haven’t watched a single K-drama in 2 months, but for this, for them, for Dong-Hae, my shipper heart <3333, I don’t care if it suxballs, WILL WATCH NO MATTER WHAT!

Never gets old ~

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One Warm Word before Christmas


Ahhhhh how so sweet of this lil boy son of a chinggu of mine <33333 my first Christmas pressieeeee filled with love and fuzzzzzes. It’s been ages since I’d received flowers RL flowers (right, my life is dried up till the bone!) and this hand-made piece literally melted me heart on my very own knees, I’m all warm fluffy fuzzzzzz now ;))) thank you thank you for reminding me that I still have “market” teeeheeee~~

Christmas season this year has been unusually quiet and un-happening, less and without the usual booze-fest and BBQ parties, nada and zero invites AT ALL I start to wonder if it’s my problem. I see friends and peepz prepp-ing busy for the seaosn, I do feel green in envy but have no urge to join. Prolly due to work cramming up at 11th hour (usually near yuletide I’m all freed of workload) with an out of the blue first in years overseas work trip to start just 2 weeks ago, I literally had the lest of time and mood to actually prepare Christmassy stuff for my family and friends (still have time for Kdrama thou LOL).  I should feel bad, right, I actually do.

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PS picspam of Gorgeousness

I BOW I BOW I BOW I KNEEEEEL to the master with such PS skills.

Or should I say Song Hye Kyo and Kim Woobie for their ability to look good with anyone everyone in any picture.

It’s fan made, but just lookin’ don’t you want a Korean version of The Bodyguard already?


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Secret Secret Secret

Best Eppie 11, best scene, best acting by Hwang Jung Eum in drama so far (in fact in ages!).

Min Hyuk’s heading towards unknown territory with YJ invading his mind 24/7, and I JUST LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!

That is ALL.  I want to say more but I can’t find words.


credits: DramaKBS @ Youtube

Oppa YAH!


Oppa is the trend this year, it sure is.

Just when I thought nobody could beat or give Im Joo Hwan’s saintly brotherly character Jun Soo in Ugly Alert a run of his money this year, in comes a new contender for Best Oppa of The Year. Everyone’s been raving cookies and milk the past 2 weeks, TELL ME, who doesn’t want cookies and milk?!

Pretty tight competition Jun Soo, Oppa is pretty much awesomesauce here. No saint, but pure divine awesome.

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Yeon Woo’s Summer 연우의꿈


One thing about Drama Specials, they’re always good hearty stuff, if not, qualitatively better than what we have on TV right now – most definetely. More humanistic, real and heartfelt.  With more exquisite and focused direction, and most importantly, GOOD MUSIC. That’s the good thing yeah. The bad thing – it’s so short, too short that I end up crying craving wanting for more T___T. And I can’t freaking do anything about it! It was better with Like A Fairytale and Medley of Youth because they were 4-parters and I had time to part ways, but here Yeon Woo’s Summer, arrghhhhh, it was one heck of a fine piece, I loved it just as much as LaF and would rate it just about the same, but too short and I craved. ;/ I craved hard for so much more.

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Secret of Makjangness


Seoul must have done something to me, to my head, I think I miss it too much to keep talking raving spazzing about the memories there. A week has passed and me my friends and I cannot get our experiences out of our head. We cannot stop T_____T It’s not much different a city from let’s say HK or Singapore, except it’s bigger more massive more crowded and condense, but there’s just a lil bit of me in there, not wanting to leave, somewhat rooted in the place. Perhaps it’s the K-dramas, the familiarity of what has followed me for almost 15 years, I felt at home. I felt I’d never left.

And when I said Seoul must have done something to my head, it did. I am now, actually very much out of my mind crackstatically addicted to a MAKJANG drama! Yes, I spelled it right, MAKJANG! The very combi of everything dramatic histrionic cliche and stereotype that you can ever find in a K-drama (you can name it this drama prob has it all) – SECRET.

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